The River Review: An Exodus

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"Peaches" was the nickname given to Lena by her father, Russ. I can't believe it took this long to show who her father was. Russ was played by Lee Tergeson. Somehow he's gotten as much respect for his part in The River as his character: None.

Finally, someone asked why in the Hell Lena plays the accordion! Her dad wanted her to be a boy, and if not a boy, then a nerd who plays the accordion so nobody would ask her out. Kind of a cute story.

Showdown on Deck

That's the genesis of finding out who he was. Bringing the new cameraman, Jonas, on board was for more than just laughs, which he has definitely provided. He also gave Lena someone with whom she could talk about her father instead of everyone just worrying about the famous Emmet Cole.

Nobody has really given two hoots about her loss, and that's pretty darn sad. Jonas even found her video of her father. Isn't it hard to believe that not one other member of the crew ever thought she might be thrilled to see that?

The single best thing to happen The River in its episodes so far was finding Jonas hanging in that tree. His character has brought a whole new perspective to the show. Lena needed someone to identify with, and we needed someone else from the inside of Emmet's crew to keep us believing there was a reason to move on. He's provided both, nicely.

The same boat that sideswiped them was the one that rescued them. I knew that pretty much as soon as it showed up, but didn't expect the people on board to be ghosts. Or whatever they were. Most surprising was the discovery of Russ, held captive in chains.

In the end, there was no rescue for Russ and no happy ending for Tess. Just as it wasn't a surprise the ship was the same, he had become one of those creatures stuck on the boat. His soul was freed by the person he loved most in the world, his daughter. His Peaches. Exodus was more than just the name of the ship, it was the end of Lena's search for her father.

The brief first season, the quick discovery and death of Emmet's best friend and Lena's father, I wonder if it was always expected to be a short series. I don't think the ratings will bring a second season of The River, and I doubt we'll ever find out what happened to Emmet Cole. That's too bad. Could it be that more people would be watching if Bruce Greenwood were a bigger part of the program?

We may never know, or we may get lucky and find The River staring at us from a slate of summer programming next year.


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I LOVE this show THE RIVER please give us a season 2. It is a must watch show for my family and friends. Canada.


@5 I believe it was just for the character. Remember they are running this show as if it actually were a reality TV show filmed while looking for Emmet Cole. So its suppose to come off as a reality show and not fiction. My fiance and I laughed when they did it, but I think its pretty clever when trying to pull off the "found footage" aspect. Its similar to when they show the "Thank you to the San Diego police department" message at the beginning of Paranormal Activity. Its for the realistic feel of it. Found Footage is such an interesting sub-genre, where they have to attempt to make it as believable as possible. I think that is why I'm practically addicted to the sub-genre.


So no answer to my question? Who was the RIP for at the end of the episode peaches??? just for the character or did someone really croak? Thanks


I like this show because it doesn't try to be all smart or anything and it doesn't make me not feel smart because shows that are like that suck because the people who make them think their so smart and try to make it all about story and character instead of just putting in weird stuff like people being dragged around which is scary and I'm always on the edge of my futon wondering when the next person will get dragged off somewhere and when someone on the boat will see another character do something very strange but then think nothing of it - even though there are like all these ghosts and people are dying and getting dragged all over the place, plus best part is the cameras always being on and moving and stuff cause cameras don't just sit still!! everyone knows that and shows where the camera doesn't move suck just like shows suck that don't have people always being dragged places by ghosts.


I'll be very disappointed if this show is axed. It is totally unique and since it takes place in the Amazon anything is possible. It's like one of James Rollins' older novels.


I love this show. We usually DVR it because its on at the same time our son's basketball games are, so we watch it later. It's my teenage son's one must see every week. I really hope it comes back next season.


I really like this show a good cast and some good creepy fun.


Read my entry again, Carissa. I DON'T watch it anymore is why I asked someone to let me know when it was off. If others like it and it stays on, so be it. Just not to my interest.


Who was the RIP for at the end of peaches?
I thought it may be for Lee Tergesen the actor who played peaches father Russ but he's still kicking.

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The River Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Lincoln: This source, did he tell you what it was?
Jonas: Turns out, he didn't share very much while he was watching me get hanged by a tree. All I know is he said he was looking for these people. People who could show him the way.

Clark: What I mean to say is, isn't it possible you have other reasons for being here?
Kurt: My obligation is solely for the safety of this crew, yes.