The Next Death on The Vampire Diaries Will Be...

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Death is once again coming to Mystic Falls - and we think we know who will join Jenna and Uncle John in the Great Beyond.

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In his latest spoiler report, columnist Michael Ausiello responds to a question about The Vampire Diaries and simply says "a recurring male character’s days are numbered."

To whom might be be referring? Elijah? Nah, he just returned. Matt? He really is a recurring character at this point, but Zach Roerig is still listed as a series regular and the show needs at least a few humans on it, right?

So, who remains? Bill Forbes. We could easily see Caroline's father sacrificing himself in some way to truly make amends to his daughters. Perhaps to save Tyler? Perhaps to officially end his sire bond to Klaus in some kind of heroic fashion?

We'll find out soon enough, of course, but chime in now with your theories.

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Maybe Klaus will kill Sheriff Forbes so he can get closer to Caroline without her Mom's interference


I was thanking that elaine might be turn into a vampire. Or bill might die. It might be someone close to caroline. Face it what can mat do as a human. Sinse everyone else is either a vampire,witch. Wolf,dopperganer. Thank about it.


Maybe it's Klaus that will finally bite it.

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If Bill Forbes dies out in the show, then it will be a big bummer. I mostly don't want the people I care for die right in front of my face. There might be more shocking events coming up, but the show is about to sink into big things being revealed. =O =P :O


Ahhh!!! They can't possibly take away Elena's last parental figure! Besides Alaric and Damon together, is my favorite part of the show. They need one human (non doppelganger) leaving Matt. You cant kill an original so hopefully that makes Elijah safe and considering there are more originals in the upcoming episodes Klaus will be far too out numbered by his siblings to pull this off. Sorry Mr. Forbes, your anti vampire ways will surely get you killed, and considering it is Mystic Falls it will most likely be by a vampire.


hmm, could it be Meridith? i hope so..but she's guest star right?
fingers crossed MAtt doesnt get the short end of that stick..


who da hell is that in the background in that pic? anyway its damon that dies. well i had to say that to see how it would feel. like hamlet without the prince


bill forbes.


Guys, it isn't Elijah. Daniel Gillies is due to be in episode 15...


Bill Forbes was my guess when I read that on Ausiello's site

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