Supernatural Teaser & Sneak Peek: Clowning Around

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Dean became a father on last week's episode of Supernatural, but, this Friday, it will be Sam who is forced to face down a major fear:


On "Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie," look for the brothers to take on a case in Kansas, one that finds them inside a local pizza chain known for hosting children's birthday parties. They'll find a frightening drawing there, along with a magical man and and a few angry entertainers in makeup, a wig and big red shoes. Take a deep breath, Sam. You can handle this!

You can handle this! Watch the official CW preview and take a sneak peek at the episode now:

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I'm disappointed... No decent story line, characters. How about angels? That's it? Leviathans only? That's the story line? It used to be interesting. Now it's just boring...


Oh God! I hate clowns.


Awesome !! Reminds me of my yearly haunted attraction I put up in my front yard during the halloween season."The Sick and Twisted Carnival"