The Vampire Diaries Return Teaser: In 1912...

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The Vampire Diaries left viewers with a foiled witch plot, a revealing home video and a shocking shooting last night, as "All My Children" will have to hold fans over until the return of this CW sensation on March 15.

That's a long time to wait, but it appears as if the series will make such agony worthwhile.

When TVD returns next month, we'll be taken back to 1912 and we'll meet Sage (Cassidy Freeman), the woman who apparently taught Damon how to love. In other words: every other female in Mystic Falls owes her a big thank you.

What else will be revealed about this Salvatore brother? We'll find out in a few weeks. But you can get your first look at the upcoming return episode now:

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It sucks that i need to wait that long till the next episodes,besides they left us anxious to know what happens next.urrrr!
right now the vampire diaries is on but the old episode"our town".
can't wait till the olympics are over.

David and sabrina 2014

It seems oh wow to know about this woman from Damon's past but strange that she taught him how to love. No wonder he feels loved with Elena and other girls at the same time.If Damon really loves Elena,then I don't understand why he keeps going after other people than staying with Elena. I remember from season 1 that Elena would always stick with caring and loving Stefan. Now it's hard to tell if she'll find the Stefan she once loved again when he keeps saying that he should stay the new way he is or let his brother be bad again and be the true self he once was,loving Elena so much. I hope that this love can reunite again by the end of the season and have all problems be solved again to set things straight. =| =P ;P


I'm pretty sure Sage is supposed to be to Damon what Lexi was to Stefan. But she teaches him to be the exact opposite of what Lexi was trying to get Stefan to be...


well i must be the only one who thinks that sage is the one who made damon the vampire we all love right? from the looks of the promo it seems to me that she taught him to feed on women not just to fullfill his thirst but also to have pleasure!! she doesn't say anything about love.. i mean she says "that's more like it".. i bet she watched him feed on a woman and having great pleasure and she aplauded it.. that's what i think!


If she taught him how to love(a girl in particular)then she really ruined his life coz he fall hard in love and yeah @amie i agree with u,she failed coz he spent the next 100 years loving only katherine coz if i remember in season 1 when damon and elena went to georgia to see that witch(bree)she said something like "after all this years its still only katherine".


Trust me... I am not thankful she taught him how to love. He just needs to play the bad boy and get over Elena!




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Well I am still a fan of this show and have never been disappointed so I am looking forward to March 15


nahhh, not really excited...about this promo...she taught him how to love? Well clearly she failed because he spent the next 100 years still obsessing over Katherine...

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