Ringer Review: So Your Mom Was a Bitch Too?

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"What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?" made me think that the entire Ringer plot was not unlike one of the word jumbles that Bridget and Siobhan played as girls. Unfortunately, I don't know how they untangle this web of lies they've created... but watching them try is half the fun.

The Ring. I had wondered if Siobhan had stolen that ring strictly out of spite. Instead, it appeared she needed the cash. I suppose that means the pawn shop owner was out $15,000 for receiving stolen goods. 

I understood that Siobhan needed the passports in another name now that she thinks Bridget knows about Cora Farrell. What surprised me was that she didn't take the passports anyway. She'd already paid for them. They could come in handy.

And why would the guy who sold them leave the fake passports on the top of the trash can, other than for it to be easy for Henry to find them? Then, Andrew looked so hurt when he found out Bridget hadn't told him she'd lost the ring. Of course he soon had bigger issues to deal with.

Juliet and Andrew

The First Mrs. Martin. Okay. Suddenly Juliet's issues were a lot more understandable. Her mother's a drunken nutcase. I know that the video looked bad but Catherine was quick to call her daughter a slut and turn her back on her.

Apparently Catherine viewed her child as a fun shopping partner but not much more, which led to a great bonding moment between Juliet and Bridget. "So, your Mom was a bitch too?" That one line brought them closer than all the hugs and heartfelt talks ever could.

Who's Your Daddy? Tyler was missing a baby that wasn't his and Henry was mourning a baby that wasn't dead. Siobhan sure knew how to create havoc no matter which continent she was on. 

When Siobhan didn't come clean with Henry right away, I thought it wasn't going to happen. That's why it shocked me when it did. Not only did he show him Bridget and confess that she was the real Siobhan... she also told him she was still pregnant with his baby. The look on his face was a jumble of shock and glee.

Now, will Henry play along with Siobhan's game or will her game blow up in her face? And what are her plans for Tyler as he waits for her and his next meeting with Andrew?

Ringer is akin to one crazy word jumble, but like any addictive game, I can't stop trying to figure it out.


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Things I liked: Bridget owning Catherine, Bridget/Juliet bonding, anytime Andrew was on screen, Andrew growing up and being a parent and going deservedly crazy on Catherine, putting the pieces together, Siobhan's conversation with Machado, Bridget ruining things for Siobhan, Sean Patrick Thomas showing up (win!), Jimmy and hot Colorado FBI guy, finding out more. Things I disliked: anyone believing Siobhan, Catherine, Machado NOT arresting Siobhan for buying a fake passport (which would be pretty easy to confirm and a felony), the flashbacks-for-dummies approach (don't need a flashback every time Bridget figures something out), and the moral quandaries associated with Juliet's case (um, last I checked a teacher having even purportedly consensual sex with an underaged student IS still statutory rape and illegal.


Great episode and finally some progress!! I hope this show gets renewed or at least picked up by a different station. The CW is not a good match for it. It would have gotten much higher ratings if it were on Fox or ABC.


Really the best episode ever! The ratings are not so good, though, the pause was too long and lethal. Hope it will be renewed, but who knows?


Definitely the best episode to date. There was actual plot development! Hurray! Hoping the show can keep this up now that Henry knows the truth and Bridget is getting smarter. Juliet still needs to go! Our take: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-pL


Such a great episode! I do not know where to begin! I knew that Carpenter really forced Juliet to sleep with him and it was good to see the other girl come and say he did the same to her so that they can now build a case against him.
I was not really surprised that Siobhan showed Henry the truth as he did not believe it was her and turned her into Machado saying it was Bridget. I think that Henry will be her ally for awhile until it comes out that she had Gemma killed. However I know Siobhan will do all she can to frame Bridget and ruin her life. That is where I see the show going if it gets renewed. I love Bridget and Andrew together,even though he thinks it is Siobhan. The talk with Juliet and Bridget was sweet.


Best episode yet! Hope they can keep it up.


I loved this episode things are really heating up, I'm glad Juilet wasn't lying her character needs to progress. As for Siobhan she's definitely playing dirty, she doesn't care for her sister at all, she basically set her up. Funny how the detective didn't think to check Bridget's fingerprints in the first place - he is dealing with twins after all. Nice to see an appearance by Sean Patrick Thomas as 'Soloman'


Best episode thus far. Did anyone not scream with glee when andrew told catherine off, IT WAS HEAVEN


I think this show gone on too far with the secret now. I don't like the real Siobhan and she is just playing with Henry heart but she will be the one hurt in the end. I think Henry will try to tell Andrew but Andrew will not believe it.


Who can not love this show!? Yes it is pulled a bit over the edge(unrealistic) but this episode proved it right that lie's, can't hold up forever!! I was really stunned, when Machado walked into the restaurant! Really thought they are putting all cards out! But No Siobhan is a naughty little Liar( maybe she is "A"). Machado kicking that guys ass so he would talk!
The so Called Mother! gives all the characters a different dimension! and can't wait for her to comeback!
Bridget being a detective and getting on the lead to the solve the mystery! Piece by piece we get a story!
Oh Henry sweetheart U got Ur self a drama with that Ho-Bag!
I was an non believer in the Juliet case! But Relly surprised the prof did it!

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