Revenge Review: Opening Pandora's Box

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"Perception" is said to be more important than reality. What could be perceived from tonight's episode was that Emily's plot for Revenge has spun out of control.

When did Nolan become Jiminy Cricket? Nolan once again played the role of Emily's conscience and I hate it when that happens. Nolan's so much more fun when he's Emily's partner in crime. He was a bit dull as he lamented the plight of the mere mortals that were affected by Emily's schemes.

Did he have a point? Of course. There's been plenty of collateral damage along the way. But I prefer Nolan when he's smirking about Em being a bad girl as she sets houses on fire. He's ever so entertaining when he's plotting with his plan instead of trying to hold her back, even if it is for her own good.

A broken hearted Jack. But Nolan was feeling badly for newfound friend Jack. The guy had just gotten beaten up and lost the girl. What's a friend to do? Well, Nolan got him a big screen TV to watch either porn or Judge Judy. His choice.  We should all have someone like Nolan in our lives.

Unfortunately, softhearted Nolan took matters into his own hands and let Jack see that tape and that was when things began to spiral out of control.

Willian Devane on Revenge

Grandpa Grayson. I've been a fan of William Devane since he was on Knots Landing way back when, so I was thrilled to see him appear on Revenge. Grandpa Grayson was instantly a force to be reckoned with. He's powerful, charasmatic, has a way with the ladies and loves daughter-in-law Victoria... much to Conrad's chagrin.

When Victoria's affair and Charlotte's parentage was outed, the family patriarch came down hard on Conrad. Apparently the old man still held enough power to oust Conrad from Grayson Global and replace him with Daniel. But Conrad's not about to go down without a fight.

Back much too soon. Just when you thought we'd finally kicked Amanda to the curb... she's here again and more trouble than ever. Dragging Amanda back into this was a dangerous move. She's unpredictable, borderline psychotic and in love with Jack. 

It also sounded like she was done playing the role of Amanda. What happens when she decides to take back her true identity? The Hamptons isn't big enough for two Emily Thornes.

Side Notes:

  • Was it just me or was Declan not annoying this week?  I'm tempted to say he was almost cute.
  • Conrad proved himself an ass once again by both insulting and leering at Ashlee all in one breath.
  • Once again, the ladies' wardrobes were beautiful, but Victoria was particularly stunning in the white dress with the red details. 

Will we see more of Amanda next week and what is her plan for Emily's box of secrets? More importantly, who shoots Daniel and will he survive? Oh, yes, viewers, it's off the infamous engagement party next Wednesday night.


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FuaxAmanda is who took the documents from FauxEmily's floor box. The RSVP stated Miss Emily will Attend. Meaning, the real Emily. It is clear in the trailer promo for next week, that Jack is the one who is killed. What is interesting is that Jack is holding a document when he is shot on the beach. Could FauxAmanda have given Jack some document to be found. Also, the promo shows FauxAmanda running on what looks like the beach. I don't know why some think Tyler is involved? Tyler is gone.


Tyler is the one holding Amanda and Emily's box as hostage and he wont let Amanda free until Jack Kills Daniel and of course Emily is involved in all of this


I do understand why they want Declan on that way, because if you put some classy clothes and make him nice, hi is Eric Van Der Woodsen and well its not OK. I really loved the episode This SHOW is PERFECT!!!!


"You're basically a fisherman" was really funny.


Victoria in jeans at Jack's bar was funny.


If anyone has the infinity box, it's Tyler, who stumbled on it the night of Daniel's clambake birthday party, but was interrupted by Emily's entrance to get the cake. Quite sure that Tyler is the body on the beach.


I just kept thinking about how bad I felt for Charlotte, what a terrible way to find out, esp after the touching scene with Conrad, and Em deciding not to send her little sis the tape after all. Love how she said to Victoria, oh it's just a video from another wedding planner - girl is quick! Fake Emily, damn I did think she was gone, real Em made a mistake bringing her back just to get the tape, she is no more of a problem then ever. Great comment in the review about scene between Ashley and Conrad, for just a second there I thought we were going to find out they have been having a secret affair all along - YUCK There are only a few players that are unaccounted for at the Fire & Ice party, so we know who is involved, it's just a matter of the shooter and the shootee! Another excellent eps, easily my fav show on TV, great twists and turns, great acting, super writing, it's like a little movie ever eps, come on Wed!


Mike Kelley has confirmed that the shot person is dead,but not that it's Daniel.We do not see whose gloved hand that is on the gun,but was Jack wearing gloves?
Laurence R,have you never seen Stakeout? So Grandpa is chairman of the board of Grayson Global.Was Victoria counting on his shares when she was figuring she and Daniel together could control the company?(Since Daniel's shares are part of a $100 million trust fund and Conrad and Victoria each have a $4.7 billion net worth,it's hard for the numbers to add up).


@Laurence seriously!! She brought the house. This show kills every other


It's amazing how fast the twists and turns are coming, so when are they moving back to the city ?
I love the suggestion that Daniel is Grand dads son.....oh my, too fantastic.

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