Supernatural Season 8 Scoop, Hope: More Leviathans to Come?

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There's plenty of action remaining on season seven of Supernatural, starting with tonight's "The Slice Girls" (previewed below), in which Dean has a one night stand with Sara Canning and we proceed to meet... his daughter?

But Jared Padalecki spoke to TV Line this week and took a much longer look ahead, responding to a question about the possibility of another season with:

"I’m excited... I feel like there are more stories to tell. I feel like we haven’t wrapped everything up. Season 8 could be a great season. Even if we have to wrap things up... I feel like it would be a nice last hurrah."

And what might that hurrah include?

"The Leviathans," the actor said, expressing merely his own hope. "We introduced this great character, this great demon, and just doing one season – introducing them and then getting rid of them – doesn’t give them the seriousness that they deserve."

As for the return of Lucifer? And Sam's ongoing reaction to Bobby's death? Visit TV Line now for the full interview with Padalecki.


omg i watched the last show of supernatural and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it in season 3 when dean went to hell and then in season 4 where dean got 2 meet castiel!!! i wish sooo bad that i cud meet u guys!!!!!!!!!! luv u!


dean and sam should be voted the best collabo actors in the world i have never seen actors act like the way they do.. I love u dean... I love u sam.


whaooo!the likes of two lonely brothers are so cooool i wish i could bve one of them actors to perform the scenes. the dudes rock the show especially the epsidoes in season 3 i like em!!


I agree supernatural is a great show, but I think it has slowly gone off course. The story line never seems to carry on it jumps from one episode to another and has nothing to do with any of the story line. Take for example the vampire diaries it is into its third season and every episode continues from the one before. I honestly think if it wasn't for Jensen and Jared the show really wouldn't add up to much. Let's hope season 8 has more of a story line.


I'm freaking out...I totally need to know about season 8. This must be some kind of demon torture. If's working. I hate not knowing if these next few episodes are going to be the last. The ratings were down so low for The Born Again Identity which baffles me as everyone was talking about it and how amazing it was. It really, really was one of the best ones I've seen. This show never gets stale. Seriously're killin' me here. Let us know!!


Still watching season four on netflix, Jared and Jensen you guys are definitely Boss Hoss'es


I love love love this show! Don't know what I would do without it. Please keep up the great work! Oh, and thanks for bringing Cas back. Its not the same without Cas and Bobby. If there is anyway to bring Bobby back, please do. He was a great character!


Omb I am so in love with dean an his sexyself lol I haven't seen season 7yet I'm waiting to buy it so I don't have to jump in in the middle but from what iv read how could they take away the opals and the music there like the shows awesome retro factor. And OMG they have conventions!! Ism so behind but about the 8th season all I have to say is GiveMeMore!!!!!!!lol definatly the best thing on Tv


They just showed preview u guys rock!!! I just got my wish.Cass is back.I hope that he's here to stay.


yes.we need the impala back! along with castiel and another scene with Death too

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