Pretty Little Liars Promos: Getting Closer...

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Caleb took center stage on Pretty Little Liars last night, as Hanna had to do a bit of hacking in order to save her man from the (evil?) police.

Next week, meanwhile, it looks like the action will SERIOUSLY heat up. At least according to one of the following two promos for "Breaking the Code."

On the episode ahead, Spencer will turn to Wren for comfort; A will find a new target; and Ezra will be given a new opportunity, but it could cause problems for him and Aria. Check out the U.S. and Canadian teasers now and remember to visit our updated Pretty Little Liars music section each week...

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Sometimes I feel like the only Wrencer shipper on the forum :c


No way. First Ethan and Sutton... NOW WREN AND SPENCER. This is just wrong.


Spencer: NOOO! I always liked Wren (with that sexy accent and all) but Spencer belongs with Toby.


oo girls, i feel the other way haha i like klaus & caroline, dan with blair, and i liked wren with spencer


I feel your pain Sophia. . . :-( especially with Klaus/Caroline & Dan/Blair :@


OMG seriously? Wren and Spencer? sighhh I feel so bad for Toby. All the shows I watch are screwing up my favorite couples...klaus with caroline, dan with blair, ethan with sutton? OMG I'M GONNA HAVE SOME SORT OF HEART FAILURE...

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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

What exactly are we doing here cause I really don't feel like having a tea party with the two of you?


Wren: My family has issues too.
Spencer: Oh really, like what? Did someone spread their butter with a steak knife?