The Vampire Diaries Giveaway: Who is the Mystic Falls Murderer?

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On the weekend of April 14 and 15, cast members from The Vampire Diaries - led by Paul Wesley, Daniel Gillies and Michael Trevino - will meet and greet fans at a convention in Chicago.


Over the next few weeks, TV Fanatic will be giving away free pairs of tickets to a handful of readers for an event hosted by Creation Entertainment. It will include panel discussions, autograph sessions, trivia contests, photos opportunities and more. Visit the official site for more details.

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So let's get started, shall we?

This is the first of what will be many contests, each resulting in TWO free General Admission tickets to the aforementioned event (travel and accommodation expenses not included). We figured we'd have some fun with the Mystic Falls Murderer, so here's how you enter to win...

  1. Log-in for the site or register an account.
  2. Leave a comment below and tell us, in 100 words or fewer, who you think is responsible for the murders in Mystic Falls. Only registers users are eligible.
  3. That's it! We'll review the responses, choose the most creative/funniest/applicable entry and announce our first ticket recipient this Friday, March 2.

Good luck to all!

UPDATE: We have selected a winner!

While many readers explained their basis for choosing Meredith, Katherine or Jeremy, only "geronimo" went out on a hilarious limb and went with... Aunt Jenna! We're sure that is incorrect, but for making us laugh with the following response, this user has won two free tickets to the event. Stay tuned for more giveaways, as we have plenty more tickets to hand out!

It's pretty obviously the ghost of Aunt Jenna! Come on! She's super pissed for being killed off. First she went after Logan ScumFell's sister's exboyfriend (and the medical examiner who most likely declared her death an accident). Then she went for Bill Forbes. Why? He's not only a vampire-hater, but he also left Caroline's mom for a man. Mystic Falls women gotta stick together! There's no question why should we go for Alaric. Dude kissed another girl! In her house!

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Klaus is the mystic falls murderer because he is the strongest supernatural being and having a whole bunch of hybrids and now that he was told to make his hybrids leave town, he is lashing back by killing people. He also wanted his family together. The murders take the focus off of himself so he can bring his hybrids back in and get his family together to conquer while everyone else is too concerned about the mystic falls murderer and never suspecting him. Think about it. There have been no other unknown attempted murders since his family has been back together (with the exception of Meredith shooting Alaric).


it's bonnie! she's just got super fed up of being the resident 'witchy' go to scapegoat and thought 'hey, time to get my own back on these b******!' and the best way of doing it is by killing everyone... ha! obviously i'm not serious just thought it would be pretty funny if it was her! plus cant enter anyway from all the way in the UK ... can't wait for the new episode!!


The killer is... Meredith or Sage. Think about it, why would they bring in sage as a new character withot a purpose? But, Meredith is all "Kissy Kissy" with Alaric but ends up shootin him up with a gun. Why would she need to do that? Beacuse Alaric saw the evidence! Of course it would not be Damon or Stefan beacause, under their toughness, they both also have a heart and would never do something to hurt Elena beacuse they both love her! Yes, I know Stefan was the ripper once, but not anymore. He is better then is old self. Mereidith or Sage are my pickings.


I have another theory, I think it's Alaric. Think about it he knows and has access to all the vampire weapons. He's always hanging out with Damon who keeps some of the weapons in his car, and why would Alaric tell a complete stranger about the weapons and where there all hidden. He was also there when the Medical Examiner was killed and he wanted to make it look like he was a vampire. He stabbed himself knowing Elena would come to the rescue, because she is a super natural being and it would throw her off plus everyone who knows him..


Obviously it’s Elena! She is too upset that Caroline’s getting all the attention. After fighting with Stefan and Damon, she went for comfort at Meredith’s ex. Being a doppelgänger, she thought, “Hey! I’ll pretend to be Meredith!� Only that didn't work on the doctor, so he’s out. Then she went for Alaric who she has been crushing on since he met Jenna. Explains why Elena didn’t mourn much, but Alaric was too smart to be fooled so he was stabbed – and later killed (again). Then there’s Bill, who Elena tried to ‘cure’ from homosexuality but of course she couldn’t so he had to die. Tune in next week to see her lucky number four


Well as many have said it would be easy to say Meredith is the murderer. Just look at how the last show ended. I on the other hand believe it is still Meredith. Because she is the doctor which means that she has the ability to cover up the victim’s information. Like she can lie about certain bone x-rays because it might reveal her identity. So how better to cover up the fact that she is taking blood from vampires and attempting to kill the secret council. No vampire bites for her victims just straight out of the wound also no one would expect her until the way the last episode ended because she is dating rick and she is a doctor which means she wouldn't want to hurt victims. There is a part of me wondering that it is someone else that hasn't been on vampire diaries yet and is someone we have heard of but not seen. Someone who is dangerous and a threat to all of Mystic Falls!!! I don’t know it might just be me sooooo anxious to see the new vampire diaries episode!!!


@Tvd Superfann97: Yeah I also think it's Kat. It's obvious


It could be anyone really, I mean in that town ppl only have the Mystic Grill as a source of entertainment...However, I have a feeling its probably that Tatia chick, she is the real puppet-master. But whoever it is I wish the TVD would introduce that character in a way like it was in the books, like when Katherine arrived: she disguised herself as a white kitten and white owl, I want it to be a real shocker, like WTF, how did we all be so blind, when it was there in front of us..


Jeremy.Denver? He let them think he was compelled. Then he took his shirtless self to Vampire- slayer school! He is coming back to Mystic falls with a bang! He knows Dr. Fell is bad news for Alaric so he is framing her for the murders! Of course, Alaric isn't dead....Jeremy will swoop in and save his alcohic butt! He is going to show big sis that he can take care of himself and the town and probably save her in the process.


Hi It's Andrew I'm think I'm going to say it's Stefan-Di-Salvatore and Klaus because he did Kill the girls in Tenessee because because klaus made Stefan to work with him to make Hybrids it won't be Damon because damon was vial before but now he is so Innoucent in-love with Elena I think it part of Stefan's and Klaus's Past in during 1920s

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