The Lying Game Sneak Peeks: Having Reservations

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What really happened on the reservation? That's the question Emma will have for Ethan on tonight's new episode of The Lying Game, although she'll face a problem in getting to the bottom of it:

Ethan is avoiding her.

Elsewhere on "Weekend of Living Dangerously," Thayer will start to doubt Alec's alibi as he suspects his dad played a role in Derek's murder; while Kristin grows ever more suspicious that Ted is not telling her the whole story when it comes to Justin's mom.

Prepare for the twists and turns below with two clips from the upcoming installment, and return to TV Fanatic tonight for a detailed review.

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Funny, United Lady, very funny. Trying so, so hard to sound cool. Oh, well. I have a lot of sympathy for a PR denmrtaept dealing with this. I'm sure they're all thinking, Our customer services policies are shit, and were totally not our idea, and we have advised against them and been ignored and treated like stenographers and now you expect us to pull this company out of the hole another denmrtaept made. *seethe*

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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Didn't feel like being the only former murder suspect at the pep rally.

Ethan [about school]

You're having boy troubles, which is still a crippling form of impairment.

Mads [Emma]