Private Practice Review: To Seattle Grace We Go

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Oh, what a night. Tonight’s dramatic Private Practice followed a similarly eventful hour of Grey’s Anatomy and had me holding my breath nearly throughout the entire episode.

I’ll be honest. My favorite Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice installments are the ones that leave me surrounded by slightly damp tissues with strained teary eyes. Thanks to Shonda and company, the second hour of the special two-hour crossover event did not disappoint.

At Seattle Grace

Do you remember when we first heard about Erica and Mason coming on board? Most of us assumed she was there to stir up trouble for Charlotte and Cooper. It is crazy how wrong we were and how quickly both Erica and Mason have grown into integral characters. I never thought that I’d become so attached to them after such a short amount of time.

I also expected that Erica wouldn’t make it, and that Mason would be left under Charlotte and Cooper’s care. I suppose that would have been too predictable, and was thrilled that Team Shepherd was successful in saving Erica’s life. Both Amelia and Derek totally rocked that surgery. It was so nice to see them put their differences aside and be the siblings and team they needed to be to help Erica.

By the way, how heart-wrenching was the scene with Erica breaking down to tell Mason the truth about her health? I couldn’t help crying with Erica and wished I, too, had some rain to hide my tears. Also, I could hardly catch my breath when Erica spoke to Charlotte, telling her that Mason would need a living mother and asked Charlotte to remember to talk about her in case she didn’t make it. 

A Visit to Seattle Grace

As usual, Cooper and Charlotte stole the show. I was glad that Cooper recognized how amazing she’s been through all of this. I also really liked when she took the time to get herself pulled together and be honest with Mason by showing and telling him exactly what was wrong with his mother. All of the moments between both Charlotte and Cooper were extraordinary, and I’m so glad that she realizes how much she loves Mason.

Back in L.A., Jake and Sam were at odds when a patient who Sam had helped with a heart transplant became impregnated with Jake’s help. Of course, the two had to ask for Addie to weigh in, and she was right when she said that what mattered was giving the baby fighting chance. The culmination of this case was terribly sad, as the father held his baby girl realizing that he and his wife never discussed names.

Meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed Sam’s storyline with his sister, Corinne. Without Naomi and Maya in the picture, I had wanted to get to know more about Sam’s life outside of his back-and-forth relationship with Addie. Thankfully, Sheldon was able to help Corinne and diagnosed her with a bipolar disorder.

Elsewhere: If you’re on Team Jaddison, it’s likely that you were pleased with this episode for a single reason. How stoked were you when Addie admitted that it wasn’t just a physical thing with Jake? I almost thought that he was only putting himself out there so that she could suggest that he was reading too much into their friendship and that she would deny any emotional connection. I was so surprised that it was just the opposite, and am really looking forward to what’s next for Jaddison. I also can’t help but wonder what Sam’s going to say and think.

Finally, let’s get to the best part, the Violet Annoyance Scale. I’m rating tonight’s installment a 2 on the VAS. It is fine if she wants just a physical relationship with Scott, but it seems like she was hoping for Pete to say or do something throughout the whole episode about it not really being over with one another. I, for one, don’t want to see them back together. She also seemed so strange to me, too, when both she and Pete were next to each other at the fridge. Sheldon asked if it was awkward. I thought it was just weird. It was like she was trying to analyze Pete’s every move, but didn’t want to make her own move.

So, what are your thoughts, TV Fanatics? What did you think of "You Break My Heart"? Hit the comments now!


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I'm not surprised Addison is into Jake. Let's be honest - she's had a relationship with almost every male on the show. She needs to settle down because its getting old that she'll sleep with everyone including her best friends ex-husband breaking one of the biggest unbreakable vows of the friend code.


I don't remember liking Charlotte that much in earlier seasons but since her rape she steals the show ALL the time and this season has become my favorite character. She's the only one who can be trusted to be logical, smart, tough, and still caring in most circumstances. Her interactions with Amelia during her drug binge were the best. She's frequently the one to remind everyone that they have a job to do and holds everyone to the standard of doing what's right for the patient as well as legal obligations. She called Cooper out about him breaking her confidence and the rules about the cord blood. And her growing love for Mason while dealing with Erica so well was touching. Cooper/Charlotte are the best couple on there.


The episode was horrible.


I loved this crossover episode but would have like to see more interaction between the casts. I would love to see Addison's reaction to MerDer and their baby. I would have also liked to see Meredith and Amelia together as sister-in-laws. I'm wondering if Amelia "hooked-up" again with McSteamy while she was in Seattle and if it's his baby! I really love Charlotte and Cooper in this episode. She is such a strong, real woman and the way she supports Cooper is great. He's been a little too needy for my taste lately, but love the balance she brings to the marriage. I'm not really liking the Violet/Pete/Scott storyline, and I think the Sam/Addie/Jake storyline is too predictable. Can't wait for next week!


Very good episode. I will have to watch it again to get a better feel for everything else that happened outside of the Charlotte/Cooper/Mason/Erica drama. What I loved most was seeing and hearing Charlotte say how much she's come to love Mason and how much she loves Cooper. She was all sorts of awesome.


I started watching Private Practice for Addison because she was my fave Grey's Anatomy character but Charlotte King has become my favorite character on PP. Everything she has been through has made her a role model because she is a strong woman that has not lost herself despite everything that was happened to her. Its amazing to see how far she came with Mason and Erica considering she tried to pay off Erica. I love her more because she grew to love not only Mason but Erica as well. It was heartbreaking to watch her and Cooper struggle with this because in such a short amount of time Erica and Mason have become such an important part of their lives.


I have never been a huge fan of Erica and Mason, but I will agree that it was touching. Especially the Erica-Charlotte talk. I was glad that Amelia/Derek/Lexie were there to help out, but I still think Amelia is severely underused since she got out of rehab. It's rather disappointing.
I was thrilled with the Jaddison moment at the end of the episode. Hopefully there is some action arising there just before the Spring Break.
I dislike that Sheldon was merely taking a backseat as always. I really wanna see him in a relationship. I hope Marla Thompson comes back or something.
Ugh. I don't even want to do into Pete and Violet. They were both extremely annoying this episode. It's like they were both hinting that they want each other back, but they're both too weak to do anything about it.
In regards to Sam, I'm not really focused on his storyline involving his sister. There's just too much already going on in the show right now to even consider him right now.


Charlotte and Cooper were absolutely amazing in this episode! Charlotte was so, so amazing. Every scene that they had together was just great. I especially liked how this episode shed light on Charlotte as a mother. That was great to see and if that weren't enough, Charlotte expressing how much she loves Mason and Cooper just put extra icing on an already perfect cake. I liked seeing Amelia and Derek together again and actually think Erica's survival had a lot more to do with them as compared to Charlotte and Cooper. Sam's story with his sister is also starting to get really interesting and I look forward to where the rest of it goes. And of course, go Jake for asking Addie straight out if there's really something between them or not! I didn't care much for the medical case of Jake and Sam nor did I really care about Pete and Violet. And please post the promo for next week's episode cause I definitely have something to say about that!


Well I hope Now we can have real CharCoop's scenes without this darama about Mason and Erika!


I loved this episode so much. CharCoop as always are my favorite part. The scene when she is explaining everything while Cooper just looks at her, where he leans on her asking if everything is gonna be ok, and the scene outside the hospital **sigh** I just love them. Im still hoping her love for Mason is one step closer to Charlotte having Cooper's chld. Speaking of kids next week promo. Amelia pregnant really?? I dont like that. Loved the Sam/Corrine/Sheldon s/l cant wait for next week. VAS Im gonna say 0 she really didnt do anything neither did Pete so PAS 0

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