The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 100

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The photo of Kol leaning over a pool cue led to an assortment of submissions for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, our milestone 100th edition of the feature.

We thank all who participated and we're now here to announce the winner: "Ari," who got a little dirty with her entry, but didn't cross over into NC-17 territory. That totally is the sort of thing Kol would say, isn't it?

Check out the winning caption below and then come back to play again next week and every week!

Kol CC Pic

Really, you think this stick is big? Girl, do i have a surprise for you!


Kol: I invented this game.


Cue stick- or pool?


Cue stick-did they play snooker 1000
Years ago? (before you were daggered)
Kol-I have know idea but it's in the script...


Kol: So, Meredith is it? Have you fallen for my charms yet?
Cue Stick: **The only one falling here would be you when I figure out how to get out of your grasp.**


Kol: So it's true? I Look like Michael Trevino? I mean i Even got the face right...Am I right or am I right?


Director: I'm pretty sure your Not in this Scene
Nathaniel: And i'm pretty sure i don't Care.


So Meredith, You like horses?


Kol: I'm new and I already kick ass. Just check the spelling of my name.


Totally mentally drawing Meredith next to a horse right now..


Help me Mr. Pool stick. Your my only friend.

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