Ringer Review: Idiots, Liars & Thieves

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Just when I think the lies can't get any bigger, Ringer goes and proves me wrong.

"P.S. You're an Idiot" sends the morons on the run, spins new lies on top of the plethora already told and proves that the thief isn't always who you think it will be.

Juliet and her Mother

Who's your Daddy? So Siobhan's having twins and they're not Henry's. Siobhan certainly knows how to twist the men in her life around her finger. Can you believe there was a moment when she was on the phone with Henry that I actually thought she might tell him the truth? What the heck was I thinking?!?

And where is Tyler in all of this?  You know, the third supposed baby daddy. He's seemingly missing in action this week but I guess even Siobhan might have trouble stringing along three possible fathers to be. Perhaps she needed a bit of a break.

Will You Marry Me... again? Andrew proposes to Bridget and wants to renew their vows, which gives us flashbacks to their first wedding night. I mean the real one, with Siobhan. Unfortunately the happy couple doesn't look so happy. Siobhan never told Andrew about her deceased son. That's so damn sad.

To make things worse, Andrew knew she was keeping secrets and married her anyway. These two were destined to fail. At least until Bridget stepped in.

Bridget can't wait to marry Andrew. There's only one small problem. She wants to tell him the truth. Yeah, somehow I don't see that going over really well.

Mother from Hell. Catherine is unbelievable. Just when I think she can't get any worse, too. She's using Juliet to con Andrew out of millions. Then, she's using her daughter to steal millions from her lover, Mr. Carpenter, who is a complete idiot. I couldn't believe it when he left the suitcase full of cash on the bed and went to take a shower. He really did deserve to get taken.

Now Carpenter's on the run, Juliet is guilt ridden, Tessa's still in a coma and the woman who put her there has millions. Catherine is so maliciously manipulative it's scary.

Malcolm's mystery tour. Malcolm dogs Olivia to the point of getting himself fired but that doesn't stop him from following her to a hole in the wall accounting firm out in Hempstead. Given Olivia's aggressiveness in going after Henry's father-in-law's account, I honestly thought the ponzi scheme was her brainchild.

But charming, handsome, loving Andrew confesses that it's his scheme, not Olivia's. Okay. Who saw that coming? Has Siobhan been right about him all along? And who keeps texting Olivia with inside information?

The big question now is, as the pyramid starts to fall: Who will jump free and who will get crushed by the rubble? 


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Yay for another Winchester fan! You make the 4th hsraigtt male I know who watch Supernatural. *grin*If only the DL for the latest episode is up already. The hiatus has been painful.*frowny*I got durian runtuh this week as my cousin is spring cleaning her room and is getting rid of some of her book collection. So Ima benefit! Hee!


I LOVE this show. I think the writers are excellent and each episode leaves us wanting for more. I must say this is one of my favorite new shows. I hope Brigitte realizes Shibhon is alive soon...I swear she really knows how to play people. I was really surprised that Andrew was behind the Ponzi scheme...definitely unexpected. Who in the heck is Xerxes, though??! Man...I didnt realize the ratings were low for this show...I certainly hope that it makes it to next season. I really enjoy all of the characters and again I think the writers are doing a great job! =)


I think Xerxes. is Tim arbogast or siobhan


I'm not sure who Xerxes really is, but maybe Siobhan, since she didn't want Malcolm snooping around the office. I think Bridget will stay with Andrew, even though she knows about the Ponzi scheme because she thinks he really loves her. I knew Catherine was going to steal Carpenter's share of the money. I hope there is a second season. We have to find out if Andrew really is the father of Siobhan's twins. Will Andrew and/or Olivia go to jail? There are a lot of possibilities for next season.


BUt then again is doing really well in UK too and the series brings a lot of money with the international sells ! SO lets hope and get rid of the stupid writers


Rating are low. I dont know if ringer will survive. Stupid writers. I really wanted ringer to excel, it seems like it wont get picked up next year. Please get picked up. Stupid writers ruined the show, wasted talent and threw away the majority of Ringer's intergrity. Lets hope cw is merciful and the show promotes heavily for next season ( if they are given one). Lets hope the international ratings for ringer( which are very high, espeically in canada where ringer is ranked #1) help out since the cw is trying to expand to international television like nbc and cbs




This show is just getting worrying. In a good way, but it's really led into much more storylines. Can it all be concluded within 7 episodes before this season finishes?
I'm glad Malcolm stepped up in this episode. His character has been so delayed. Glad he made some screen time!
I find the plot of Andrew and Shivette renewing their vows pointless. I get that it's playing with Bridget's guilt, but I'm just finding it meaningless.
I have no words for Catherine. She's just pathetic. If she was willing to use her daughter in such a scheme, there's no telling what she's capable of. I knew she was responsible for the beating of Tessa, but the woman is just plain crazy.
I don't think that twins are Andrew's. Henry and Siobhan were having an affair and I highly doubt she was having sex with Andrew majority of the time. Siobhan and Henry met weekly. Just because she's more further along than anticipated, doesn't mean anything.
In regards to Xerxer, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Tyler.

Sarah silva

How can people not like this show! I love it! It is getting better and better.
Catherine is awful. I knew she was the one that had Tessa beat up and now she took Mr C's portion so she has most of the settlement, minus what she gave the mystery person at the end. I wonder who that is. I also predict she will some how get Juliet's portion as well then she will flee town.
I do not like Henry he is now a smug jerk. I knew that Siobhan's baby daddy would be Andrew BUT I did not thinks he would have twins. However she does not love Andrew and will keep pretending they are Henry's
Malcolm should be a detective! I think he really is the only one that Bridget can count on

Sarah silva

Andrew say it isn't so! I really like/liked Andrew and to have him confess he is the one in on the ponzi scheme that was a shock. However what is Olivia up to? She is not innocent. I think that Siobhan is the one texting her.
I think that box of files will somehow implicate Bridget. As the plan seems to be for Siobahn and Henry to take down Andrew and Bridget..
I really hope Bridget realizes soon that Siobhan is alive as this show is like a chess game and at this moment Siobhan is one move ahead

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