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Was anyone else waiting for Spencer to share with Melissa about the field hockey stick that Tobey found when Melissa was sharing her suspicions about her father (I am convinced A is multiple people but I am almost positive that Melissa has actually been working to protect her sister from the real dangers that A has put the girls in - guessing the church wasn't her idea) because even though the police think the shovel is the murder weapon, don't we all actually think the field hockey stick is the real weapon?


I think it was good because of the stuff that came out between Spencer and her dad but I agree there wasn't enough questions asked with regards to Melissa. I get that Spencer wants to protect her sister as much as she can but the video is pretty much enough evidence to cause serious suspicions which are enough to at least question Melissa.

I like how Ashley and Ella are now getting into the investigation of A is. I think it makes it more interesting that way and it raises the level of just how dangerous A could really be. But of course, I hope nothing serious happens to either of them because they're the cool moms of the show.

I can't really connect to Maya's character and her relationship with Emily so whether or not she really contributes to the identity of A, then let's just see. And I'm definitely interested in them exploring that guy who mistook Aria for Vivian. There has to be something there.


@Mysterious, some people (and by that, I mean A LOT) actually enjoy Aria's wadrobe.

It's understandable that we don't get many answers now, we will get them in the finale. Would be pointless to give us all the clues already. But it is a little frustrating, after all. Can't wait to finally find out who A is. I really hope it's not a whole group of people or someone where you think "What? He was barely in the show".
I have to say that I couldn't care less about Maya. And I think that the person who could die might be either Ashley or Ella because when they were talking at Ashley's house, A was outside watching them.


My sister and me was saying to the tv to Spencer how can you trust Melissa and now all of a sudden she wants to leave again. I do not think that Aria is the biggest liar because I knew that Hanna's mom saw right through that on their conversation. I don't really care for Maya because I cannot connect with her.


I just anxious to know who A is/are.


The ending to this episode was annoying! I mean, it was great, but it left me with a 100 questions!
I hope Ella and Ashley find out who A is, but I really hope it doesn't lead to a demise for one of them.
Melissa's constant appearance in the last few episodes has left me wondering why she is making so many appearances. Could she know who 'A' is?
The girls didn't really pop out much in this episode. I mean, aside from Emily who is trying to find Maya, it wasn't really centric or them all other than Spencer. I really hope she keeps digging with into her dad and Melissa.
In regards to who might die, I hope it's either Maya or Byron. They're both so boring and I find their presence on screen bothering.

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