The Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: Shots of Sage

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The bad news? The Vampire Diaries is taking another extended hiatus, not airing a new episode until March 15.

The good news, however? That installment will flash back to 1912 and introduce us to Cassidy Freeman's Sage, a woman who apparently played a vital role in the life of Mr. Damon Salvatore.

The doubly good news? We've zeroed in on The CW preview for this trip through time and screen capped a number of images from it. Click through the following images now and get your first close look at various scenes to come...

Old Time Damon
Present Day Damon Salvatore

How do you like your Damon Salvatore? Then or now?

Shot of Sage
Damon and Sage
Damon in 1912
At the Fights

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Eu quero que o damon fique com a Bonnei a elena pode morrer junto com o oadnramo dela eles se3o ridedculos juntos.Gente eu acho que o Damon f1 vai morrer a se9rie perderia a grae7a a f1 ser que houve se um personagem novo que fosse te3o sexy gostoso e tudo que o damon e9 e realmente um homem muito bonito a ponto de dixar o damon no chinelo o que e9 impossivel eu sf3 viciada em series e filmes e ate hoje f1 vi nenhum melhor ou igual a ele e beleza e atuae7e3o!!!!!


Why is everyone hating Elena I mean do we even no for a fact thats Elena it could be Katherine.


Really lookin forward for this ep..No one can kick Damon from the throne and i really wonder why we know so much about Stefan and so less about Mr.Snarky..but the thing i really wonder about a lot more is that we have a 4weeks hiatus now and than only one new episode and than a 4weeks hiatus again. What game is CW playing with the fans??
1912 will be shown at march the 15th, and than the 17.episode at april the 12th. Why one episode and than a cut for another 4 weeks. This makes no sense for me and will make the fans angry..


The only thing Elena the "stupid helmet" from That 70's Show. BURN!!!!!!!!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I find it funny how you people are run to a shipper excuse against those people who actually like Elena, pretty pathetic.
I find it funny how you one person, run to a shipper excuse against people who legitimately do NOT like the mary sue that is elena and can argument it way better than "baww, you are shippers"
I'm also getting pretty sick for this thing that some people state their opinion as facrts,
Says the only person who has been doing it in these comments for last two days.


Vampbarbie don't even bother, logic and common sense do not exist to some people, especially retards like littlej. LOL, the best way to reply back to Elena hate is by attacking the other likeable character without backing yourself up with reasons. At least we explain why Elena is annoying. Try to do it for Caroline and maybe you'll actually stop looking like a dumb ass.


Caroline is fucking dumb nothing more
you are just a product of a broken condom, nothing more.


I'm sorry, if Esther can make a decision to kill her own children because she knows that bad they've caused & Elena can't even keep it together that Elijah is going to die to kill klaus once and for all! Well shes a moron! Finally she could revenge her aunts death and all the other horrible things klaus has done and all she can think about it Elijah! Aunt Jenna must be rolling around in her grave! yeah elijah lets go out in the middle of no where together! Caroline was right and she was just respecting Bonnie's wishes.


So five people shove you down with valid points and all you have to say is "Caroline is dumb?" we just spent at least several ways explaining the idiocy of Elena, so thank you for admitting that you can't find anything to pull out of your ass to justify how dumb Caroline is. Until you make a post that has actual valid points, you and your fail trolling opinion is dumb, and nothing more. And try a little googling around, Caroline is the most likeable female on the show, and that's surprising considering how dumb she is. Get a brain before you jump into a debate.


Caroline is fucking dumb nothing more

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Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie, will haunt me, forever.


You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn't come as a shock to learn that your guardian is a murderer.

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