Revenge Sneak Peeks: Meeting Grandpa Grayson

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What happens when two Graysons walk into a bar?

Why is Conrad so angry with Victoria (this time)?

Did Emily secretly meet Daniel many years ago?

Why does Nolan fear that Emily has stopped caring about "mere" mortals that get in her way?

All of these questions and more are answered in the following sneak peeks at "Perception," the upcoming brand new episode of Revenge. Give them a look now and get excited for what's to come via our section of Revenge spoilers...

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I think her first sight of Daniel would be better described as a few years ago. So Amanda was ten at the time of the November 1995 interview. Now,who is determined to see she doesn't skip out on the engagement,and what will s/he do with the Infinity Box?...supposedly someone is being held hostage,my guess is Tyler grabbed Fauxmanda.


sorry my mistake fiew its not the season finale...


wow tonight was amazing. The fact that Amanda knew Daniel before this summer means even more that he is part of 'the plan'. Of course she died her hair and put on a pretty dress and all of a sudden he starts noticing her existence. I can't believe next week is the season finale? Who is going to kill Daniel. Everybody is against Victoria, why attacking Daniel. And Amanda was really stupid to think that nobody spied on her when she was looking at the box or hidding it under the carpet.


@Jcrv: its obvious he doesnt remember her and she is not going to bring it up that they met before. Daniel is supposed to think that they just met for the first time this summer.


ohh i enjoyed the last one, Mrs. G in a bar ?? it's a sign the apocalypse is coming


So they meet at college? I'm now confused, the script made it sound as if she had just meet him.

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