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I feel sorry for Daniel. In the next episode's promo he gets arrested and I'm pretty sure he didn't kill Tyler. My bet's on Amanda or that Takeda guy.
The episode was good, but I expected way more and was a bit disappointed. It was a bit too confusing with seeing Daniel's body getting shot and then Tyler turning out to be dead. But maybe it will be explained later.


Even though this episode was good, I expect most of this to happen. Now the question left wondering is who killed Tyler?


I'm pretty sure Takeda knows who Amanda is...
and I'm pretty sure Amanda KO Daniel and killed Tyler as she realized that Emily was a true friend


Does anyone else think Daniel is just telling Emily he doesn't remember because he is still trying to process all that Tyler told him? He may have not believed Tyler that Emily is actually Amanda but the seeds of doubt were definitely planted.

Another two week wait... Torture!


what an episode!!
It's spinnig in my head from all this twists! I don't know what to think anymore, who is loyal to whom!?
Daniel now has the bug in his head.
Amanda is caught between lies.
Jack takes a hit!
And who killed tyler at the end!????


I'm glad Daniel didn't die. Disliking Grandpa Grayson. Charlotte's pill-popping is obviously a cry for help. prefer heartless Emily over generous Emily. Ashley needs to be more relevant. I wish Declan joined Jack on the boat to Haiti - too bad Jack never left though. I'm glad Amanda is gone, just confused as to why she had blood on her. I hope she got shot and is slowly dying. I actually rather enjoy Conrad, I just think it sucks that he 'lost' his daughter due to Victoria's infidelity. Nolan was seriously lacking in this episode. I'm glad that Victoria told Daniel not to say anything - truly a great mother.


@Bite me We'll receive more answers in 2 weeks time. I'm assuming Daniel played no part in the murder and neither did 'Fake Amanda' (although fake Amanda has killed before and probably has a higher chance of being the murderer). Like the first comment mentioned, we're more inclined to believe Takeda pulled the trigger.


I'm very interested to see how the writers will go about the murder. Will Daniel be the prime suspect? After all, Jack did leave his fingerprints all over Tyler's suit, but with the blood over Daniels body and his lack of memory of the nights events, i'm supposing he's the prime suspect. Also, I noticed that when Tyler approaches Daniel on the beach, he's wearing gloves on both hands. When Victoria rolls him over in that last scene, Tyler has no gloves on. Why would someone kill him and then remove the gloves? Had the gloves remained on Tyler's hands, it would have raised suspicions against him. Assuming Takeda killed Tyler, wouldn't it have been smarter to leave the gloves? I guess we'll receive answers in 2 weeks. Amazing show.


Did fake Amanda kill Tyler or Daniel?


Theory which I will discuss further on tomorrow's roundtable: Tyler and Daniel got into a fight and Tyler knocked him out, thus Daniel's fall and black out memory. Takeda took out Tyler with Emily's gun and then made sure to get rid of Amanda as well by taking the keys to Jack's truck. Amanda found Tyler's body bc she was running to stop him and warn Emily when Jack made her realize Emily was her true friend. Takeda told her he would help her deal with her opponents after she buried the box. He protects her above anything else. That's why Emily looked genuinely surprised and distraught when Charlotte was screaming "Daniel." She knew Tyler was getting taken out, but didn't expect Daniel. The second Tyler took Daniel's phone, I realized it would be him who got murdered. Phew! Long theory!

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