The Secret Circle Review: That's the Devil's Spirit!

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It's the most over-used term on television, but The Secret Circle really needs a game-changer.

It's not even that nothing happened on "Valentine." Cassie learned important details about her father; Faye had hot sex with Jake; Melissa nearly overdosed; Adam nearly died; Lee introduced us to his comatose ex; Adam and Cassie totally got to first base.

It's just that none of these developments felt particularly fresh or engaging. They didn't leave me dying for next Thursday night to come around, like The Secret Circle's companion hour so often does.

Fun with Feathers

I know it's unfair, but it's also inevitable to compare The Secret Circle to The Vampire Diaries. Both are produced by the same team, air on the same evening, are based on novels by the same author. No series on television, of course, comes close to competing with TVD in terms of twists, turns and cliffhangers. So I'd rather not judge the former by the latter.

Still... that's what I'm gonna do for a few moments. Whereas storylines moves at a rapid pace in Mystic Falls, they spin their wheels in Chance Harbor. For how long now have we been hearing about Cassie's darkness, the mystery surrounding her father or even just been dragged along the path of Cassie and Adam sort of liking each other?

Granted, the final storyline took a big (sloppy, wet, romantic) step tonight; and John Blackwell finally arrives next week, so let's hope there's significant movement in that major arc. I'm just anxious for an OMG moment or two, such as the one we were all treated to months ago when Nick died. Now that was a game-changer! That made me believe anything could happen and no one was safe.

Since then, eh. Not much overly shocking has really done down and everyone has been safe.

The older generation, none of whom were present this week, are also a prime example of water treading on The Secret Circle. Do we know anything at all more about their plan now than we even did on the pilot? Charles and Dawn want to get their powers back for some unknown reason and often disagree about the ways in which do that. There. I really did just sum up the progression of that storyline over the course of 14 episodes.

So, yes, let's all agree that a lot is riding on next Thursday's "Return." We need some significant developments, a new exciting direction for the show to go in that doesn't just include talk about the dangers out there, but action and consequences and suspense beyond meetings in the dark on the pier.

I don't want to be entirely negative, though. There were definitely some enjoyable aspects of "Valentine." Diana on the Devil's Spirit? Hilarious. Faye and Jake in their skivvies? Not unattractive. Some fleshing out of the dynamic between Faye, Melissa and Diana? Helpful. Lee making plans to help his comatose ex? Sort of interesting, I guess. I just can't get into that character and how he both randomly appeared and now randomly brings Faye supernatural items.

I've also been led to believe that girls are topless during their female-only slumber party pillow fights. Was that an incorrect assumption on my part or a continuity error on the episode?

What did everyone else think? Are you satisfied with the pace of The Secret Circle? Or are you hoping for the game to change in a big way when Cassie's father arrives in town?


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Strawberry fields

I need John Blackwell to come to Chance Harbor already! Right now we are putting so much hope in him and I feel like the more we have to wait, the more of a letdown he'll turn out to be. Diana on Devil's Spirit is even better than Melissa on Devil's Spirit. The whole thing with the pizza guy was hilarious :D Faye was a little bit more likeable and her scene with Jake in his bedroom was damn hot. I never thought I'd say this, but they are quite cool together. I really don't like Isaac randomly showing up with the oldest "I can help you" trick that all the villains always try to pull. It's usually Cassie who falls for this kind of crap. Jake seemed sceptical, I hope he'll keep it that way. And btw - the medallion is like… really gone? They got rid of it a little too quickly considering how big of a deal it seemed to be. Lee is finally getting a little interesting. Be careful dude, you're messing with the wrong bitch. She'll unleash all hell on you, if you cross her. I hope.


the best game-changer they could give me would be to kill cassie. that girl is sooo f****** annoying (think its a tie btwn her and elena whos more annoying). i was hooked after watching the pilot but now... the writers need to fix up asap; adam and cassie have no chemistry whatsoever, stop putting them together. i want jake/cassie MAKE IT HAPPEN.


And seriously ?Cassie could simply just crush the medallion holding thousands of powers (yeah that's a ridiculous as it sounds) I keep hoping for a charmed/tvd type awesomeness and I just feel let down.


Then there is the fact that the Jane went a bit nuts because of Charles' spell and then she goes to get healed but hasn't come back at all. Like who would leave their grand kid for so long with a friend who's father she doesn't trust?
Seriously? Kevin, Andrew and whoever writes these stories need to go to the drawing board and look at what they have done. I started watching TSC with trepidation because they slaughtered the books but started to like it after the pilot and even after Nicks death but now it is loosing potency. TVD was fantastic in its first season. Maybe they need to hire people that will only work on one show so that Kevin and gang can work on TVD or TSC without splitting the time. Its clear that they are spending more time on TVD than TSC.


Cassie is getting a little annoying. Adam is a whiny little boy & not a very good actor. Cassie needs to be with Jake he's hot and I think that relationship would be much more interesting to watch. I agree I think Cassie should of had some kind of injury from her massive wreck. Cassie & Jake all the way!!


I was screaming at my tv for Cassie to give the mediLlion to the witches who possessed Adam. Because I mean six witches running around with the power of thousands? It seems that then the circle would have a purpose for existing and uniting. And maybe they would beat the snot out of Cassie just becAuse she's her father daughter and reAlly annoying. But seriously the writers had a chance to take it somewhere with that. A circle of six way more powerful than them, they would need the help of the wayward John blackwell, grandma Ican'tstickaround, and Charles and dawn.


The does need an OMFG moment like the whole killing nick thing, but they first need direction as to where the freaking story line is heading the first place. First they introduced cassie, the coven, they bound the power, then Zachary came and made them look into heather, they unleashed the demon that killed Nick. then it was as if demons, where they come from and the purpose that Abadon was summoned was just flung away and the whole witch hunter thing came in, then Cassie got dark magic and the whole Blackwell thing. Which is like taking forever to materialize fully. Atleast in TVD, the storylines are much more coherent and it has semblance of order.


Ugh I dont even know where to start with this show. What is the story line!? I feel like every week its a new story w new witch history and it doesnt get us anywhere. Cassie is annoying every ep and almost kills her self or someone else everytime and will never learn. Where has the GMA been? Where was Fayes mom during their slumber party? I am starting to get verrrrry over this show..and so is about a million other people because the ratings ln were horrible..1.77?


My reaction after watching secret circle 1x14 - Is it fine when i was much more entertained by sleepover night of Faye, Melissa and Diana than the whole Cassie, Jake, Adam thingy? - For once in this show Adam proved that he can act. Nice performance today Thomas Dekker! - I start to be sick of how everything is around Cassie, Cassie, Cassie. Adam is into her. Jake is into her. Story is about her. She has the best magic, biggest storyline. It makes you bored. - Diana on drugs is funny :D so so awesome. pizzaguy uuu :D - Faye and Jake in the beginning are super hot! Wow. - Lee using Faye to save his GF? Nice gesture, poor Faye though. - Melissa having more screen time and being fun. awesome!! - Anyway i think still show would be much better if the attention around cassie would decrease.


Is there any way to get rid of that sniveling wimp Adam and give Cassie a real man? (Jake, Lee anyone?) They even look comical together, please maybe Adam needs Faye knocking him around a little to toughen him up and wake him up! I keep thinking his eyes are going to close any minute as he goes on with his boring scenes. Please more Jake & Lee..they're mystery is intriguing.

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