The Secret Circle Round Table: "Return"

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John Blackwell is back. This was the most significant development to come out of "Return," the final new episode of The Secret Circle until March 15.

What did our Round Table trio of Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica and Carla Day make of the installment? Of Cassie's father's arrival? Come along as we dissect the hour below and answer the most pressing questions related to it...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Melissa partying on her own, if only because it was refreshing to see this character involved in a storyline outside of Faye. She might be my favorite member of the coven and I relaly hope the series explores Melissa a lot more.

Carissa: Cassie and John talking on the dock. First of all, they don't use the dock and the water nearly as often as they should, considering the town they live in, and the setting felt right for their discussion. They seemed eager to speak, and yet they were holding back, which exactly what I would have expected from such a meeting.

Carla: It was terrifying to see Cassie acting without will to kill her father, but intriguing as well. If Cassie is so powerful, why didn't that spell work? Or did it? She was able to overcome it with the help of her circle. Though I wonder if she could have done the spell on her own if she would have thought of it.

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Did the arrival of John Blackwell live up to expectations?
Matt: No. I'm tired of the mystery, of the questions over who is good, who is evil, what various agendas are. It's practically the same every week and I was hoping Blackwell would establish an actual side here. We need to know who is going up against whom, not just be teased each episode with just the general idea of shadiness in Chance Harbor.

Carissa: I'd say it bypassed my expectations. I was ready for all hype with little payoff. But he has clearly been in the dark with regard to what has gone on around town. He doesn't know about the older generation regaining their powers, he has lost his, he doesn't know his daughter.... there is a lot going on. And he's hot. Hot is nice. I'm digging the hot parents on The Secret Circle.

Carla: Not really. I was expecting his entrance to be more dramatic. Instead, he just... showed up. And so far he hasn't done much. While his arrival was a bit of a bore, I expect that to change.

Hotter Faye makeout scene: Lee or Jake?
Matt: I will leave this question to the ladies, but I can at least say I found the scene between Faye and Jake to be far sexier. But that's because Faye was also topless.

Carissa: Jake has never done it for me. The way Lee kind of got all soft, and yet you could tell there was something dark lurking underneath, just before he took Faye in that kiss? Swoon!!!

Carla: Hmm ... this is a difficult call. Faye and Jake were hotter in a pure sexual sense, while Faye and Lee were hotter in the sensual, chemistry sense. I'd rather see more of Faye and Lee!

Make one bold prediction for the conclusion of season one.
Matt: Faye will be revealed as the other Balcoin offspring. Remember that storyline from the fall finale? I wonder if the show does.

Carissa: John Blackwell will get his powers back and hold the other parents accountable for putting the families and their own children through Hell this season.

Carla: Oh, this is difficult. Unlike The Vampire Diaries, the storylines of The Secret Circle are so unclear. I really have no idea what direction the show is going in. In some ways it is good in a mysterious sort of way, but it also is annoying. What is the end game ... even in the short term? Honestly, I just can't come up with anything. So, I'll go with someone will die. And, to be bold, I'll go with Cassie.

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Flee or Fake. I love Faye and Jake's chemistry. They have a certain something between them, because they get each other. And they're so hot!


I think Blackwell has his powers he's just lying. I wonder what's in store for Faye and Lee with his girlfriend now awake. It seems breaking the voodoo doll woke her up whether Lee knew it would or not.


1. Hoping that Flee is the new relationship to enter the show. Mainly cause jake causes cassie and Adam to have a rocky relationship...
2. Hoping Dianna finds her fathers crystal
3. Faye to be the balcoin child mainly cause she wants power so badly and isn't afraidto use it! That could make things awkward!


1. Callum saying Faye's power is off the charts.
2. Not at all.
3. Fayke.


i think they took JB's power so they could make him steal Cassies Magic, or at least make an attempt to steal them!


1. Any scene with Britt Rob. She has improved exponentially. Also liked the scene when the coven comes together to help Cassie and John. I love it when the gather and perform magic. They need to do it more often. 2. No, I really thought he would have his power, he was a little pathetic and weak. But we'll see. 3. Fayke was the hotter makeout session. It purely physical and hot. Flee was more sweet and tender. He has or is trying to make Faye believe he has feelings for her. 4. Cannot say anything about the finale, no storyline has been very coherent. This is what I want tho: Cassie and John to find out who killed Amelia, and them to try and take revenge much to Diana's chargrin. The second Balcoin child to be revealed.


1.Fave Scene-When Diana made that oh so awesome comment that almost made fun of the show within the show about all the men of her life loving Cassie.
2.NO. I was couting on John Blackwell to be the gamechanger and I suspect he still will be but his appearance lacked impact, drama, excitement...
3.I don't like Jake and I think Lee's pretty useless but Fake was a bit hotter while Flee was a bit sweeter.
4.Melissa will save the know, instead of Cassie.


1. Fav scene!
Cassie all going possesed on her dad! She really should of! Brit's empty look in her eyes while her body did something other ! Great! Really have to give a award her for that scene!.
2. JB is back and i like it!!
Joe Lando surprised me with his performance, he played that could but in some moves carring character extremlly good! He appearing and staying changed the whole dynamic of the show!
3. FLee or Fake!?
I go for Fake! cause Jake is blond and that is making him hotter! Faye(Pheobe) is hot whatever happens!
4.Bold Prediction!
Cassie or Jake or Mellisa disappearing with JB! and revealing that Melissa is JB second child!

The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

I don't know where to start. An entire childhood and adolescence of questions.


Everything I've done since the day of the boat yard fire was to keep you from being in the very situation you are in now.


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