Smash Series Premiere Review: Be Our Star

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At the conclusion of the Smash series premiere, Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee - as Ivy Lynn and Karen Cartwright, respectively - sing to the writers and director of Marilyn The Musical, "Let me be your star."

This serves as the same message Smash is giving to NBC - or, really, that NBC is bestowing upon Smash - as rarely has a network placed so much stick on one series.

Raza Jaffrey on Smash

But past failures must be ignored for a moment. For, in this case, the Peacock has chosen wisely.

I discussed the premiere at length in MY ADVANCED REVIEW, but allow me to briefly sing (pun... intended!) its praises again here:

This was my favorite pilot of the 2011-2012 season. In 43 minutes, Smash took us behind the scenes of the Broadway musical world; introduced us to a variety of layered characters; established back stories and feuds between many of them; and set up a rivalry unlike any on television, one between two aspiring stage stars, battling for their first big role.

I loved the use of music, the original songs, the toggling between simpler audition numbers and those same productions on a grander scale. Great production all around and great performances, too.

I've already seen the next three episodes and there's no letdown in any of the pacing, dialogue or overall mature, intelligent way Smash approaches a universe that no other series has ever dared touch. So let's band together, give this opening night a standing ovation and embrace NBC's new star.

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I like McPhee's Karen. Houston's kinda creepy. Not a fan of Messing.


This kind of Pilot earns a 4.9 star? I see, the reviewer got a really excellent taste.


@Guest WTF? Sure Tom is gay, but it's not like they had a gay sex scene or a scene where he does ANYTHING gay at all. Yeah he checked out another man's ass, but that's about it. Nothing else was gay about the whole show. If just the presence of a gay character pisses you off then you're an idiotic homophobe who is wasting our air. It's 2012. Get a grip on reality and stop being such a discriminatory cunt. Die and stop wasting our oxygen. Sincerely,


I liked the pace and the dialogue.


Can't believe some of the comments..........give it a chance people!!!!! I can only hope that the choice as to which girl will be chosen IS NOT drug out all season long.........but I have a feeling it is going to be.....


I can watch McPhee, but right when they started pulling the gay men at the beginning, I lost interest, and turned it off. Not a family show.


It's pretty obvious from these comments here that this show appeals only to those who love Broadway musicals - and that's me! I thought the show was terrific and will definitely watch it every week. The acting was good, the singing superb - loved everything about it.


I really don't understand why people are hating on this show already. I really enjoyed the pilot, I'm a sucker for musicals, and I love the feel of this show. I love the original music and the fact that it seems like every character is going to have their own story line outside of putting together the Marilyn show. Give it a chance people!


Possibly the worst show on any network. The acting is terrible, the singing is somewhat better but the story is not at all interesting.

Uss biddle dlg 34

Another NBC loser. And those clueless Peacock Suits
Deep 6 The Firm ....for this garbage ?

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