Royal Pains Season Finale Review: 50/50

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It was a rough two weeks for HankMed on Royal Pains. They lost their first patient in Jack, and the loss caused quite Hank a lot of angst, which he took out on the daredevil brothers he treated this episode. Elsewhere, Divya treated a patient with a deviated septum and Evan entertained a business proposal from Boris's cousin Claudette.

All the twists turns and potentially big changes added up to a solid season finale with "This One's For Jack."

Brother v. Brother

I suppose it's most fitting to start with Jack's loss. The episode felt a little empty without his big personality, and its absence only made the loss that much more realistic. It was clearly real for Hank, who even found himself hallucinating that Jack was still alive. The genuine grief he experienced for his friend was a side of Hank we haven't had occasion to see. It broke my heart.

Perhaps the best part about it was that he finally admitted that he was angry with Jack for dying. The anger had been painfully evident, especially when he took such a hard-line with the admittedly idiotic Susumi brothers and their Jackass-style Youtube movie dreams.

The tribute to Jack on the golf course was certainly the most fitting thing they could have done to honor him. Particularly Hank's beautiful shot, which wasn't present when Jack was still around to see it. It was up to par on this important occasion.

On other fronts, Divya and Evan experienced a bit of domestic unrest, mainly in the form of Divya being unusually kind to Evan, which pushed beyond his comfort threshold. If only that gratefulness Divya expressed for Evan's purchase of her shares hadn't served as a loaded gun for his confrontation with Hank.

Of all the things Evan could have done wrong at this moment, it was disregarding Hank's feelings about the future of HankMed. It was beyond obvious he was not in the right place to be thinking about it. Furthermore, he had made it explicitly clear on many occasions that he wasn't in favor of expanding. I'm sure that desire was only reinforced when Claudette entered the fray. I can tell he doesn't trust her or anything she stands for.

This is part of the reason I believe that Boris wanted Hank and Evan to hear the business pitch. I think Boris thought that Hank would swiftly reject it and Evan would follow suit. If only Boris knew what really ended up happening.

What a shocker it was that Hank ended up on Jill's doorstep and Evan ended up on Van Dyke's. Talk about making rash choices in the heat of the moment. No way either one of them meant to do that. Evan was truly appalled by Van Dyke's bedside manner and, come on, does Hank really want to head off to Uruguay? Everyone needs to sit down with a glass of tea and think things out before they start making these no doubt life-changnng decisions.

I would be remiss to end without giving a shout-out to Molly Sims. I loved her character and only wished we would have gotten to see more. It was pretty notable that her portrayal of a wheelchair-bound fashion consultant lent itself well to Reshma Shetty's Character's Unite campaign commercial. Nice call, USA Network.

So, do you think Evan's instinct is correct or did he overstep to go behind Hank's back? Is this the end of HankMed as we know it?


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Evan should not have brought up expansion at this time, when it was clear that Hank was having problems with Jack's death. Hank quitting, we all know that is not forever, or is it even really real. Evan might think so at this point since he went to the other MD. Hank will probably come back, and see that Evan hired the other Doc and then quits again. I know Hank said he did not want to expand, but Evan does have a right to his say, and new technology should always be given a close look. They do some pretty amazing things medically today, then they didi, say 15-20 yrs ago. Evan may overstep his bounds, but Hank can be a real stubborn jerk also. I hate the short seasons, you just start to get into it again, and they are off again. I like the show, so I will be back in the summer.


"Of all the things Evan could have done wrong at this moment, it was disregarding Hank's feelings about the future of HankMed. It was beyond obvious he was not in the right place to be thinking about it. Furthermore, he had made it explicitly clear on many occasions that he wasn't in favor of expanding. " Of course, the premise of the show was that Evan gave up a reasonably successful career to help get his emotionally devastated brother Hank back on his feet. Kudos to the writers for keeping Hank true to his character–when he faces emotional disappointments, he acts selfish in the extreme. It must have been hell for Evan to have to live, as a kid, with (selfish) Hank begrudgingly taking care of him. Now that Evan has more than returned the favor (aided, of course, by the fact that Hank is a good doctor), it would be cool to see Evan start his own concierge medical service (obviously in partnership with a physician or two).


Trying to figure out just WHAT LENGTH a SEASON is .....Seems VERY short, this is FEBRUARY and they plan on returning in summer for a 'season'....guess is a great sked for them but for the audience rather absurd as now once again, repeats of repeats of repeats /etc/etc but then too...HO HUM and thensome and perhaps their formulae needs some reworking in scripts and 'seasonality" !!!

Childish gambino

I was never that big a fan of this show always thought the chemistry of the actors was rather sub-par and never really liked the over "Hollywood-ization" of the action/medical scenes but being a sucker for medical shows i got sucked in.
I completely agree with @bigi and @bagpipemouse
It's getting annoying to keep see Hank and evan keep fighting when the obvious solution is a simple compromise.
Also i think Evan and Vandyke will make a fine team. Once they work out the initial kinks they will be fine.


Oh, and did anyone happen to notice that the actress who plays Jill (her name escapes me at the moment) was on "CSI: Miami" this past Sunday AND that Reshma Shetty ("Divya") will be on the next ep of that series? I guess we know what THEY'RE doing while the series is on hiatus.


As far as season finales go, this one wassszzzzzzzzzzz
Sorry; dozed off there for a second. No big disease of the week mystery. Just a fashion consultant with a deviated septum and a trio of boys behaving badly. Wonder how they simulated the kid's tongue getting stuck in the bottle. I was never fan of the "Jack" story arc, but the tribute was nice, as was Hank's golf shot. I think the reviewer is off base about Hank going WITH Jill to Uruguay. If the series is set in the Hamptons, how could a principal character head off to South America? I should think he was inquiring about a job at the hospital. As for Evan asking Van Dyke about a job, Van Dyke as the HankMed doc? They'd have to change the name of the business, no?


Why is no one doing anything about the fact that Divya's ex-fiance is fleecing her? It's obvious he's tricked her into giving him money and his parents are not involved. These characters are supposed to be intelligent people and no one has looked into this? Come on!!


The self-absorbed Evan has been whining around always while blaming Hank for every bad thing in his life. Have we all forgotten Evan slamming the door in Hank's face while kissing up to the General (Paige's dad) Hank turned out to be right in his dianosis but Evan still has given no proper apology or acknowlegement to his brother. I am hoping the adorable Paige meets some Brit who distracts her and scares Evan straight!!!


good sibling rivalry. HankMed is service-based business, with HANK sold as concierge doctor. It's his diagnostics, quality and clever treatments in the field. Evan was a good brother to bring Hank to the Hamptons. now Evan wants even respect of his brother, but the Hampton's folks see him and his boasting as CFO as a bore. Hank resignation to Evan's 2/3 power play was logical. The new doc will quickly alienate clients. Evan needs to get humble. He totally overstepped using the Smart Suit w/o Hank's approval. Is it FDA approved? What if the model's rhinoplasty goes bad? What if the suit's program was wrong? LAWSUIT! Boris, as father figure, will berate Hank again over Evan. (Evan is Hank's Billy Carter. If you are too young look that up for a laugh!)


I thought it was a completely underwhelming season finale. I did like the thread about Hank's grief process, and the golf round was very touching. But the whole big brother/little brother conflict over the business is getting pretty tedious. The best course of action that combines Hank's personal care and judicious use of Evan's new ideas is so obvious, and it makes me angry to watch these two go round and round and round. Now we have a setup where we're going to get at least a half season of Jank will they/won't they with a Uruguay component, and Evan with Dr. VanSnarky. Great.

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