Revenge Review: The Body On The Beach

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It took 15 episodes but we finally made our way back to Emily and Daniel's engagement party this week - and it was pure "Chaos."

How quickly things changed from one Wednesday to the next. Everything I thought after last week's episode got turned on its head here.  Well, almost everything.

Celebrating Her Engagement

Let's start with Grandpa Grayson. I thought I loved this guy. He was charming and funny upon his introduction. He took Victoria's side and chastised Conrad for not looking out for the family, but then it became clear that Grandpa's definition of family wasn't quite what I had thought.

It's more about the importance of the family reputation and how it will reflect on Grayson Global. He looked to oust Conrad and replace him with Daniel because Daniel's a fresh face and a clean slate. Since Conrad's such an ass, I could live with that.

But bullying poor Charlotte for the betterment of the company was despicable. The kid had her entire life turned upside down and with Declan's encouragement was making the smart decision to seek therapy. That was until Gramps came along and tried to convince her otherwise. And when he realized Charlotte was about to tell him to go shove it, he blackmailed her with Declan. That was low.

You have to wonder how much Grandpa really cares for Charlotte now that he knows she's not truly a Grayson. He certainly seemed more concerned about Takeda pulling his money than he was for his distraught granddaughter. 

And will Emily do something to help her half sis now that she knows the teenager is stealing prescription drugs? Let's hope Emily's heart makes an appearance some time soon.

On to Jack. I've never been a big fan. I especially thought it was hypocritical of him to give Declan a hard time about letting a drunk, overwrought Charlotte sleep it off at their place while telling his younger brother that it was okay for Amanda to burn down Treadwell's house because he deserved it.

But once Jack got that phone call and made the decision to go to Haiti I finally began to like him. His goodbyes to Declan, Emily and Nolan were heartfelt. I loved that he hugged Nolan like a true friend and nothing could have made me happier than Jack giving Emily back her dog, even if he didn't realize that's what he was doing.

I'm normally more of a Daniel fan but he was hard to like tonight. He made it so darn easy for Victoria to manipulate him. Emily has her own money, home and friends. Just because she didn't want to skip the continent to get away from his family shouldn't automatically mean she was marrying him for his money.

The Emily Thorne Stare

Granted, so she's really marrying him for revenge but it's not like he knows that.

The only thing I got right about this episode was that Tyler returned. It was the only way I could figure that Daniel didn't end up dead on the beach. Now... how exactly did we see Daniel fall to the sand and not Tyler? I'm assuming we'll get those details in the weeks to come.

Other things worth noting:

  • The picture of the dark rolling waves in the beginning were beautiful yet so ominous and the perfect visual set up for the rest of the episode.
  • Nolan prodding Emily to "Sail away. Fall in love. Go make little volunteer babies" was one of the best lines of the show. Very sweet.
  • Whenever I think I've got Amanda figured out she makes me question whether she is Emily's loyal ally or weakest link.
  • Does anyone else think Nolan needs a haircut?

So why doesn't Daniel remember anything? Will Jack get dragged into the murder plot or find Amanda and head to Haiti? Where will Takeda take Amanda and does he know who she is? 

Has Emily's plot for revenge spiraled into truly uncontrolled chaos? We've got two weeks until we find out more. Theorize away.


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Loved the twists. A couple points for upcoming shows: Nolan knew what was going on everywhere since he was tapped into the security cams and let Takeda know. Fauxmanda had yet another change of heart when Jack told her what Emily said about making sure she called him first. She also was unwilling to let Fauxemily get arrested for killing the security guy and did something to the gun (either erased ems prints, or somehow switched it out). Tyler winged her as she was running out of the barn.
Lastly, I think Amanda killed Tyler (finally trusting Emily is doing what she thinks is right and he is just a manipulator, but maybe, because if Em is "free" she may go after Jack) BUT Takeda was there to fix things. He is probably keeping Amanda until Daniel is cleared and then will make sure she moves on.
Anybody else notice how Em wouldn't have gotten very far without her sensei? I wonder if she recognizes how much of a group effort this has become?


I think Tyler and Daniel struggled and the gun went off shooting Tyler and causing blood to be on Daniel's shirt. Then, someone came and knocked Daniel unconscious and that is when we saw him fall into the sand. Then, the other person shot and killed Tyler. It could not have been Takeda who shot Tyler because the shooter was wearing a black jacket and gloves. Takeda was wearing the white suit. At first I thought maybe it was Nolan's bodyguard, but then I saw the skin between the glove and jacket was white. I think it is someone working with Takeda who shot him. I think there was one other person in the background wearing a black suit at the party but was in the background. I was just thinking he was probably security, but now don't know. Bodyguard and him appear to be the only two not in white suits. Will need to watch again to be sure what I saw.


amanda killed tyler. takeda is going to make her disappear. jack's brother witness him with the body not daniel though when he finds out it was jack he wont want to testify against his brother to clear daniel. where is amandas phone? emilys phone? did tyler take them both? and which one did jack take from the body? i'm going to watch it again.


Thaank good it wasn't Daniel who died! I'm just pissed that Takeda took Fake Amanda/Emily! I love her and Jack, I want them to be together! I hope he finds her! I used to want him with FakeEmily/Amanda but now I prefer her and Daniel, hopefully he won't remember anything Tyler told him! I was expecting the bodyy not to be him but in the first scene it was clearly him..I don't get can't be a continuity goof because that would be a major filming and editing mistake and I doubt the great minds behind revenge would overlook it..


I get the impression Grandpa Grayson has no idea David Clarke was framed (though he wouldn't want that exposed for the sake of the Grayson name). As for the "true friend" thing,I believe that "Emily" was really talking about HERSELF when she said "some day Amanda will come back",though Jack wouldn't realize that. I also was sure Tyler would be the body as soon as he took the phone we knew was on the body.


this episode was the bomb! Just loved it.....just hope emily gets her revenge on all very soon...loved it....


This is one of the best shows on tv right now! Talk about twists and turns!! Takeda took care of Tyler and will take care of faux Amanda too. Remember him telling Emily(the real Amanda) that everything would be taken care of when she got back from her trip with Daniel? I love Nolan just the way he is, no changes please!!! Daniel seems a bit weak to me and I think Emily(real Amanda) would be better with Jack.


ok ! great episode but alot of questions !
i'm sure amanda didn't kill Tyler
takeda must be involved somehow ,i think he killed tyler !,,
the thing i don't get is why takeda is doing all this so that emily's plan will work ,why is he helping her like that !..i'm sure this will explained !
CHAOS is really the best word to describe this episode !
i really can't wait for the next episode ,so many questions !


Great episode, even tho' we have even more questions now! No wonder why they called it CHAOS. First of all, I think you've got it wrong about Daniel thinking(thankyou Vicfookintoria!) Ems wants to marry him because of his money. He's lead to think she does beause of his name. NAME equals POWER.
Next..., yes, it was very sweet of him, but it only got me more confused about Emily's feelings. I remember that in one of previous episodes Nolan said it was clear to him that Em was falling in love with Daniel (I am a Daniel fan too, but I am afraid she is going to end up with Jack, even tho' I still hope what she's feeling for him is just nostalgia for the happy part of her childhood).
I still think Amanda is in love witg Emily..
And YES, Nolan has an urgent need to get a new haircut, but probably he doesn't know it..


@Helen Takeda who you call the chinese man is not chinese he is japanese.... duh emily calls hims sensei which is teacher in japanese!

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