Royal Pains Season Finale Review: 50/50

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It was a rough two weeks for HankMed on Royal Pains. They lost their first patient in Jack, and the loss caused quite Hank a lot of angst, which he took out on the daredevil brothers he treated this episode. Elsewhere, Divya treated a patient with a deviated septum and Evan entertained a business proposal from Boris's cousin Claudette.

All the twists turns and potentially big changes added up to a solid season finale with "This One's For Jack."

Brother v. Brother

I suppose it's most fitting to start with Jack's loss. The episode felt a little empty without his big personality, and its absence only made the loss that much more realistic. It was clearly real for Hank, who even found himself hallucinating that Jack was still alive. The genuine grief he experienced for his friend was a side of Hank we haven't had occasion to see. It broke my heart.

Perhaps the best part about it was that he finally admitted that he was angry with Jack for dying. The anger had been painfully evident, especially when he took such a hard-line with the admittedly idiotic Susumi brothers and their Jackass-style Youtube movie dreams.

The tribute to Jack on the golf course was certainly the most fitting thing they could have done to honor him. Particularly Hank's beautiful shot, which wasn't present when Jack was still around to see it. It was up to par on this important occasion.

On other fronts, Divya and Evan experienced a bit of domestic unrest, mainly in the form of Divya being unusually kind to Evan, which pushed beyond his comfort threshold. If only that gratefulness Divya expressed for Evan's purchase of her shares hadn't served as a loaded gun for his confrontation with Hank.

Of all the things Evan could have done wrong at this moment, it was disregarding Hank's feelings about the future of HankMed. It was beyond obvious he was not in the right place to be thinking about it. Furthermore, he had made it explicitly clear on many occasions that he wasn't in favor of expanding. I'm sure that desire was only reinforced when Claudette entered the fray. I can tell he doesn't trust her or anything she stands for.

This is part of the reason I believe that Boris wanted Hank and Evan to hear the business pitch. I think Boris thought that Hank would swiftly reject it and Evan would follow suit. If only Boris knew what really ended up happening.

What a shocker it was that Hank ended up on Jill's doorstep and Evan ended up on Van Dyke's. Talk about making rash choices in the heat of the moment. No way either one of them meant to do that. Evan was truly appalled by Van Dyke's bedside manner and, come on, does Hank really want to head off to Uruguay? Everyone needs to sit down with a glass of tea and think things out before they start making these no doubt life-changnng decisions.

I would be remiss to end without giving a shout-out to Molly Sims. I loved her character and only wished we would have gotten to see more. It was pretty notable that her portrayal of a wheelchair-bound fashion consultant lent itself well to Reshma Shetty's Character's Unite campaign commercial. Nice call, USA Network.

So, do you think Evan's instinct is correct or did he overstep to go behind Hank's back? Is this the end of HankMed as we know it?


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Like Evan no matter what people say


"I think the reviewer is off base about Hank going WITH Jill to Uruguay." Damn straight. I don't know where C. Charles got that impression. BTW, if Jill is supposedly going to Uruguay, why is she still around? Why haven't characters been asking her all season "Aren't you gone yet?" "[T]he whole big brother/little brother conflict over the business is getting pretty tedious." The problem isn't conflict over the business -- it would be surprising if these two rather different brothers weren't constantly squabbling. The problem is that this specific conflict has taken so long to come to a head. Well, it's now come to a head. Unless the writers somehow break the usual TV mold, the two brothers will do their own thing for 2-4 weeks, have some small successes and some larger failures, decide they need each other, and then reunite with hugs and pats on the back. Isn't that loverly?


I finally just got to see the season finale. What a disappointment! The golf course tribute was nice but that was about it. As quite a few have already said, Hank's character is getting really annoying. Evan, on the other hand, has matured in a lot of ways and although he still has a silly, humorous and sometimes childlike side, he has become more serious about the business and has worked hard to make up for past mistakes (giving Dad $$, etc). He did give up a lot to help and inspire his brother to pick himself up and become what he is now. Hank still treats him like a child and is very dismissive - almost disrespectful to his brother and when others see that example they seem to follow suit. Evan may have overstepped, but his intention was not malicious, but was actually looking out for his brother's well-being, which is more than one can say for Hank. Yes, he is grieving and in denial, but he had the same attitude toward Evan before his friend died. And as far as the argument they had and the point that Evan had bad timing, my recollection is that the argument started because Hank saw the new equipment, questioned Evan about it and started arguing with him. Evan was simply responding to Hank. Furthermore, when Evan slammed the door on Hank, it was because of how hurt he was that his brother kept information about his fiance from him that almost cost him his relationship, not for some trivial reason.
Anyway, I just hope that next season gets better and that the writers are able to move past the same big brother/little brother nonsense. It has gotten really old. I really liked this show and hope it will be good again.


Evan has overstepped his bounds by making yet another unilateral decision (remember his father wiping out there bank account?). Evan’s desire to be a more influential person in HankMed has caused him to make underhanded decisions by lying to Divya and Hank because he is right. Boris wanted Claudette to pitch to a doctor because he doesn’t trust her. Evan's decisions will have dire ramifications & are going to blow-up in his face, because Boris & Divya will not sit back and allow what Evan did go unanswered because without Hank, there isn't a company.


As my grandma always says "If you have a good thing don't try to make it even better. The chance you will spoil it are much greater". Unfortunately the screenwriters seems to be depleted and went of the path which made the serial a success. As the things stay now it cannot be called anymore "royal pains". And as everyone can see the viewers dropped significantly and I guess the writers are making erratic changes in the plot trying to raise the interest again. They will not succeed of course and the serial will be canceled shortly after the start of season 4. Of course they will try to review the "royal pains" plot line but they will not bring back the viewers.
PS. It look like the screenwriters are the same which killed "Chuck" but they are not of course. It is just the complete lack of brain which seems to be the main requirement to get a job as a screenwriter in Hollywood those days.


@terri Where have you been? Divya's "almost" marriage to Raj was an "arranged" one. Divya didn't love Raj. Raj's parents had already paid for the marriage and the ceremony. Per their family customs, Raj's parents expected to be paid back and Divya's parents cut her off because she didn't marry Raj. Raj didn't do anything to "fleece" money from Divya. As for the season thing, I'm unsure how they do it but these recent episodes were a continuation of a season and the new ones will probably air this summer sometime.


des anyone know who sings the song that was playing during the golf sceen


Did anyone else think Divya is starting to have feelings for Evan? That look she gave him on the golf course...


The Golf tribute scene was the best part of the finale. And didn't Jill look gorgeous?!! Dear Royal Pains writers when will Jill get her own storyline on this show? Yes, I did catch Jill on CSI: Miami and she did more acting on that show than one season of Royal Pains. She was pretty good too. Speaking of acting, Boris' cousin is terrible! Fire her now.


It's time for Evan to go back home.. I like the person playing him BUT Evan has lost it he(Evan) needs to be put to sleep ... When ever Eva is on, I mute & fast forward it.. Some time I can't even watch the show if he is to much in the plot Or that AWFUl father is on ..

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