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So, "CTRL:A" had a double meaning, but only one really applies to what happened this week.

Although the whole Vivian Darkbloom angle was mostly resolved, we only got a teeny, tiny bit closer to finding out who A is. Instead, we were treated to another semi-Hanna-centric episode, and I'm getting a little bored with Caleb drama. The constant delays and stalls that keep Caleb from just finishing with those files is just annoying.

Haleb Sighting

Apparently A was not successful in wiping the videos from Caleb's computer because Caleb is actually smart enough to hide important information in multiple locations. So... A decides to punish Caleb and Hanna is freaking out (again!). The little plot is clever enough, but it doesn't really give Garrett the opportunity he needs to access Caleb's laptop, especially with Detective Wilden around. He seemed really frustrated, which was great to watch.

Caleb is easily my favorite character. He knows how to protect himself and his loved ones, plus he's incredibly clever. And he used a romantic numerical code for his password! By "cooperating" with the police, he got the perfect chance to have those files remotely deleted from his laptop.

His only near-mistake was relying on Hanna to help him. She definitely wouldn't be my first choice for such a highly technical task. I know it's difficult to remember passwords, but he did spend time explaining it to her. Hanna could've paid closer attention or just taken notes. Luckily, Spencer helped her figure it out and reminded her to "ctrl-A." While that little shortcut doesn't really delete the files quickly, it does make selecting them much easier.

Regardless, this was only one small victory against A and hardly qualifies as "controlling A." Perhaps ,when they actually figure out who they're dealing with, they might get some control over their lives again. The whole thing was really just a way to stall Caleb from finishing up those videos.

Elsewhere: Aria meets with Vivian's friend (while her friends inconspicuously crowd the table behind her) and finds out that Alison discovered who was texting her those threats. Jonah will share this information with Aria... for $2,000... or maybe more. This might be the lead the girls have been waiting for, but then again, haven't we thought that before? Will Jonah's information get them any closer to finding out who A is?

Also (there was a lot happening again!), Spencer finds out from Jason that Ali knew about the Jason's paternity and had $15,000 stashed away. The most obvious explanation for that money, that she bribed someone, provides another possible motive for her murder. Could it have been Spencer's dad?

In other news, Holden is participating in some kind of Korean martial arts competition. It's kind of like a fight club, but with stricter rules. Plus, he has a very dangerous heart condition; however, he refuses to just live a boring life when he doesn't have much time left. I liked that Aria put her own plans on hold to look after Holden. And it saved her from a very bad confrontation with her father at that small vegan bistro. I guess Byron will start trusting Aria more, although that seems kind of wrong since she is actually lying to her parents.

The whole scenario did make me wonder how A found out about Ezra and Aria's meeting. They arranged it on the phone and both of them seemed to be alone (or at least out of earshot from prying ears). How did A find out? Is A tapping into the girls cellphones and listening to their conversations?

Last - and certainly least - Maya might be sent away again for her having an old joint in dresser (or for smoking one on Hanna's porch). But after the way Emily treated her tonight and the selfish way Maya always seems to act, does anyone really care? They both seem pretty immature and maybe they shouldn't be so serious with each other right now. 


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I was at 3am thinking that exact thing, Neither Ezra or Aria said the name of the place or exactly ware it was, and I had this theory about Ezra doing a reservation but the place didn't look like that kind of place and Byron just got there and sit down so that theory was out, and then i thought the same as in the review maybe "A" put a bug on the phones but that was way to extream and as smart they are if they had a bug on the phone they had to know about that. And the last of my theory's was "A" told Ezra about that place... but that means Ezra knows "A". My money is on Mona, Thank good the show does not have clocks in the walls because if that was the case we could know if "A" was at Hollis or at Rosewood high when they ware Aria and Ezra ware talking and when they put the letter at Byron's Car... even thought "A" has helpers so that's a difficult way to known if the one ho put the letter was "A" or the helper


Anyone else wondering how they can sustain the plot of this series for another season? I agree with tati. There are too many things that should be explained and some plot holes that the show does not bother to explain.
How did A get the address of the restaurant?


Can anyone believe how STUPID Hannah is?
She is a bimbo!!!!!


Im I the only one hoping Aria and Holden get together?They're so cute and I love all their scenes!Love Haleb,and im glad Maya's gone.Toby needs to come back ASAP!!!


With Maya living in Allison's house, plus her comments about the team needing Emily, and Maya's obvious jealousy/resentment when it comes to the other three girls, it makes me wonder if she isn't a wee bit off-balance and, possibly, a candidate for A or one of A's accomplices... Still, even if one or multiple people are A, there has been TOO much surveillance of TOO many people for the plot to be feasible, unless everyone's got a bug on their person (in their phone?) as well as in their houses and at school. If they have CCTV in their town, then MAYBE one of the cops (Garrett? But I wouldn't rule out Wilder or whatever his name is) is monitoring them. Wilder may have ulterior motives, unrelated to A's death, which would explain why Garrett is being so secretive around him. On a side note, the actor playing Wilder is hysterically funny in MTV's series, Death Valley.


Paige suck never liked her never will, maya and emily should stay together, hannah and caleb stop having so much screen time, and spencer have nothing bad to say about her I actually really like her, and aria don't care for you neither. And all of the paige fans y'all must be crazy to want her to get back together with emily.


I feel like the first season was way better than this season so far and I'm actually tired of getting different clues that lead to nowhere every week.
Hanna is starting to get on my nerves. Aria, too. I love Spencer, she always knows what to do and I hope Toby comes back for her soon. And Emily should totally break up with Maya. Never liked Maya (who did?) and I'm looking forward to Paige coming back!


I love things getting unveiled and the girls stepping up they're game!
-Haleb,I love their chemistry and this episode had some conclusion to the whole story! Hacking into C's Pc was really funny to watch! Haleb is the perfect couple!And I love the current focus they get after so much Azria!
-Emily,And dear Maya,I'm glad she is GONE!Never liked her never will!she is better off with someone else!Maya is a little spoiled and no one loves spoiled brats!
-Spencer!I loved her calling out the shots,and going after the money!But think their guy will end up dead very soon!Hopefully Toby comes back soon, so the go all nasty!
-Aria,her story is really poor executed! Heart condition!???Either way Holden knows his moves! great fight! and who else felt the spark!???


When will we know who's A? I guess in season 3 ;)
I dislike tht thy keep on the same point for more than one episode the suspects keep changing n the girls forget thm..
I liked ths episode Calen scenes wre good atleast he's helping the girls.. good tht maya left we are happy without ur silly drama M


I agree with @Lilly. Hanna gets way too much screentime than the rest of them. I like Caleb too and I believe that he's popping out more because he is now regular character, so it is expected that he'd be around more.
I agree that both Emily and Maya are immature. I don't know how they've even lasted. I've never really been a fan of Maya or Emily. If Maya were to die, I couldn't really care less. I hope Emily gets her strength back. I'm sick of seeing her wallowing around again, much like Hanna.
I didn't really care much for Aria and Ezra's plot. It seemed kind of irrelevant if it weren't for Byron practically on their trail. Aria is probably the most underused character lately aside from pretending to be Vivien's friend.
I loved Spencer this episode. She was the only one that really popped out and kept me wondering about what were to happen next. I didn't really like the illegitimate sibling thing, but I'm warming up to it.

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