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"After Hours" was a perfect example of the positives and negatives that arise by The Office's decision to split the cast into two for at least a few episodes in the middle of season eight.

Essentially, a super group has been formed in Tallahassee, joining together for some of the best characters on the show. Dwight, Pam-less Jim, new and improved Stanley, Ryan, Dwight, a surprisingly funny Gabe, and the better of the guest stars from last season's finale in Catherine Tate, are here in one place, and it made for some darn hilarious escapades this week.

A Massage from Packer

While I'm not sure how to react to the idea that Pam's Replacement wants to hook up with Jim, I do know that everyone's reactions to it have been hilarious. Jim acting awkward around her, Stanley turning the other cheek and Dwight all but expediting the process was great.

Nothing was better, though, than when Jim tried to get out of it by telling Dwight he had bed bugs. Whether it was asking Jim about the bug's mood, spraying Pam's Replacement with chemicals or jumping under the covers in his underwear to catch the bugs, Dwight was on fire in Jim's hotel room.

Dwight also had some great moments in fighting with Packer over who would bed Nellie Bertram to get the VP position. I respected Dwight for choosing his honor over sealing the position, but I revered him for telling Nellie that "a real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present."

Elsewhere in Tallahassee, Gabe was complaining about getting vomit on his boot cut cords and revealing that his full name is Gabriel Susan Lewis, and Ryan was making moves on Erin Hannon.

That is like my dream couple on this show. Ryan and Erin would make a hilarious pairing. It's too bad he's not willing to wait six months. That was just classic Ryan, immediately losing interest when she simply mentioned the thought of waiting six months for something to happen.

The problem with this project is that the super group doesn't leave Scranton with much to work with. Kevin is still around, but he's only good for a random quip or two every so often. He can't carry a story line.

Dunder Mifflin has to be led by Andy, Pam, and unfortunately for this week's episode, Darryl. Was anything about Darryl, Val and Val's boyfriend funny? If so, enlighten me. If not, then is it about his romantic endeavors? If so, then I'll paraphrase Stanley's comments about reality singing competitions and say: how many relationships am I supposed to care about on comedies these days?

I couldn't care less about Darryl, and whether he can get with Val or not. If you want to give him some funny lines, feel free, but don't act like we all care if he gets into a serious relationship with this girl from the warehouse we just met. It's not working.

After reminiscing about the fact that Erin ordered a waffle at a fancy bar, and that Dwight always carries around 40 buttons, check out our The Office quotes section for all the best lines.

Don't forget to sound off in the comments! What did you think of "After Hours?" Was it one of the better episodes of the season? Who would you choose, Dwight or Packer? And what was the best bananas foster you ever had?


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For true Office fans, I know every JAM (Jim & Pam) fan was screaming "Fuck yeah" when Jim made that slutty girl leaving, declaring his marriage his love. I still want to see her pursue Jim more because it's great drama.
That is what made The Office so great it's early years, it's perfected mixture of comedy and drama.
Please, pay Steve Carrell and get him back on the show. I was keen on Spader in the beginning then his novelty wore off.


I rather enjoyed this episode. I am in the "No Michael Scott sucks" camp, but I am very willing to accept a new direction in the show. The season opened weak. I was completely uninterested by nearly every storyline except the Andy and Erin love story. I know a lot of people disliked them two but I adored them. Then the writers soured them by making Andy super faithful to his new girlfriend. I lost my interest for them two in "The Garden Party." That was a completely terrible episode. They need to focus on the core group more; Jim, Pam, Angela, Dwight, Andy, Creed, and Daryl. They are who make the show for me. This episode was aptly given a 7.5. I'd give it that or slightly less. It wasn't bad by any means but this show so terribly feels the loss of comedic genius, Steve Carrell, who played Michael Scott. I will always watch for Jim and Pam. Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam, will always be beautiful. That smile just takes my breath away. I love the reality of her and Jim's relationship.


Jim and Kathy need to hook up and have a soft p0rn scene. That would make the ratings skyrocket. Lindsey Broad is so effn hot.


@cfc- Thanks for the edit!

Childish gambino

I have to disagree I rather like darryl. It is kinda obvious that they are grooming him to be the new Jim. And they are trying to make him and Val the "new" new jim and pam (after the "new" jim and pam...andy and erin pretty much failed). And while his story this week wasnt that great i look forward to better stories with him down the line.
I was disappointed that there was no creed. His one-liners/little bits are about the funniest of all the secondary staff (i think he is WAY funnier than kevin) and I think they could have used for the back in scranton. But I will agree with you with the fact that there is not really anybody to construct a story around left in scranton. The Darryl story definitely did not develop as well as it couldve/wouldve if Jim, Dwight, or even Michael was back in scranton.
But all in all i still thought it was a good episode


It wouldn't be the worst thing, in my opinion, if they just centered on the Tallahassee crew only. They are hysterical and definitely the more interesting group.


I thought this episode was great and I am not upset with the Daryl storyline just mostly indifferent at this point although I do like that Daryl is getting more story material.


You could care less? If you're going to write a review, write it properly.


The cold open was good but otherwise I agree with the review.

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