Tamala Jones Teases "Favorite Castle Episode Ever"

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Castle will take fans back to 1947 tonight, as the case of a treasure hunter gets linked to an unsolved homicide... which prompts Castle to imagine himself as a hard-boiled detective from over 60 years ago.

Sound like fun? You have no idea, says star Tamala Jones.

"It's ahhhhhmazing," the actress told me over the phone. "It's my favorite episode ever, just beautifully list, colored, acted, directed, written."

Fans can expect to be taken by a number of factors, but perhaps none more than the fashion of those involved. Jones gives all credit for that to the show's costume designer, Luke Reichie (@REDCARPETLUKE), when I asked if she had any say in the clothing.

"He is a genius," Jones said. "You don't tell him what to put on you. He just puts it on you!"

What else can viewers expect from the unique installment? Mark Pellegrino guest stars as a gangster - correction, a "bad, bad, bad" gangster, Jones teases, saying the beloved actor (Lost, The Closer, Supernatural) is simply "amazing in the role.

Overall, "you're gonna feel like you're in the 1940s," she says. "From the shawls to the fur to the jewels, it's all incredible."

Beyond this installment, Jones also offered up a fun nugget for Lanie: she's getting an underling!

"I'm gonna have a trainee around me, following me at work, taking notes on how to be a medical examiner. And she's gonna be played by a well known actress."

"The Blue Butterfly" airs tonight on ABC. Visit TV Fanatic soon after it concludes for a detailed review, and follow Tamala on Twitter @tamalaJones.

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Why are there no credits to guest stars? "Joe" was played by Chad Everett but I had to Google him to find that out! Still don't know who Verna was...


To curious I think Chad Everett?


Who is the guy near the end that was "really" the PI? Name escapes me and I am going nuts trying to place him.


I am really looking forward to this episode, but am bummed that Smash debuts at the same time. Couldn't they have slid The Voice to 8-10CT and put Smash at the top of prime time? I want to see both, but suspect I will watch Smash live (NBC needs the help) and catch up with Castle online tomorrow night.... :O)


It's going to be so awesome!! My question is: is Tamala Jones really singing in the 40s scenes? If so, she's amazing!



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