Ringer Review: Blindsided By The Tears

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I never saw it coming. I've probably written those words more than once about a TV show, but Ringer really got me with "It's Easy To Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved."

Even though I wasn't convinced at first, by the the end of this episode I completely believed that Juliet was raped by Mr. Carpenter. I thought Tessa's corroboration and subsequent breakdown in the restroom were real too.

When Catherine and Bridget prodded Andrew to settle with Carpenter, I thought it was the wrong thing to do. At the very least I thought they should have spoken to Juliet about it. Now I see that that wouldn't have mattered.

Chatting with Juliet

Money has the power to bring out the worst in people and it certainly did here. Juliet was so pissed off about Daddy freezing her trust fund and sending her to public school that she staged an elaborate rape story and subsequent law suit. I suppose all of the adults in Juliet's life are selfish, lying sociopaths. It looks like it's rubbed off.

Mr. Carpenter's the one who surprised me. He had the most to lose. How much did he get that it's worth ruining his career and reputation? Guilty or innocent, the stigma of this will follow him. And couldn't he just take the full amount from the girls? If they told the truth now, who would believe them?

Siobhan and Bridget danced around one another so much this hour that I couldn't believe they didn't trip over each other. 

Siobhan spun lies so fast I was dizzy. She told Henry this crazy plot was all Bridget's idea. Being a man in love, he bought it. She told Tyler that the guy he saw in her bed was her brother. Because Tyler's not the brightest man in the world, he bought it.

Olivia finally used that photo of Henry and Siobhan in bed to get Gemma's family money. Surprisingly, bringing Henry's kids expensive pajamas just wasn't convincing enough. Go figure.

So... is Martin Charles Financial involved in a giant ponzi scheme? How else could Martin Charles being doing so well in this economy when everyone else is struggling? Is Olivia in on it because she needs the influx of serious cash to keep the scheme going? And is Andrew in on all of it or is he completely in the dark? 

I couldn't believe Siobhan didn't even try to lie to Andrew when he caught her stealing the key back. She kissed him and walked out with barely a word. Bridget was lucky that all worked out for her. 

Obviously Andrew could tell the difference even if he didn't have the facts to process it. It was all in the kiss. One was cold and distant, the other was loving and heated. Two very different smooches from two very different women. Only Andrew's the last to know it. 

Will Juliet's scheme ever come to light? Will the guilt eat her up or will the money keep her happy? Will Siobhan continue to string both Henry and Tyler along? And will all Hell break lose when Siobhan and Bridget finally face off? What's your theory?


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I loved this ep, except for Juliet's part..I was beginning to like her and now I'm disgusted by the three of them..and yes, it is EXACTLY like wild thing..and in that movie the rich girl's the first one to die


While I did like this episode, I did not like the fact that Juliet's story resembled the movie Wild Things.


This show has been one of the most unexpected surprises of the tv season. the writing was spot-on perfect before the holidays. I was worried with the recent "Juliet being raped" story line because it seemed so unlikely. Then, BAM, the writers hit us with the biggest suprise yet and reveal they are indeed brilliant. Can't wait for the big faceoff!


I can't wait for this to blow up in Juliet face. Rapist are the scum of the earth but people who faked being rape to get money, there a close second. When Andrew does find out Juliet will be disowned.

Kimberly anne

Ringer is such an amazing show. It has that type of drama, mystery and anticipation that I love in a show. The writers are amazing.


I absolutely LOVED this episode! This show never ceases to amaze me! So crazy! I did not see the Juliet thing coming! I cannot wait until next episode!!!!!! Killing me!


I really almost wish they had've used this oppurtunity to reveal to bridget that siobhan is alive! If Bridget had've just not thought that Andrew was talking about some random morning weirdness and had actually questioned what he said or if she had've asked about the settlement and he told her he had already told her it would have been perfect. Bridget would have been so lost and I don't know what her first thought on it would be. Her finding out wouldn't be the end of the show, or even the season. There is so much left to do and left to be told you have a good few seasons before the storyline gets boring even with the secret being out. I just can't wait for Bridget to find out and I just really don't want it to be in the season finale.
Couldn't believe that we had been fooled so good by Juliet. One of the best most unexpected twists I have seen in a show in a while!


Dexter Idolizer: It was kind of silly that Bridget did not clue in to it being odd when Andrew mentioned how she acting earlier but Andrew has not idea about "Bridget" and thinks that it is Siobhan and Bridget has not idea Siobhan is back so for me it was not unbelievable to me


I think that Andrew will lose all his money and when he learns that it has been Bridget pretending to be Siobhan he will be hurt but realize that he truly loves her and his life was better since she came into his life and they will stay together but be poor.
I want to know what was on that tape that Henry listened too!
I hope Soloman is a good guy, Bridget was right to look into him to make sure she could trust him, especially now that she is starting to piece things together like the fact that Siobhan never forgave her and that she new John/Charlie.


I do not know where to start! This was the best episode yet! For those who said that Ringer was not as good recently, not sure if we are watching the same show as I have enjoyed every episode and last night was just awesome!
I personally did not think that Juliet was lying and that Tess, and Mr C were in on it to take Andrew for lots of money. I really thought Juliet had changed but I was wrong.
The best line of the season was when Olivia came to Henry's as asked to come in and Henry said something like "What are you a vampire or something"
I do not know how Siobhan can keep all her lies straight. I think she really wants to be with Henry and is just using Tyler to get what it is she needs to go after Andrew's money. She told Henry that it was all Bridget's doing and I really hope in the end that Siobhan does not get away with any of it.

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My sister lied to me. I wonder what else she lied about.


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