Revenge Round Table: "Chaos"

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Revenge rocked its fans last Wednesday, as Emily and Daniel's engagement party turned to "Chaos." 

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, the team of Leigh Raines, Chandel Charles, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando debate whether the shocking conclusion was a brilliant twist or am irritating bait and switch...


Were your surprised that Tyler was the body on the beach?
Leigh: No. I feel like as the show became a hit, the writers realized that killing Daniel off would be a major mistake. Also, if you look at press photos, the new body looked different. I think Daniel fell when he was fighting with Tyler.

Chandel: I actually was. I guess somewhere deep inside I wanted things to get more real and consequential. Killing Tyler off instead of Daniel doesn't really do that for me.

Dan: Yes, especially since it was Daniel's body on the beach. I'm all for keeping the audience guessing, but not when you blatantly show one person falling to the ground at the beginning of an episode, and then switch that same scene to a different person later on. It's being tricky for the sake of being tricky, and it ruined the episode for me. 

Christine: I guessed it would be Tyler, although I agree with Dan on the tricky editing. I'm assuming the scene with Daniel falling is when he's knocked out and we'll get more details about how that happened in the episodes to come.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite scene?
Leigh: I liked when Takeda showed up at the engagement party and we realized he was going to protect Emily. When we finally got to the engagement party, I felt a relief, like 'okay now we will finally get to see what happens!'

Chandel: Probably the scene with Declan and Charlotte in the bar both stating that their fathers were both dead. It showed us a moment where Charlotte was just like everyone else with a life that's just as complicated.

Dan: The ending credits. Now that this catastrophe is over, I can look forward to better stories moving forward on Revenge.

Christine: I loved when Jack gave Emily back her dog and then Nolan told Emily to sail away, fall in love and make little volunteer babies.  I don't particularly like Jack and don't want to see Emily with him but Nolan's delivery of that line was simply adorable.

What do you think Takeda's going to do with Amanda?
Leigh: Takeda is either going to kill Amanda or protect her. I'm still not sure.

Chandel: Hopefully get rid of her for a good long time. She is a loose cannon.

Dan: He's going to train her to be his new karate killer, ready to get revenge on all those who did her wrong.

Christine: Takeda's capable of anything. He could kill her and toss her body in the ocean, capture her and hold her prisoner somewhere or train her as his new apprentice. Anything goes.

Will Daniel believe Tyler's accusations about Emily?
Leigh: I'm not sure if Daniel remembers. He seemed to be knocked out.

Chandel: Heck no. If he does, it will only serve to promote his mother's suspicions, not Tyler's.

Dan: No way. He's too in love, and he knows how crazy Tyler is. That dude would say anything to get himself into Daniel's good graces. Too bad for Daniel, Tyler is finally telling the truth this time.

Christine: Daniel is pretty easy to manipulate. Victoria pulls him one way, Emily another, now there's crazy Tyler. I don't think he'll believe Tyler but he's beginning to have his doubts about his fiance.

So... who shot Tyler?
Leigh: I think Takeda shot Tyler and Amanda got there right after and that's where all of the blood came from.

Chandel: Probably Daniel. Notice how quick Victoria was to advise him not to say a word.

Dan: Amanda, but Daniel will get tried for murder, which will lead to a long trial. The first season will end with Daniel going to prison.

Christine: I'll guess Tyler and Daniel struggled and Tyler knocked Daniel out. Then Takeda, shot Tyler and he set up Daniel as part of the plot for revenge. I think Amanda just came upon the body and freaked. 

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To me this si the most probable scenario: Amanda did not shoot him. Takeda knocked down Daniel and made it look like he had killed Tyler. He then cleaned everything up and left Tyler face-down. To "help" in Emily's revenge plan he additionaly abducted Amanda who went into the scene shortly after it happened. She was that banged up because she thought Tyler had been successful at framing Emily, as he said it would.


The person firing the shot was wearing a black jacket and black gloves. I thought about this, after we deleted the episode from the DVR, so I never got to check out the party guests, to see if we were given any idea of who the killer might be.


What do y'all think is going on btween nolan & takeda that nid had to mean something


1. No, I knew it was Tyler from the beginning when I first saw him.
2. I really cannot choose just one.
3. I don't know what he will do with Amanda because Amanda also prove that she can be deadly.
4. Yes, that is why he is looking in her safe under the rug in the next episode.
5. Takeda or Amanda but I am leaning more towards Takeda.


over at EW Popwatch the talk is all about the nod between Nolan and Takeda.


When Takeda was at the reception while Victoria was speaking - did anyone notice that he may have been nodding to Nolan and not Emily this time? Is something else going on?


1. Yes. Don't jerk me around show!
2. Charlotte preferring to have her sanity and then upset about Declan flunking and Granpa Grayson's blackmail. Gave Charlotte;s character more depth. The volunteer babies line was funny.
3. Kill her probably. I hope anyway.
4. He'll have doubts but won't believe.
5. Takeda or Amanda.


I wasn't disappointed with Tyler being the dead body..I think that Takeda helped putting the revenge plan back in track...There is a symmetry with Daniel being framed for a murder he didn't commit just like Clarke was...and Victoria that framed him for the sake of Daniel, is now in Amanda/Emily shoes...the person you love the most is (or is going to be) in prison...It will be fun seeing the trial...


1. I was. I really thought that Daniel was gonna die. And when Victoria turned the body over and we saw that it was Tyler I was relieved and joyful. 2. The whole ep had amazing scenes, but have to go with Nolan and Jack hugging. That was the highlight. It has been a very good and disturbing summer and if anything happened, Nolan got one friend. 3. Take her out of the equation for Emily so she can focus on her plot for revenge and not have a wild card in the picture. 4. At first he won't, but being in prison might help him think about everything and start having doubts and he will relay them to Victoria who will cause drama. 5. Takeda or Amanda. Def not daniel. We won't know who until they have a flashback.

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