The Lying Game Review: Close, But No Cigar

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This week's episode of The Lying Game set us up to enjoy a saucy little road trip, but unfortunately there were a few interruptions. In "Weekend of Living Dangerously," Emma and Ethan did their usual back and forth and something tells me I'm not the only one who was left a little bit frustrated.

It seems like everything that was about to happen just didn't pan out. For instance, the kids never made it to Coachella, Mads and Thayer never got to confront Alec, Ted kept lying to Kristen and Emma came very close to cashing in her v-card.

When we left off last week, Ethan was giving Emma the cold shoulder because he thought she slept with Thayer. Emma, in turn, was told that Ethan had slept with Sutton. Both were flat out lies cooked up by the one and only devious Sutton Mercer. Hey, if she can't be happy then why should anyone else be, right?

An Extreme  Close Up

Can you guess which twin is giving the icy glare in the photo above? I'm going to guess that the snapshot is from the confrontation scene in the cabin. You know, the one with the slap hear 'round the world. I have to say, I haven't gotten that jazzed up about a bitch slap since that crazy episode of Real World: Seattle back in the day!

I'm not saying physical violence is ever the answer, but Sutton had it coming. Emma has been a puppet this whole season. Sure, Sutton took her out of the foster system and away from a creepy foster brother, but she dragged her into a whole new mess including a murder mystery. 

It's been one Hell of a ride this season and the penultimate episode got things to a perfect boiling point, ready to explode in next week's finale. At least, this is what I hope. I have to say I'm getting a bit frustrated by the constant build of mystery and the lack of answers.

For those who thought that Rebecca having Ted's picture in a locket was a big deal, that was no big surprise. All it did was solidify a theory that was pretty much a sure thing. Rebecca either used to sleep with Ted... or Alec and Ted's paranoia, Kristen's suspicions and other clues all pointed to it being Ted.

Another thing, Alec is 100 percent NOT the girls' father. Lest we forget that Sutton and Thayer slept together and this is an ABC Family show. Having a sudsy, sexy teen soap is completely different than incorporating an incest storyline! The writers just simply would not have had Sutton sleep with her half-brother. I know other ABC Family programs have had some blurring of the lines, but keep in mind that it was never sex in those cases.

So what's the motive for Rebecca to get in good with Alec? And did she just propose marriage with a ring she had already picked out? Little creepy, no? These are answers I hope we will find out on the finale. Who knows, maybe he over-sharing old housekeeper will swoop in and stop the wedding by revealing the rest of Rebecca's secrets!

Also something I hope we can resolve is the Emma/Ethan/Sutton love triangle. While I'm glad Ethan didn't go through with taking Emma's virginity while lying to her, he still didn't come clean soon enough for my liking. She asked point blank at the trailer if something happened with Sutton. Ethan shouldn't have lied to begin with. In addition, if he was going to spring the truth on his girlfriend, he could've chosen a less vulnerable moment, say... I don't know, maybe when she was clothed? 

I'm still disappointed in you, Mr. Whitehorse. Speaking of the tall, dark and handsome fellows, I will be interviewing Blair Redford early tomorrow. When you hit the comments with your thoughts on tonight's episode, don't forget to leave any questions you would like me to ask!! See you guys next week for the big finale!


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Question for Blair: With Alexandra playing 2 of the main characters, does it ever get confusing acting as Ethan , switching back and forth between talking to Emma and talking to Sutton?


If emma doesn't like the way sutton treats her why doesn't she just leave stop acting as sutton

Leigh r

thanks for the questions, you guys are the best! I'll let you know when the interview gets posted.


#1 Is anyone else curious why Mads is all super defensive for Alec when early in the season he had Eduardo's legs broken? Being a daddy's girl as a response is unreasonable. #2 I also feel bad for Laurel. She really needs to find out about the twin swap situation. Sutton really sucks at being an older sis. #3 I wonder how Thayer will be like if he gets an opportunity with Emma. Will it make Emma question Thayer if a part of him wishes she was Sutton too? Poor Emma. The only fun part will be Sutton reacting to Thayer officially ditch her for Emma. Hell hath no fury...


Say hi to Blair from his fans, don't mind some might be haten on Ethan right now. Q1 - Blair, can you relate with what Ethan has been dealing with lately between Sutton and Emma? Is there any point in your life where you had to deal with twins? Q2 - What would you do differently if you were in Ethan's shoes? Q3 - What is it like on the set of the Lying Game with the technology and the cast? Q4 - Do you get confused acting two different ways with Alexandra and what has that experience been like?


Sutton can be very manipulative, which is why I was shocked that when the truth was revealed about what Sutton did, the fallout wasn't big enough. The reason why Sutton continues to be deceitful is because she is easily forgiven when she hurts people. If Sutton is not feeling any guilt or remorse for her actions she would just continue to bend others to her will and get away with it. The reason Ethan said nothing is probably because he did not want to break the news twice, even if his first time revealing the truth was to Sutton. Ethan seems confused is pulling Emma down with him. I still find it strange that he would not find his own way to tell Emma and Sutton apart so stunts like that would not happen. When Emma was leaning on her car to confront Ethan, I found some issues wondering whether it was Sutton stirring up trouble again.


One other thing I find an issue with is how Emma could clue in Mads on the twin thing, but not Laurel. Her sister has proven to have her back. Rather than having to explain Sutton's actions with hers. Finally Ethan needs to take a break from both twins and Emma needs to start forming a life of her own, that does not involve the one Sutton pulled her in to. There was not much mention of Dan here. I was happy that Dan got a storyline outside of Ted and Ethan. I hope that working Theresa would not only stir up sparks, but would get him out from under Ted's thumb.


I'm so disappointed in Ethan and I couldn't care less about him right now. Cheating on Sutton with Emma in the first place was really low and although it was just a kiss, nobody deserves that. No even Sutton. And he is clearly confused about still having feelings for Sutton. Maybe they should go explore that. I don't think Emma and Ethan should get back together and I don't think they will. I'd really love to see her with Thayer and although someone said that she'd get Sutton's ex once again, I think it's different with Thayer. They have built a friendship and it seems like Thayer is clearly over Sutton, not like Ethan. I really hope that there is gonna be a Season 2. Question for Blair: Are Emma and Ethan done for good, what about Emma and Thayer?


I really loved this episode. Everything from the very beginning with Mads and Emma in the car (they are so awesome together, I really enjoy the 2 of them together) til the end where Emma and Ethan sort of broke up. I'm glad that Emma and Ethan (I stll CANNOT believe he didn't know it was Sutton visiting in jail. Sure, they are identical twins, but they surely act differently. If I can keep them apart, why can't he? It just shows what Emma said in the end, that he still wishes he could be with Sutton.) finally learnt the truth about Sutton's lies. And Emma slapping Sutton, OMG that was the best moment ever. :D She totally deserved it. I have no idea why anybody (especially Thayer and Ethan) could like Sutton. There is nothing nice about her...


Who does Ethan really want to be with? That's my question. When he asked Emma what do you want me to say. He really didn't deny that he didn't still have all those feelings for Sutton and still want to be with her and wish Emma was Sutton. That's disgusting. As much as I love Ethan, he doesn't deserve her. He was trying to tell "Emma" the truth in prison when he thought it was her. When he learned it was really Sutton tonight and Emma flat out asked him did anything really happened he had the perfect opportunity to tell her the truth. The fact that he let things get as far as they did with Emma shows that he really doesn't have that much respect for her. Thank goodness he had some decency to stop. Sutton definitely deserved that slap tonight. I stood up and cheered! Go Emma, about damn time. I'm glad Emma has Thayer and Mads as friends to be there for her.

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