Person of Interest Review: Closer to Corruption

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At first, "Blue Code" felt like your run of the mill episode about an undercover cop.

The police officer, Cahill, was a family man with a personal vendetta and of course, the group he's infiltrated soon realized one of them wasn't as trustworthy as they once thought. Cue a few similarities to The Departed in trying to maintain the cover for as long as possible and avoid the dirty cops from blowing his identity into the open.

Standard stuff, right?

Carter and Reese Together

And, naturally, Finch was behind his computer the whole time clicking away and Reese did all the handy work in the field.

Although Reese did manage to get pretty beat up. Call it taking one for the team, but I wouldn't want to get shot or lit on fire, especially for a guy I don't know. But that's Reese, he's out to save people, even at the cost of his own life.

However, it was the ending that turned everything upside down and ramped up the drama, taking this episode into unfamiliar territory.

And if there's one thing I've noticed, it's that Person of Interest drives home powerful endings. There's always a sense of conclusion without complete cheesiness, and the greater story bleeds through giving a dramatic solid feel for the plot and characters.

Sure, Reese saved Cahill and Cahill was able to arrest the mysterious L.O.S. (I wonder if he is working with Elias?). Reese even saved Fusco from what seemed like certain death. But the victories were rather bittersweet.

Not only did we learn that the CIA is tied up in drug trafficking, clearly reaping the benefits, and so well connected that an arrest doesn't have any effect. The corruption rises higher than the local police, and when one of them makes a mistake, it costs them their life. Reese's former company isn't forgiving and that's scary.

But the worst was seeing lovably loyal Fusco standing up for the good, willing to die for cleaning his dirty hands, only to have Reese tell him he can't.

Reese would rather Fusco take the fall for the murder, so he can get closer to the dirty cops. It's understandable to want to remain close to the corruption, but forcing Fusco to go the opposite direction is disappointing.

Fusco has come closer and closer to joining the ranks of the good guys, but Reese's necessity for his cause throws a horrible wrench in his character.

Not only is Fusco reluctantly required to travel down the road he wanted to escape, but he's becoming indebted to another person. This guy can't catch a break and I feel bad. As much as I'm a fan of Reese, I'm not a fan of what he's willing to do to Fusco. Will the ends justify the means?

It was that somber ending overlapped with Reese and Finch's "victory" that made the episode more than standard. That's how to make some compelling TV.

And while the flashbacks did illustrate Reese's longing for his loved one and difficulties in completely giving himself to his job, they and subsequent flashbacks haven't been as interesting as the present focus. Still, unraveling the mystery of the characters in small doses gives the series more than just the procedural aspects.

Once again, Person of Interest delivers and it looks like the show is only going to get better.


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Looks like a fun holiday soaesn for the Carroll family! Love the picture of the girls with Santa so cute! I can't believe how big Reese is getting. I love how she helped you feed Sylvia. She jumped right in there to help. I think you've got a future babysitter there!Have a great Christmas! PS. Nice job on the website, Jeff!


I really want to know if American law system is that much corrupted in the reality. If it is just like what is appeared in the show, America will become extremely dangerous to live in.


Just keeps getting better each week. POI is my favourite new show of 2011/12.




I would say the episode was fantastic but it's becoming redundant. The writing of this show is just brilliant, the characters compelling, the questions it raises...deep. I loved some Fusco focus and how he was finally coming to grips with making amends but then gets put back into being "the dirty cop" for the greater good. In that moment I could literally see his face fall and it broke my heart.I love the bantering and partnership between Carter and Reese. I love that Finch obviously still has reservations about Carter.And love that Carter and Fusco keep coming close to outing themselves and their relationship with the guys.Plus we love and are so endeared to these characters but still know little about them, so the pace of how they give us tidbits an literally chip away pieces rather than peel back layers of these characters is fantastical.


Great episode. Reese shot, on fire, smoke inhalation-"I'm having a bad day." Fusco/Carter at IA, you don't have backup-cue Carter and Reese blasting away. Carter's guns-"A girl after my own heart", Fusco wants to be good but Reese keeps him bad as he's more useful, LOS getting killed by Snow's guy.


There are no words anymore to describe just how great the acting and writing is in this drama. I'm sure many keep waiting for just a so-so episode. But instead it's the show that just keeps giving and giving...


Great chemistry between the THREE leads. Fusco is holding his end really well. I like Carter, epecially the chemistry she has with Reese. I think it is much better that they help one another than to have the cat and mouse game.
I am of the opinion that if someone hates a character so much that they do not want to see them it's because the actor/actress is doing a darn good job. Kudos to TPH.

Uss biddle dlg 34

by far the #1 drama on NETWORK TV for Dimwit viewers....and it is even knocking on the door for all TV TOP 10.....if you don't count the Brit imports....
White chapel
Case Histories


Could the guy in the tub with the hood over his head be Ingram?

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