Revenge Trailer: Fire! Ice! Chaos!

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Revenge planted the seeds on "Perception," and we all know what's about to grow out of the latest drama, right?

The night we've all been waiting for, as teased in the following ABC trailer.

Indeed, on next Wednesday's "Chaos," we're off to Daniel and Emily's Fire & Ice engagement party, the same event we saw glimpses of on the series premiere and the same event that concluded with the shooting of... someone.

Daniel? Is he dead? Might this be a bait and switch? Does the body on the beach belong to someone else? Watch the official preview now and prepare for the episode Revenge has been building to since September.

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I agree with SG above that I think the Emily Thorne was underlined to clue her into Amanda as who stole the box. I feel certain that I found it weird in a past episode that she showed Amanda where she kept those items stashed. Even at the time I was like "stupid girl". How can she be so smart sometimes and then so clueless other times. Guess we know why Emily and Nolan are on the outs now, though.... Can't wait to see more! I REALLY love this show! :O)


The first scene where Daniel is falling down looks like he is SHOT DOWN. And when Victoria bends over the dead person, she cries "Daniel", so I don't think it's Tyler. I'm so excited to see what happens next, this show is simply amazing!


"Will attend" was underlined three times.In an interview Emily VanCamp indicated that some innocent has been kidnapped who she attends the party in order to protect,but we haven't seen that.(Is Tyler the kidnapper?)
I see Charlotte with the drug container in the promo,the victim can't be her since she's AT the party,but maybe Fauxmanda.
Nolan lied about his degausser,will he lie again?


Anyone notice that Emily's hair was down when she cocked her gun but up when she put it in her dress? Me thinks Emily kills someone...


Ugh this show kicks azz. Hope Dan doesn't die! Maybe its Tyler?!! Jack better not take the fall for that trash


@Donna - I think the invite just show the box checked for "attending" Emily Thorne - hinting that "real" Emily/"fake" Amanda has stolen the box of secrets and will be exposing everything at the Fire & Ice gala


I have watched the episode over and still can't figure out what was written on the rsvp note that Emily finds in the end. I see it says Emily Thorne...., but what else?


Well he def died... that kinda sucks cuz I have gotten to kinda like him. Ugh I just want to like watch all the eps one after the other so I don't have to wait..


I think that Tyler is the one who got shot! But by whom!? By Daniel? did he wanted to go after Emily? It's the only solid explanation for why we gonna witness the trial! ;)


damn, my head hurts even from the thought of waiting another week to finally see the episode that shows if Daniel survives or not,i bet he is

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