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"Whores Don't Make That Much" finally gave viewers some of the answers they've been craving and at least one they never wanted to hear. Let's run it down, shall we?

With a Mother like that… who needs enemies? Damn. Catherine set that up? She had her own daughter file false rape charges and put her through that sham of a trial all for a few million dollars?!? The woman's a sociopath. No wonder Juliet's so messed up.

But who beat Tessa almost to death. Was it Mr. Carpenter? Did Catherine hire someone to do it or did Tessa open her big mouth to some third party who took full advantage of the information?

I guess we may not find out until Tessa wakes from her coma. If she wakes up at all.

Father of the year? When Bridget told Andrew he was an excellent father, I had to laugh. I like Andrew but his daughter's been involved with drugs, gotten a DUI, been kicked out of private school, alleged that her teacher raped her and (albeit unknowing to Andrew and Bridget) extorted Daddy for millions. He's not exactly winning Father of the Year, sorry.

Misha Collins on Ringer

Wanting Bridget dead. We finally found out that Sean was Siobhan's son. Bridget took Sean out with his estranged father against Siobhan's expressed wishes and in a horrible twist of fate the boy was killed in a car accident.

The vehicle seemed to come out of no where and the accident was filmed so realistically that it made me jump. 

Being a mom, I could almost understand being angry enough to want Bridget dead. Unfortunately, Siobhan's anger has lead to her miserable and complicated existence and Bridget's guilt drove her to her drug addiction. Everyone loses.

Malcolm's a rock. Malcolm definitely stepped up his game. He was Bridget's rock and protector. He's installing tracking apps on her phone and stopping her from throwing things through windows.

And was Bridget really going to throw that brick through Dylan's window with his young daughter there? That's just wrong. I expected more of Bridget than to let her anger possibly injure and certainly scare a small child.

Bridget's newfound forgiveness had her thinking about her life... or at least her new one. She wanted to continue to live it but as Bridget, not Siobhan. How exactly will she explain to Andrew that his real wife committed suicide and she just thought she'd step in to save him the heartache?

Somehow I don't think he'll take that very well and I can't even imagine what it will do to Juliet.

Then there's the small issue about Siobhan still being alive. The devil is in the details and there are certainly plenty of devils in Ringer.

So, were you surprised that Catherine's the mastermind behind the rape scam? Did you think Siobhan's anger towards Bridget was valid and do you think Bridget will find any forgiveness when Andrew find out who she really is?  We've got one more week to figure it out.

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It was a great episode. Not really able to attach to Malcom either. He's just kind of there for me a lot of the time. I mean he helps Bridget sure but I don't know it's just a thing. I love Ringer a lot and hope that it gets a second season.


Catherine is horrible and I really hope (real) Siobhan comes out no where and shoots her dead.
I think the Sean being dead is a huge debate over whether or not people think Siobhan took it out on the wrong person or if Bridget really is to blame. I still think what Siobhan has done to Bridget is horrible though.
I don't know what it is, but I still can't get attached to Malcolm. I feel as though his character cannot be salvaged at all since the writers have completely ruined his character during the beginning of the show.

Uncle jackass

P.S Misha Collins is always ++++


another great episode!
Catherine is such a bitch for using her daughter!


I actually loved this episode. It had so many events in one episode that I cannot describe. Even though I feel sorry for Siobhan, that is still not a reason to kill your sister for because it was only a accident. I hope that Catherine and Juliet be taken down for what they did and Siobhan lies be exposed.


FINALLY we know WHAT happened between the two twins that cause all the drama between them! although i would have preferred if they would have also told this story from the real Siobhan's perspective too that why she is so determined to blame Bridget for all that happened with Sean. The Catherine Scam twist, honestly.. not that surprised! but yeah still in the dark about who did that to Tessa. So Bridget will now come across with her real identity... oooh that will be a hard feat to pull off!

Uncle jackass

Another solid episode of Ringer. Flashback episodes tend to melodramatic but this was definitely done superbly. It gave a great foundation for origins of Siobhan and Bridget's separate discourse. You forget to realise that nobody is a hero in this series. Except Malcolm. I hope the ratings are going well. I'm the softie that can't pick a CW show to cancel. Except, One Tree Hill which is at it's final season; ergo no brainer.

Ringer Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

A few months ago my wife wasn't dead. It's funny how that can change your outlook on things.


And as far as my drinking, I haven't had a sip in days.