The Mentalist Review: Murderess Needs a Spa Day

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One of my favorite guest stars on The Mentalist, Morena Baccarin, returned as captivating murderess Erica Flynn on "War of the Roses," which highlighted Erica's way with men and her ability to get under Lisbon's skin.

First off, did anyone else notice the size of Erica's prison cell? I'm no expert but it seemed a little large. I think my first apartment was smaller.

Jane was quick to call Erica on her line of bull. She cared deeply for Natalie? Ha! More like she knew the woman and realized she could work the angle to get some time out of her prison cell. A lot of time, actually.

Return of Erica Flynn

I loved how irritated Lisbon got around Erica. It just bugged the heck out of her how this convicted murderer (or is it manslaughterer?) was able to wrap any man around her little finger. Even better was when Grace said she could understand Erica's appeal if she were a man. That's not what Lisbon wanted to hear.

Lisbon despised that Jane was attracted to Erica and wanted her help on the case. And when Jane told Lisbon she couldn't send Erica back to prison yet because he needed her, he looked terribly pleased that it obviously bothered her so much.

Erica and Jane definitely had chemistry. You could feel her pull as Jane couldn't help but kiss her in the hotel room. I was almost surprised when he turned to leave.

Jane's bit as a clairvoyant at the fundraiser was fun. I've always loved watching him use his so called psychic abilities. He's so damn good at it that he could convince anyone of almost anything. It's a dangerous talent.

I'll admit that I was happy that Erica got away. It seemed a shame to bring such an entertaining character back just to ship her back to prison. And as much as Jane would haul her back to jail given the opportunity, I think he was a little impressed by her escape as well.

Rigsby and Sarah had the side story of the night as they attended a child birth class. Rigsby was freaked out by the childbirth video... and he works homicide! Can't really blame the guy, though.

As over the top as the instructor was, she made me laugh. Unfortunately, she reminded me a bit of the instructor when I took a similar class. I kept looking at my watch counting down the minutes until I could make my escape. It made me feel for Sarah and Wayne all the more.

Wayne's marriage proposal was not a surprise but I thought even more highly of Sarah for turning him down. These two aren't in love but that doesn't mean they can't be good parents. Did anyone else notice how relieved Rigsby looked after she left?

Although he had very little screen time, Cho still delivered the best line of the night and it was only one word:

Grace: You know kids used to call me Bracie Gracie because I wore braces until I was 17. What did people call you?
Cho: Cho. | permalink

How can you not love Kimball Cho?

So do you hope we see Erica Flynn again? Do you think Lisbon was simply irritated or actually jealous of the temptress' pull over Jane?  Not one of the best episodes of the season but definitely an entertaining outing for The Mentalist.


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This is the best episode so far this season and one of the best of the series. A masterpiece in writing and acting. Yes, the buildup and the kiss are hotter than many sex scenes. Even with the clothes fully on, Simon Baker is damn sexy. The looks on his face after the kiss are priceless. He so deserves an award. Someone mentioned he tapped on his lips in the final scene. That's just what he does when thinking, not to remember the kiss. I'm pretty sure he is rather conflicted in the attic. And finally, I'm pretty sure about this now: the shippers irk me. They are irksome.


I can't believe how Lisbon is treated but more importantly how she LETS herself being treated.
She's changed so much since before season 4 and not for the better.
It's devastating how poorly the writers handle her character.
Let her grow some backbone again!


@ rationalgal I don't think Jane remembered the kiss by touching his lips. It's a typical Jane gesture which we saw often in various episodes (Scarlett Ribbons, Little Red Book, Ring Around The Rosie, ... ) when he's deeply in thoughts about his next move. Flynn said on the telephon she were at "someplace warm" and Jane "I will find you" after that.
In my opinion, he has thought about were she is and how to catch her. It's a puzzle and Jane loves to crack a puzzle. (Please forgive me my grammar mistakes- English isn´t my native tongue)


cho was in a gang


fortyseven says that Erica-Jane kissing scene was hotter than some sex scenes. It was better than that I saw it as more sensual than sexy. A beautifully constructed scene, right from the start with Erica shown with a double bed behind her. The kiss itself has a lovely esthetic sense to it. Jane's reaction was perfect in its mass of conflicting emotions. He does facial expressions SO well! I notice he then stooped to pick up his jacket. Obviously he had dropped it during the kiss. Was it because he was prepared to go further but managed to fight against that? Probably. Did anyone notice the camera work at the end? Shot from the outside of Jane's aerie through that dingy window with Jane touching his lips remembering that kiss. That camera shot was in Season 3's Red Carpet Treatment, where Jane opens the gift of a gun - and the episode ended in bloody violence. If this camera work means anything, will Season 4 end with something very sexual?


right you are, Bored Now.
irene adler to sherlock holmes -- perfect analogy.
"blinking red light" and "war of the roses" definitely the best of the season.


I think the Rigsby/Sarah story arc needs to rapped up soon. They spent an entire subplot on the two of them and ended up at the exact same place as the last time we saw them: Sarah telling Rigsby he'll be a "good father" and walking away. I would've rather seen some more of Jane and Erica, peeved Lisbon, or interaction between Cho and Grace. Wayne is obvious the weakest character on the show and something needs to be done about that. Making him seem wussy next to his girlfriend is not the way to do it. Other than that though, really entertaining episode. I'm glad to see that there is a possibility of Erica popping up again in the future.


I'll admit that Erica not wearing an ankle bracelet was silly but other than that I liked the episode. I'm a Jane/Lisbon shipper at heart but they're just not there yet. I think Jane is attracted to dangerous women because he doesn't feel worthy of really loving someone again. And Lisbon had her fling with that millionaire last season. But I love seeing Jane and Lisbon get closer. They definitely trust one another more now and I saw Lisbon's jealousy and irritation as a good sign. As for Erica, I love Morena Baccarin. There is something mesmerizing about her and I love that she and Jane are both very intelligent cons. I think the fact that she is a murderer is why Jane didn't end up in bed with her. Just my two sense.


Excellent. Highlights: Jane and Erica kissing is hotter than some sex scenes. The staring after the kiss? Wow. Wainwright approving Erica's release. Lisbon irritated by Erica. Grace saying she sees Erica's appeal. Grace still working on her aggression. Jane and Erica's banter and betting was great. Erica getting the guy to confess within a minute. Cho's deadpan response of "Cho". Sarah and Wayne was a drag. No anklet on Erica was stupid but I'll excuse it.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

The comments list of this review is the prime example of how shippers ruin the show fanbases. :)

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