Person of Interest Review: The Return of A Former Foe

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I'd been wondering when Person of Interest was going to bring back criminal mob boss, Elias.

It's exciting because it reignites the possibility of Reese and Finch's larger enemy. The seeds have certainly been planted for a variety of bad guys - from the elusive Root to Reese's CIA hunters - but Elias set the stage for the bigger recurring problem. Does that mean that the show will delve deeper into Elias' character and his own story arc or will we not get to see him for another few episodes?

As is the case most weeks, the endings have really given that kick that adds to the show's excitement, and seeing Elias with a perfect grin on his face was a fantastic way to conclude the hour. Sure, I wish there was more for him to have actually done in regard to the overall story, but the reunited possibility of seeing him more often seems fun and entertaining enough.

At Risk

In fact, the big bad guy of the show raises the show's stakes higher, but in the end, "Risk" was pretty basic for a Person of Interest episode.

With a young Wall Street up and comer tangled in a web of lies and money, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to kill him or at least come up with a slick and elaborate plot to take him out.

Of course, Reese played babysitter/guardian angel for Adam Saunders in a much closer capacity than normal. He really didn't let him far out of his reach and even managed to throw his typical punches without straying too far. Reese got to be Reese, whether it was knocking guys around or using his quick thinking to avoid potential death.

Overall, the episode didn't strike any real new ground and didn't provide as compelling a character as we've seen in the secondary before. Sure, Adam was a good guy caught up in a bad mess, but he felt like he'd only be around for the one episode. There was less of a connection to Reese than others like Zoe or even his mini protege from "Wolf and Cub."

Even the twists and turns felt relatively standard for the show in a way that was good, but something that we've already had time and time again.

I did like seeing John Scurti of Rescue Me fame and even expected his character to become a bad guy. Although a food vendor doesn't suit him nearly as well as a firefighter did, his character was more a part of the formulaic process than anything else. I wish he had a meatier role than the one he had been given.

And that's what this episode truly felt like, a typical episode of Person of Interest that wasn't bad by any means, but wasn't impressive as a whole. Yes, the final reveal was fun and pushed the show back in that particular larger themed direction, but the process in getting there wasn't as fresh as we've seen done before.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where the Elias plot goes or, even more so, the repercussions of Detective Fusco digging himself deeper into the corruption hole. The possibilities for where the season can take us still seem endless and I'm intrigued as to what direction it's headed.

I guess, if anything, viewers got another chance to see just another day in the life of the well tailored heroes of New York City, Reese and Finch. And on some level, isn't that why we really tune in? Sometimes kicking ass and taking names is just plain fun.


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Ashraf Magdum on January 21, 2009 Ammar and Rayan should just get marierd and get it over. And Yaasir did a good thing by not accepting the bribe.


Awsome best show on tv


Probably a rookie question, but what the connection is between Person of Interst and Rescue Me? There are too many crossover actors for it to be a conincidence (I think).


I love this show. And no unnecessary sex scenes.


Loving this series, totally something different and not using sex to sell it. Great characters.


I disagree with you about the need for recurring antagonists. This show is at its best when it tells a stand-alone story. I am very tired of shows concocting elaborate never-ending conspiracies and complicating matters unnecessarily. It is a great premise. machine spits out a name. Reese and Finch have to figure out if it is a victim or a perpetrator. Then through their complementary skills they save the day. Different problem next week. This isn't Lost. Which is why I like it.


I loved the episode. I guess I am an easier audience than some as I didn't find the episode weak. I have always been a fan of Jim Caviezel. I hope, as stated above, that is isn't likely that the show will be cancelled as so many of my favourites have been in the last couple of years. I also like "The Finder" that is on at the same time. I record one so I can see both.


@deAnn, not sure where you are getting the info but I have not heard anyone remotely saying this show was going to be cancelled. It has delivered very good ratings and I would be shocked if it wasn't renewed. I loved the episode. Great continuity and loved the ending.only thing missing was Fusco but I can sacrifice one week without him.


Good. Root is either working for ex-CIA/Homeland Security or Elias. Carter slipped up at the appartment. Carter wondering why one needs a garbage truck and later "unless you had a garbage truck" :) Reese said thank you to his squatter friend. Elias knowing John was calling was great.


This show is the best! Reese was so hot in that suit!

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