The Secret Circle Review: Daddy's Home!

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"Return" may have been the best episode of The Secret Circle. Now that Cassie has a parental unit of some sort back in her life, she seems less annoying. It didn't take much for the change, so maybe she was being portrayed as a wayward teen without someone to love her. Whatever it was, I found her much more appealing tonight.

Before Daddy arrived, she thought she was moving back home and even got her first job at the local coffee shop. Adam taught her how to serve drinks but not how to serve them from the bottom of the glass. Dude! You grew up in a restaurant. Watching Cassie's fingertips on the lip of a glass may be a turn on, but not to other customers. Thankfully, that wasn't the only indication of how close Adam and Cassie are becoming.

Metting John Blackwell

When John showed up, he made it pretty clear that telling anyone was an absolute no-no. Cassie said straight up she would tell Adam whatever they talked about, but he didn't believe her and warned her to stay quiet anyway. It took Cassie about 15 seconds to defy this order. Another impressive moment from Cass. She's no longer thinking only of herself.

Everything wasn't perfect, of course. Even though John acted as though he was trying to protect Cassie, there is still something about the medallion that doesn't ring true. Any time the medallion was mentioned, a strange look brushed over his face. Because of it, the witch hunters were after her.

The circle came together to save both Cassie and John in the end, but the person John chose to confide in about his daughter, to ask to work together to protect Cassie, was Jake. Does that seem off to you? He did indicate that he and Eben had a long history, so maybe there is information he wants from Jake about either other hunters or Jake himself. Am I putting too much thought into it?

It was a pretty cool spell that Eben used on Cassie, but how would it work? She's basically proven herself to be close to indestructible, but she could be spelled by someone that easily? That was the weakest link in the hour, but it did provide a nice cozy fire in the middle of the snow covered forest, so it wasn't all bad.

Odds and Ends

  • Melissa was getting sucked up in to bad Juju world again with Lee's friend Callum. I'll be honest, I'm completely lost in the voodoo world. I don't know if Lee or Callum or both or neither is/are bad Juju themselves. Who is the chick in Lee's house with the IV? I thought it might be Heather Barnes, but this girl was younger, and it seemed that Lee was stealing power from her to give to Faye...  or the other way around? I need answers!
  • Joe Lando has held up very well. Cassie's dad is HOT. And no, not just when he was surrounded by flames.
  • The more I see them together, the more striking I find the father/son resemblance of Adam and Ethan. They did a hell of a casting job on that one.
  • For the first time, I felt as if the circle was acting as a unit. I don't know if the addition of one new character could really bring the circle closer, but it seems to have happened. It was also interesting that John didn't know Cassie's mother's generation had gotten their powers back. That should provide some for fun adult material, given the animosity between Ethan and John.
  • Maybe it was just remnants of Brian from The Nine Lives of Chloe King, but when Lee turned on the charm at the end and he and Faye started kissing? They brought more heat to The Secret Circle.


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Great episode, great show. And I agree, the casting job has been great. Adam and Ethan are just perfect. .. and come on guys, Cassie is notanoyying at all.




I really miss the characters from the book. Every single one was so much more likeable than how they have been portrayed in the show. It had such a darker tone than the show too. The pull between good and evil was so intriguing. The show just lacks that. I liked the storyline of Cassie's father in the book so much more. The idea of him was actually kind of scary and I don't know if they are gonna lean that way in the show but I don't think they could possibly make a better storyline for him than the books. I know that comparing books to their tv/movie counterparts is useless but still. I feel like they could have used the storyline from the books without it being predictable it could have just been a starting point instead they have strayed so far from it that it might as well not even be associated with the books. Okay my rants over.


Ok, so I posted this on another review but fits here well - I believe it is faye, and that's why they bump heads so much, like sisters do. And as for why faye can't do magic on her own, here's my thoughts ------ Casssie can still do magic alone and faye can't because faye isnt a blake. I think its the combination of two powerful magical lines that allows cassie to perform alone, not just her balcoin magic. Also I think when faye tried to steal cassies magic in fire/ice, the reason the spell took the circles magic and not cassies was because the dark magic in faye recognized the dark magic in cassie and decided they were allies and went after the only magic that wasnt its twin (the circles). I think its kinda like in harry potter, how voldemort couldn't hurt harry because harry was a horcrux(a piece of his soul).


@Crazybrit that was faye's mom not faye. Watch the preview again.


I can't stand Cassie. She is so annoying.


@ Telle you're right it sure doesn't feel like they are soulmates. I would love to see Adam and Faye together, because he seems so boring right now and someone like Faye would be more challenging for him and the same goes for her. He's not the type of guy she would normally go for, it would definetly be fun to watch. As for Cassie, Jake. I enjoy watching them together and they do have chemistry


i don't know why do writers still hold on to cassie and adam... they're boring and he annoys me, come on the guy doesnt do anything! whine about everything thats what he does! he's way better with diana... they have chemistry... but he and cassie are just lame.. come on, the show's just starting don't mess it up like this... now, jake and cassie! they have so much chemistry, i remember the few episodes she liked him,i could feel the sparkles from here! and he's always willing to do anything for her.. i think writers should do something different from the books here and forget about adam/cassie written in the stars and bring this new thing with cassie and jake.. it has so much potential, and i'm sure it'll make the show interesting which will bring more audience... jake and cassie! they're just too good.


I love Joe Lando. Been a fan of him since he was on Higher Ground. I personally find Cassie the most annoying one on the show. I actually don't like her that much. I also am NOT a fan of Cassie with Adam. I find her more interesting with Jake. I also like Jake better than Adam. I really like Adam with Diana though.


Callum said Faye's power is off the charts!

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