Smash Episode Preview: Making a Marilyn

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Did it live up to the weeks worth of hype?

Smash debuted on NBC last night, taking fans behind the scenes of Marilyn the Musical and introducing us to a number of interesting characters and storylines, as well as a couple original songs that are available via our Smash music section.

What did you think of the premiere? Are you on Team Ivy or Team Karen? Members of either side won't have a lot of time to debate because - SPOILER ALERT! - Derek, Julia and company will decide on their lead at the conclusion of episode two.

Watch the official preview for this installment now, as both aspiring stars are calling back in to audition and the pressure continues to mount...

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@Sheri who is slamming Sheri:
Sheesh watch your language. I record Castle cuz I can't watch it on TV as it airs most weeks. I only watched Smash this week online cuz I happened to be at a place with wifi. And then I watched Smash again tonight on NBC cuz i realized it was on and wanted to see if i liked it as much as the first time. Not everyone is gonna like Smash, and like me, will already have favorite shows their recording. So take a chill pill and tone down. Or maybe go watch Castle and see why they chose to watch their (and my) favorite show over Smash.


Have you ever heard of a DVR? No? How about the fucking INTERNET?!! There's no excuse to not watch this show.


I am definitely Team Ivy because not only does she look more the part, but her voice is amazing. She has the real Broadway voice and would go perfectly with the character. However, Katherine McPhee is the prettiest one so she is obviously getting the part at the end of the episode. Plus, all signs point to Ivy getting the part. The promo makes it seem like Karen is the underdog and Ivy is the one with most experience. Not only that, but it makes us think Karen is being consoled for losing ("You have a future in this business"). It's obvious that's a red herring and she's getting the part.


Sorry only watched for a few minutes. Had to watch my favorite Castle...would love to watch this show too but it will have to change
the time slot for me to watch...........


I really enjoyed the episode. Katharine McPhee looked and sounded amazing. I can't wait for this story to unfold. It would be an interesting tie-in if Marilyn the Musical were to actually be produced at the end of the season. And did I see Alex Freaking Wong from SYTYCD in the baseball number? :)

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