The Vampire Diaries Review: Family Matters

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I'm sorry. I'm still gonna need a minute...

I thought I'd be ready to write my review of "Bringing Out the Dead" by now. I thought my eyes had dried enough from the tears they shed over seeing Caroline Forbes lose her father - and that my heart had stopped racing from the shot of all Original family members standing side by side - but I was wrong. Talk amongst yourself for a few more moments please...

Klaus vs. Stefan

Okay. I think I can do it. But my goodness. The Vampire Diaries threw every conceivable emotion at us this week, didn't it?

Let's start with the raw pain of Caroline, who spent more time crying here than she did talking, proving once again that Candice Accola simply rocks and that even the strong veneer this character has built up since becoming a blood sucker is no match for the death of a parent. Especially not one as noble and loving as Bill Forbes.

You're strong, you're beautiful, you're good, he told his daughter before sacrificing himself for his beliefs, a truly impressive act. Can anyone out there comprehend doing such a thing? To not only die for your values, but to do so when you have it in your power to live... forever? Great work all around here by Accola and Jack Coleman as her father.

Elena came close to losing the person who has grown into her father, as well. Or at least her sort of unstable, funny uncle.

Alaric obviously isn't going anywhere, but he became the third council member to be staked, as The Vampire Diaries is making like Criminal Minds a bit these days - and I love it! It can be confusing sometimes to keep track of all the characters that come and go, all the yarns that are spun and new tales that are told. But, come on, who doesn't embrace a good ol' fashioned murder mystery?!?

Right now, there's only one real suspect, but no way is the killer Meredith Fell. At least not acting on her own. She'd have removed Alaric's ring before stabbing him, wouldn't she have? Not to mention that pesky alibi of surgery.

The bad doctor has to be involved in some way, but I say the culprit actually doing the evil deeds is someone we haven't met yet.

Then we come to the dinner every female viewer probably wished they could have attended. Elijah, Klaus, Damon, Stefan. Two sets of brothers, multiple sets of agendas, one thing in common: the shared love for a doppleganger. I didn't see that story abut Tatia coming. Can Nina Dobrev really take on a third role? (Or do we no longer count Katherine as a role any longer, just as a plot device?) When might we meet the original Petrova?

And what about that offer Klaus made to Stefan and Damon? He'll protect Elena forever? She can marry Matt, live a normal life? Granted, she should likely get a say in this plan, but what about it, Salvatores? If you truly love Elena - as you admitted to each other later in the episode - you must admit that you are not her safest options. She's better than both of you, right, Stefan? Doesn't she deserve to be free of this madness?

She compelled Jeremy for his own good. She did it out of love. Should the brother consider the same act now?

Finally, of course, we come to Mother Original. She was the leading contender to be inside that final coffin, but that didn't make the concluding scene any less memorable. Does she really want them all to be a family again? Can she truly forgive and forget? We don't really know the OW (Original Witch), but it's hard to believe she simply wants the family to live happily after in the house that Klaus built... right?

But that's a question for next week and beyond. For now, there's far to much to consider: Might Elena really end up with Matt? Who could Dr. Fell be working with? Did anyone else wish we had seen Klaus actually tell Elijah about their mother? And, seriously, is there anything sadder than watching Caroline cry?


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hahaah Charlotte Petrova my ass lul


Oh and I liked seeing some vulnerability in Klaus when he saw his mom


All the scenes with Damon, Stefan, Elijah and Klaus were great! I love that Elijah is on team Salvatore, or at least he was since he has his mother back Elijah will no longer need Damon and Stephen's help. I knew that it was Esther in the coffin, I just was not expecting it to open so soon.
So happy to have my old Stefan back..he finally admitted that he still loves Elena!! Damon admitted the same thing! I like that Klaus and Elijah loved the same girl many years ago. It all makes since that Klaus needs Elena alive as only doppleganger blood can help him make more hybrids as Tatya was the original Petrova and that Esther killed her and used her blood for her children! That is also why Klaus tried to make the deal with Stefan and Damon to leave her alone and let her be with Matt and have kids so that the Petrova line will go on forever.
Can not wait until next episode!


pinkshoegirl18Less than a minute ago
I love this show!!! Every week it is so good
I want to know who is coming after the founders council members using weapons that belong to Elena and Alaric.
I knew Mr Forbes would be the one killed. He hates Vampires and would never want to become one himself. Poor Alaric how many times will that guy die and come back to life?


This was an incredible episode! TVD always leaves me in awe.


Looking forward to Stefan and Elena getting closer now and Elena realizing she belongs with Stefan!


I think that it would be weird for Stephan and Elena to get together now that Paul's real life wife is playing Dr. Meredith Fell. The real life couple of Nina/Ian Elena/Damon is great! Their chemistry is amazing.


This show is what Gossip Girl used to be. So far, this is the best CW show. I cannot stand the Secret Circle. I think that everyone is talented and good looking. The casting director should get a nice bonus for this. I love that Rebekka and Elijiah are back.


was supposed to be "line."


Feel free to tell me I'm nuts but does anyone else think it's odd that Jeremy left town right when the murders started? Do we know for sure he got on a plane? He knows where all of Alaric's weapons are. What if he started on vervain before Damon compelled him but after having his brain washed twice (well once & attempted once) all his parent figures dying, having 2 dead girl friends, loosing Bonnie & having Ric & Elena betray him by having him compelled, he snapped. Maybe he wants to get rid of anyone covering up the truth? He stabbed Ric for being part of the cover up & left the ring on since it didn't matter since he's human. I'm trying to figure out why they sent him away. There have been many times they should have sent him away if they are only thinking of his safety. Why do it now? I don't think it makes sense plot wise & no one has said that Steven McQueen had to leave to work on another project have they? You have to admit it would be an interesting plot line for the character.

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