The Vampire Diaries Review: A Mother's Nature

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Well, The Vampire Diaries proved me wrong tonight: there is something sexier than this week's cover of Entertainment Weekly.

My. Goodness. Gracious. I know it upset both Delena fans and Stelena fans, but let's just give hot props where hot props are due: "Dangerous Liaisons" concluded with the most erotic scene in show history.

Having a Ball Together

But was it a worthwhile scene? Does it really move the story along or does it merely exist to act as an obstacle between Elena and Damon?

It certainly made sense for both characters. Two recently-scorned, vulnerable individuals fall into bed together? Following a slew of shots? Not exactly ground-breaking material there. Many of us have likely made similar decisions and regretted them in the morning.

And, yes, it also fits both characters. Damon is as self-destructive as they come, and - whether she knew the extent of what she was saying or not - Elena did just throw his love back in his face. As for Rebekah? Well, what single gal wouldn't sleep with Damon Salvatore? Moreover, what single gal with a vendetta against Elena would not sleep with Damon Salvatore? Again, perfectly sensible on her part in that regard.

But I can't help but think it feels contrived, coming across as a way for the writers to drag out the love triangle for as long as possible... which actually aligns with the rest of what - dare I say it?!? - was a bad episode of The Vampire Diaries.

It's one thing for very little to happen throughout an hour; I'm all for the occasional slow cooker, the focus on characters here and there over non-stop action. But the romantic teases thrown our way here didn't feel natural. Come on, Caroline would NEVER come close to considering anything with Klaus. Sure, it's interesting that he paints and likes horses and isn't always a violent maniac.

But all the daddy issues in the world can't change what he did to Tyler, who is clearly Caroline's true love. I don't buy any hints otherwise. I just see them as a way to get the Twitterverse buzzing about Klaroline versus Forwood and to get the shippers freaking out when, in reality, we all know Caroline will be with Tyler when he returns.

Then again... what is he doing if he's not following her dad's advice? Where is he? Whatever happens moving Forwood (get it?!?), it likely will NOT be as simple as Tyler simply coming back a cured hybrid and falling into Caroline's bed. Still, relax everyone. No way is she getting with Klaus.

So the romance, or hints at romance, didn't do it for me this week. The waltz? The set-up of both Salvatore brothers serving as Elena's date? Too forced, too dragged out.

Mother Original, however? She was easily the best part of the hour. Do we buy that she really wants to kill her children in order to make up for betraying the natural order of things? I think so. It's hard to believe she'd be lying to Finn, her right-hand son, about offing him and his siblings. That would be downright cruel. But will she actually go through with it? That's another matter.

It's probably easy to concoct a plan when you're chilling on The Other Side for 1,000 years (think she hung out with Anna and Vicki there?). But then to see your flesh and blood in person? Even if those persons are vampires? Esther seemed to be having second thoughts after her chat with the moral Elijah. Either way, we now have another direction in the Original storyline, one that forces multiple characters and agenda to intersect and one whose outcome I can't come close to predicting.

And that's when The Vampire Diaries is at its best.

Quick bites:

  • Kol is totally the male version of Rebekah. I'm itching to kill something. What are we waiting for? Give him time and his humanity may come out, but for now, he's just loving life as a vampire. Or trying to at least.
  • Might Alaric, somehow, be the Mystic Falls Butcher? It doesn't seem to make sense, considering he was actually stabbed, but the show likely wants us to consider that possibility based on the point of view - from a patient's room - it took early on inside the hospital.
  • Then again, a doctor could easily be inside a patient's room, as well. The kind of doctor who, in one Fell swoop, could stake an ex-boyfriend in the woods.
  • Poor Matt. As quarterback of the football team, isn't there some hot cheerleader he can get with? Someone who doesn't come with any supernatural baggage?

What did everyone else think? Have you stopped panting from the Damon and Rebekah sex scene yet? Did this slower episode do it for you? Or, like me, did developments feel both boring and a bit contrived?


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You are absolutely right! Chair is the heart of GG and the writers are just wasting the on-screen chemistry that Leighton and Ed have by creating these stupid obstacles to keep them apart. And the same goes for Delena. I don't understand why the writers can't make them happen already. I mean the majority of the viewers want to see DE happen and Nina and Ian have great chemistry. I would be really disappointed if all of these wonderful DE scenes were for nothing in the end.


I always was a stelena fan because I was glad that for once a relationship in a TV show was not all drama and off and on every week. But these days it feels that finally TVD has become another of these shows where it's all about the drama and the million of silly reasons why people's love lives are complicated. Stelena used to feel real, but now both stelena and delena are forced, intentionally complicated so we have to keep on watching episodes just to know... Urgh! I hate it when writers think we're not smart enough to see what they're trying to do.
I usually hate love triangles, but I was surprised in seasons 1 and 2 because there wasn't too much of that nonsense in the story. But now it's there ALL THE TIME, and the triangle is getting so old that they feel the need to create a new (unlikely) one! At some point a girl's gotta make a choice and let the story be.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Love your loyalty but have to disagree. Buffy like Batman can always be interpreted different.
Buffy is not Batman. There's only one Joss Whedon. There's only one SMG. Thus there's only one Buffy and only one portrayal and only one interpretation. No one else can do justice to that character and should not try. If it does not contain Whedon's writing and SMG's acting, then its not Buffy. Its something else, something inferior. That's all.


A letdown after the great episode last week.
Klaus and Caroline is this for real?


Ok, I'm already shipping Klaus and Caroline. Hard. We finally got to see a human side of Klaus, and he and Caroline have mad chemistry. He's like Dracula to her Mina. If Mina was also a vampire. My main ship is Damon and Elena. I absolutely love them together! But, I was so p*ssed at Elena last night. The way she so callously threw Damon's love for her in his face made me so angry. I wasn't even upset when Damon slept with Rebecca. He deserved to get some. I love reformed Damon as much as bad boy Damon. But, it was fun seeing season 1-2 Damon back. I've missed my "eternal stud." The one who used to dance with his shirt off and toss people off buildings. Nothing will ever make me stop rooting for Delena. So, I hope Elena comes to her senses, apologizes to Damon, and continues down the road to falling in love with him. If she isn't already. I really hope Klaus and Elijah won't die. They bring a real sense of danger and excitement to the show.


I would absolutely love it if caroline and klaus got together!!!


@San..Writers are stupid.. Let`s take Gossip Girl..I mean Chuck and Blair are the obvious choice of a reason for watching this stupid stuff around stupid people and their chemistry caught me off guard week by week..But now they destroy everything of this great chemistry because they build week by week more stupid reasons for these perfect couple why they could not be together..(Last time i checked it was caused on a promise to go..HELLLOOOO!!!) and why, because the want the fanbase crying for them..We are not a product and they`re overstepping their boundries with forcing a wall for a relationsship 75% of the audience are dreaming about..Holy crap, i promise i can make it better than Julie Plec..stupid


@ Bored Now Love your loyalty but have to disagree. Buffy like Batman can always be interpreted different. Especially considering C + B are both bad a$$. Talk about not needing extra butter on my popcorn, as it's perfect.


P.S.: rather boring episode to me. At least one ray of hope on the horizon: the very last scene with Damon and Rebekah!


@Kyra: totally agree with you! Elena's behavior was selfish and stupid; moreover, no one should treat a friend in such a way. And I'm getting really, really annoyed by the "love triangle"! Why does every show with even the smallest triangle (LOST, True Blood...) miss the point of no return? The point after which every triangle just starts to be noncredible and a pain in the neck? :-( I think the reason why Klaus is so fond of Caroline out of nowhere is just what Vampirebarbie herself said: he wants to be loved so desperately and is used to get what he wants, he just makes the most obvious choice... which guy wouldn't make a move on Caroline as soon as Tyler was out of the way? Still not sure what to make out of Esther - actually, I don't WANT her to succeed, I like Elijah, Klaus and even Rebekah (after this episode) too much. I hope that Finn is NOT ready to die, I mean, he spent years in a coffin and just got his undead life back, so hopefully he changes his mind...

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