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It's good to see that for a show with a relatively straightforward premise (of course, always reiterated at the start of every episode), Person of Interest manages to find different ways to change things up and add new perspectives.

I always figured the episodes would roll out repetitive "are they a victim or perpetrator" twists, but as much as that question remains a significant angle, it's not the only factor that makes the entertaining show feel fresh and varied.

"Wolf and Cub" dished out the number right away (how does Finch still get the numbers with all his technology out of commission?) but rather than spending time trying to figure out if Darren was going to be killed, or get killed, or by whom, the episode eliminated the quandary of not knowing. Instead, all of the basic information was in front of both the characters and the viewer, but it was getting the chance to see Reese in action and teach his procedure that was the fun part.

Astro on Person of Interest

It was less about making it in time to save the day and more about giving the boy an opportunity to move forward with his life.

And although Reese was reluctant to help Darren, I could tell that he liked having the kid around. The student and teacher relationship was a rather interesting route, especially with the way that his connections with everyone else seem to lack complete trust. Perhaps it was because Darren was a child, but there was a sense of understanding for both of them. It was less about manipulation than a true attempt at showcasing his brand of justice and instilling direction in the boy.

Granted, Darren still went to try and kill his brother's murderers, but in the end, you could tell that Reese had helped set him on a good path. I still thought it was hilarious when Darren disappeared because I could only imagine Reese thinking, "What the... that's my move!"

Astro, known from The X-Factor, played the troubled Darren, and he certainly held his own in the scenes. I'm pleased that he didn't break out into song or his character wasn't an aspiring rapper because, too often, those types of characters take me out of the show and the moment, almost as if it was forced because he/she happen to have that talent. Instead, it was good to see that I was watching a character who wanted justice and to see good prevail, rather than just an artist who wanted to stamp his image onto another medium.

Technically, Reese mentioned Astro as his sidekick, but I truly see Detective Fusco in that particular role. Reese still holds a certain amount of reign over the reformed cop, but their chemistry working together garners that superhero type feel. He may be a bit of a goof, and getting shot in the butt was humorous, but he's proving to be both loyal and playing for the good guys.

Which I'm becoming unsure about when it concerns Finch. I'm not sure which rattled him more: the mysterious hacker of last episode or Will Ingram's persistence into his father's work.

Either way, his distancing from Reese and paranoia over Will called into question plenty of his motives. I kept getting the bad feeling that Finch might try and have Will killed off if he got too close to the truth, a truth that we don't really know as an audience either.

When Will spoke to Alicia, I had the distinct feeling that she was working for Finch, even with the way she spoke. Yet when Will mentioned her name, the look of fear in her eye and quickness to depart made me more curious about this man who claims he's doing good things. I wonder how dark his past is. Did he kill Nathan Ingram, perhaps?

I'm even unsure what to think when it came to the "if you blinked, you missed it" final moment. Has the Machine been hacked? Is that what the "security breach" warning meant? And why was the course of action only to monitor?

The fact that everyone is playing a bit of cat and mouse makes it hard to distinguish where everyone's loyalties truly lie. And as much as we slowly learn more and more, there's still a wonderful sense that there's still plenty to learn. It's great seeing the characters develop on these procedural style show.

Although I was a bit disappointed that Will appeared and then decided to leave at the end of the episode (why so quickly? I hope he returns.) the rest of the episode continued to prove the show's fun entertaining factor. I mean, who doesn't love that cool rock synth when Reese shoots bean bags or calmly walks up to his enemies after crashing their car?


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As much as I loathe that little brat I must say he did a great job in this epi and I enjoyed the mentor/mentee between he and Reese. No surprises that he's good with kids.he doesn't patronize or coddle the way most instinctively do.I love how this show and it's core relationships are always shifting. Fusco has become more loyal and reliable, Carter has jumped on board easier than I envisioned and seems just as smitten by Reese as he is of her, but there is still that possibility of her turning him over hanging over him. The corrupt cop is another factor that gives this show more than one antagonist, and even finch is become more suspect given his paranoia.It makes you remember that these are two relative strangers with their own secrets reluctantly working together w/o fully trusting on another. It's exciting, because while they take steps forward in their "bromance" the uncertainty still hangs over them giving it a fantastic dynamic.


I enjoyed this episode. The storylines become more twisted & mysterious but also more interconnected. The fleshing out of the two main characters, Reese & Finch, is still the main pull of this show. Both actors have made the viewers CARE about what IS happening to them and what DID happen to them in the past.
I had the same feeling about Astro that a lot of people had, didn't watch X-factor, only read about him. I felt that his character was actually not too much of a stretch for him. Good casting & possibly did bring some new viewers into the fold.
Always wondered why Reese has never been concerned about Finch listening into HIS conversations,so I wonder if Finch or the Machine (who almost seems to be becoming self-aware) was listening in while Fusco delivered his report on Finch,would explain why the yellow asset boxes for Reese & Fusco changed to Red threat boxes. Show gets better & better every week. Hope it's #s keep getting higher & higher because we NEED a season 2!


Good and bad episode. The interplay with the kid and Reese was good. The subplot with Harold - well - the bad - it appears every network show now has to have a mysterious super-villin that one of the characters is chasing. Alicia was a bit interesting since Green Bank WV (I know it well) is probably one of the few places in the US where no radio waves penetrate (or are allowed.) That's because of the Green Bank National Radio-Telescope facility (neat place, and great free tour.) Implying she moved there so she couldn't be tracked. Interesting that the crooked cop (Fusco) is now appearing less crooked, and the good cop (Carter) is now aware of how crooked/corrupted the force really is.


The "if you blinked, you missed it" final moment...I think that was the machine spying on Reese and when it said "security breach" and course of action only to monitor...I think it's monitoring Reese because he's investigating Finch. Kinda like a son is protecting his father. Sound good?? Anyway, this show is amazing and hope it stays around for awhile.


Astro was a spoiled brat on the X Factor and I am disgusted that he was allowed to be on this fine show. I could not watch this episode because I feel it would be promoting the poor obnoxious behavior Astro showed on the X Factor. Please lets try to get rid of this element from TV. It is unfortunate that we have to endure people like the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore. Enough already!


"I'm even unsure what to think when it came to the "if you blinked, you missed it" final moment. Has the Machine been hacked? Is that what the "security breach" warning meant? And why was the course of action only to monitor?" I think this is the beginning of the Machine see Reece as a potential threat to it.


The kid was perfect, I beginning to think Finch and the machine are one....crazy, I know. As for Alicia she lives in a town with no cell phone or internet, so yes she's afraid of something or someone.
I prefer to think Finch is a good guy, complicated yes. Also there must be some dark places in his past, very dark.


for some reason this was my least favorite episode so far...i hope darren doesn't return...


Myself and my husband love this show, We don't miss a one. Love it.the kid you had on last night he is a good actor..please keep the show on


This show is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to all the other procedural ones on (The mentalist, Castle, ect) I hope it gets renewed for another season.

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The most efficient way to lose is a fight is to act without knowing your enemy.


Carter: I always pictured you in the back of my car... in handcuffs.
Reese: To each his own.