The Mentalist Review: Murderess Needs a Spa Day

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One of my favorite guest stars on The Mentalist, Morena Baccarin, returned as captivating murderess Erica Flynn on "War of the Roses," which highlighted Erica's way with men and her ability to get under Lisbon's skin.

First off, did anyone else notice the size of Erica's prison cell? I'm no expert but it seemed a little large. I think my first apartment was smaller.

Jane was quick to call Erica on her line of bull. She cared deeply for Natalie? Ha! More like she knew the woman and realized she could work the angle to get some time out of her prison cell. A lot of time, actually.

Return of Erica Flynn

I loved how irritated Lisbon got around Erica. It just bugged the heck out of her how this convicted murderer (or is it manslaughterer?) was able to wrap any man around her little finger. Even better was when Grace said she could understand Erica's appeal if she were a man. That's not what Lisbon wanted to hear.

Lisbon despised that Jane was attracted to Erica and wanted her help on the case. And when Jane told Lisbon she couldn't send Erica back to prison yet because he needed her, he looked terribly pleased that it obviously bothered her so much.

Erica and Jane definitely had chemistry. You could feel her pull as Jane couldn't help but kiss her in the hotel room. I was almost surprised when he turned to leave.

Jane's bit as a clairvoyant at the fundraiser was fun. I've always loved watching him use his so called psychic abilities. He's so damn good at it that he could convince anyone of almost anything. It's a dangerous talent.

I'll admit that I was happy that Erica got away. It seemed a shame to bring such an entertaining character back just to ship her back to prison. And as much as Jane would haul her back to jail given the opportunity, I think he was a little impressed by her escape as well.

Rigsby and Sarah had the side story of the night as they attended a child birth class. Rigsby was freaked out by the childbirth video... and he works homicide! Can't really blame the guy, though.

As over the top as the instructor was, she made me laugh. Unfortunately, she reminded me a bit of the instructor when I took a similar class. I kept looking at my watch counting down the minutes until I could make my escape. It made me feel for Sarah and Wayne all the more.

Wayne's marriage proposal was not a surprise but I thought even more highly of Sarah for turning him down. These two aren't in love but that doesn't mean they can't be good parents. Did anyone else notice how relieved Rigsby looked after she left?

Although he had very little screen time, Cho still delivered the best line of the night and it was only one word:

Grace: You know kids used to call me Bracie Gracie because I wore braces until I was 17. What did people call you?
Cho: Cho. | permalink

How can you not love Kimball Cho?

So do you hope we see Erica Flynn again? Do you think Lisbon was simply irritated or actually jealous of the temptress' pull over Jane?  Not one of the best episodes of the season but definitely an entertaining outing for The Mentalist.


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I think the writers should get a clue, a character which creates such a strong response is good. The chemistry between two perceptive and manipulative characters with such questionable backgrounds creates tremendous opportunity for interpersonal dynamics and situational color. Personally, I think Morena Baccarin's elfish looks and giraffe's neck make her one of the most beautiful women I've seen in entertainment. Samaire Armstrong's rendition of "Sweet Charity" is a loveable character as well. Give them both extended contracts, they put a sizeable shot of adrenalin into an already fun show. Good Work folks... to many more. - JB


I was torn on this one. I'm not a fan of the Erica character, but it was really fun watching her get under Lisbon's skin for the hour. Lisbon seemed truly annoyed at everything she did and every man she twistd around her finger. I don't think it was jealousy at this point, because honestly neither Lisbon or Jane are in a place for a relationship at this point anyways. It's nice to see Jane finally starting to come around to the idea of someone other than his wife, though. I feel like his progress in the relationship department has been one of the things the show has done best. It's moving at a snail's pace, but it's there, and it works for me. I can see him and Lisbon possibly getting together at the end of the show, because I don't know how they would continue it with a relationship like that...


i really loved the episode. firstly i would like to say that jane been attracted to erica was wonderful, i really don't see any issues in jane's attraction towards erica. one thing that bothers me though is that some fans say they don't like erica cause she killed soomeone, Hello! u cant use that as an excuse because patrick also killed someone; which he then manipulated the jury to believe was red john. not dat killing some one is right but u av to admit their scence together was fun and exciting. left to me, i don't think i see jisbon ever happening because that would ruin the whole show. also i av to give tthe writers credit for actaully showing that jane has hope in aving a relationship, cause frankly speaking am tired of all the " am gonna kill red john, and am still in love with my dead wife thing". and i hope they do bring erica back cause its nice to see a woman that can be as manipulative as jane, that jane is attracted to. finally, love cho


@student of trivia: I hope you’re right. My take is that the attraction on Jane’s part is just fleeting and that he will have the strength to stop any future advances she makes. He’s a romantic at heart and I think he holds onto the hope that someday, when he’s ready, he’ll make a commitment to an intelligent and kind woman who understands him and loves him and all his flaws (as per the relationship video he made with Erica!). At the end of the episode I think he was just trying to sort out his feelings, but I don’t think he LIKES Erica as a person. He needs that trust, especially because he can’t afford to let his guard down in regards to Red John. Lisbon is the best friend he could have; I think she really knows him (remember, she saw that video he made, too) and genuinely wants the best for him. I don’t see their relationship as anything more than a brother/sister love. Anyway – just my 2 cents :).


This was a good (not great) episode in that the murder again took a back seat to the interaction between Jane and Flynn. The kiss was so charming and tantalizing and I do like her more than Kristina who would have liked to get her hands on Patrick, however, Morena B is scheduled to do another spot on the show in the future, how sweet if Simon were to go find her as he seemed to be pondering on just that in the final moments of this episode. Maybe not so much as a romantic interest but just to show he can do it. What do you think out there.


That episode was depressing. I don't mind jane kissing someone but I don't like erica...and of course, it had to be her =_=' Massive disappointment...


whats more memorable than this episode is that at the end of this episode erica was at a beach is this a real beach and hotel or just a backdrop? does it have a name?


@CubanPete Same for me, I hate erica but I'm not a jisbon fan. No explanation to give : I just hate her like I hated other characters in the show. To the writers : please don't make her come back unless she gets murdered (by Red John or maybe by some angry guy she manipulated - could be her accomplice peter or whatshisname in season 3) or jailed. And please don't make jane so stupid. I understand that he was attracted but I hope he won't make the same mistake again.


I'm sorry to say this but I hated this episode mostly because of Erica. And I'm not a shipper if you want to know. Someone said (I don't remember who did) that even shippers could love this episode. Well, some non-shippers didn't like it. Actually I found it disappointing and I hope Jane will not fall for erica again. She could be a "female Red John" and I would not be surprised if she was later revealed to be related to him.


I was also an Erica-hater back in S3. But I immediately fell in love with their rivalry play with so much sexual tension. Simon Baker and Morena Baccarin did such a wonderful and convincing job. Jane/Erica is now by far the most exciting relationship on The Mentalist. This is also a highly entertaining episode. I literally LOL many times while watching it. An AMAZING job they did adding the fun elements while dealing with the previously unexplored human side of Jane.

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