The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Bringing Out the Dead"

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One tear-inducing death. One all-male dinner date. One shocking return.

The Vampire Diaries featured one OMG moment after another on "Bringing Out the Dead" and now, as usual, our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Steve Marsi have gathered around to break down the latest happenings in Mystic Falls. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Elena and Caroline's sit-down and emotional chat about fathers about halfway through the episode. It's what makes The Vampire Diaries unlike any other show on TV, really, this ability to throw 16 twists and 27 turns around truly heartbreaking, sentimental moments that ground those twists and turns in characters we care about.

Dan: As great as it was meeting the other originals, my favorite scene had to be when Klaus first welcomed the Salvatores to his dinner party. He was slyly making a mockery of their little get together, but at the same time, he was just making it as magnificent an occasion as he could. Klaus likes to go all out.

Steve: The introduction of the original brothers, followed by the bigger reveal of the mother immediately after. Most shows would spread these things out, but meeting them in rapid succession made it truly jaw-dropping. It's like TVD doesn't even begin until 8:58!

Eric: Don't worry, I won't take the copout answer two weeks in a row and pick the cliffhanger.  Besides, Steve did that this week.  I'm going to do an equally cheesy answer and pick the entire dinner party.  Who would have thought a dinner party with four dudes could be so entertaining?  Oh wait, every female reader.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

With which brother would you most want to dine: Klaus, Elijah, Stefan or Damon?
Matt: Probably Klaus. But not for my sake, for his! The guy is just really lonely and seems like he would hate to dine alone. We could talk about his family, his potential hybrid army, American Idol. Whatever he wanted.

Dan: I'd love to say Klaus, as my love for the King Hybrid is well documented, but that's only a "watching" love. I would be way too afraid of him to even eat any of my food. I'd go with Stefan. I'd be least afraid that he would kill me, and I heard he cooks a mighty fine steak.

Steve: Can I say all four? That dinner party was one of my favorite scenes in weeks, a perfect blend of humor and pins-and-needles intensity. If forced to pick one, I'll take Elijah, just because I missed that guy, and how can you run out of things to talk about with somebody who's been resurrected four times now, and been a sworn enemy of everyone at that table, yet remains so personable and likable?

Eric: Can I go with Alaric?  No?  Fine.  The definitely Damon.  Besides the fact I could just get lost in his eyes for hours, I think his snarky sense of humor could keep the meal entertaining.

Pen a eulogy for Bill Forbes.
Matt: You made Caroline cry. Hard. Often. I hope you rot in the fiery pits of Hell.

Dan: Bill Forbes was no Noah Bennett. He didn't even wear horn-rimmed glasses. He didn't bring much to the table, and I am not sad to see him go. Worst of all, though, is that he didn't allow himself to transition, in which case we could all call him Vampire Bill (see: True Blood).

Steve: Way to stand by your core beliefs, Bill. Mitt Romney totally would have transitioned and become the most boring, successful vampire ever.

Eric: Agreed with Dan here.  Dude never even donned a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and tortured my girl.  Just like he's not getting immortality, he's not getting a eulogy out of me.

Is Meredith Fell the Mystic Falls Stabber?
Matt: No. She shouldn't even be the prime suspect. That should be Katherine, d'uh! Why else would Elena's fingerprints be on the stakes? Why would Katherine do such a thing? Who knows. Does it really matter with her? She'll just escape the authorities anyway and not be heard from again until the writers decide to randomly insert her into a storyline.

Dan: At this point it is way too obvious that Meredith is the stabber, so it must be someone else. Who could it be though? Maybe it's Elena! She's blacking out, stabbing all of these people, and then forgetting all about it. If anything, I'm right about her killing one of them: Ric.

Steve: I'm inclined to believe the stabber is someone we haven't met yet, but I do like Daniel's theory. Elena's been dipping out more than The Situation on Jersey Shore and acting more unpredictable by the week.

Eric: Funny Matt.  I was wondering the same thing while watching.  Do Katherine and Elena have identical fingerprints?  And if I know Vampire Diaries, which I don't because the show is impossible to predict, it's going to be someone we know from the past.  Mason Lockwood or Vicki anyone?

Does Klaus have a point? Should Damon and Stefan let Elena go?
Matt: He has half a point. Is it in Elena's best interests to not be pursued by two ancient vampires, wrapped in a centuries-long battle between werewolves, witches, hybrids and Tim Tebow knows what else? Yes. But does that mean she should be forced to marry and procreate with Matt? Of course not.

Dan: Yes, they should let Elena go. Don't they know Tatia is the one everyone should be going after. What if all of Klaus, Elijah, Damon and Stefan were all going after the same girl? That wouldn't get too crowded, would it?

Steve: YES! At least for awhile. This will give Matt something to do by being the "safe" option for Elena ... only to get offed in a few episodes when Klaus' grand idea - keeping multiple rippers desperately in love with his doppelganger blood source - spectacularly backfires.

Eric: What!?  And let Klaus have yet another attractive female of the show to himself?  Throw Bonnie in the mix and the dude just monopolized Mystic Falls. 

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1) The Dinner!!! 2) Stefan or Elijah, the strong silent types 3) i dont like Bill, hope he is gone for good 4) Dr Hottie is a killer 5) I love the brothers more then anything. I want Elena to detach from the brothers and maybe entertain the idea of Matt. That being said, I want Damon and Elena to be the last couple standing. I can't fight it anymore, I give in ;)


1)I agree with Matt, the dinner was awesome 2) Stefan is my fav character, so him! 3)Nope, I hated him 4) Yes. 5) Yes for a lil while, I agree with Steve. However, I can't help but want an Elena and Damon 'endgame'


the best scene ever that Vamp D has done is the dinner!!!!!four very witty and sarcastic, gorgeouse men trying so hard to out do themselves over what looked like a very tasty roast (done to perfection no doubt....rare!!! lol)
I especially thought Klaus was at his best when he snickered about "trouble in paridise with Elena and Stefan" well I fell off of my coach after that comment.......the testosterone level in that room reached to it's highest to be the recipient of the love in that room!!!!!


5.Even if stefan and damon let elena go she will never had a normal life coz she's a supernatural being herself,she will be a human blood bag for the rest of her life and she buried that girl in the last two episodes,the girl that had a normal life,the girl that was suppose to die in the wickery bridge with her parents and the girl that fell in love with vampires.It would be nice if they let ger go for a while atleast she could be free of this supernatural stuff but it was never stefan and damon that brought it to her life.I love when both klaus and elijah told the salvatores that family is above all,did you see the look on stefan and damon's face?A very good point,family is important,two brothers shouldn't always fight over a girl,i will really love it if at the end stefan and damon choose each other,mend their broken bond and be brothers again.

David and sabrina 2014

It's hard to tell who the ,ysterious killer is but it could be Meredith, Katherine, or even that mysterious Samantha Gilbert, which they haven't talked about in the show yet. The dinner party felt kind of boring but if both Stefan and Damon make Elena feel happy, then she should stay with them. If she's not interested in Matt, then she shouldn't be or this show wouldn't feel like vampire diaries anymore. I keep wondering about the mysteries, but it gets the show more spiced up with awesome events. =) =O =P


1) The dinner 2) Tie between Damon and Elijah 3) Matts answer lol 4) To obvious but she's hott 5) Yea BUT my #1 hope is a Damon/Elena endgame.


1.My favourite scene was the opening scene,the fight between klaus and elijah,i love what klaus told elijah"Easy i just finished renovating,you know you have every right to be mad at me,but i kept my word i reunited you with my family" Very well played by joseph morgan. 2.I love the four of them,they are all awesome but if i had to choose i'm preety sure my answer start with a "KlA" and ends with an "US",although i really love stefan. 3.A eulogy for who?Bill forbes,i really hated him for what he did to caroline in 3.03 but that scene between caroline and him was heartbreaking,i cried,his words are so emotional,but i'm also sad that tyler lost his ally that can help him break his sire bond to klaus. 4.I don't trust Dr. Fell,but i don't think its her who is killing all the council members,coz she knew alaric had a ring that can bring him back to life and bill has vampire blood when he died,i think Eric made a good point,what if it's some one from the past like vicki.


Seriously nothing about the Original Family? Worst scenes were with Caroline, Bill elena and the sheriff. 1. Best scene was when Finn, Kol and Rebekah joined the party and the look of pain, anguish and anger on Klaus's face and when Esther (who should be dead) came back. I am not sure who that actress is but damn she has a commanding presence and is gonna really shine as the original witch and mother of vampires. 2. None of them. Elena, Bonnie and Caroline please! 3. Bill Forbes, you were a boring plot device to give Caroline a story to appease the writers of TV Fanatic.


4. No it is obviously someone who is supernatural otherwise 'Ric would have stayed dead. I wonder if the TVD writers are going to use the kitsune from the book. 5. Yes, Klaus in a way would be able to give her the life she deserves. Elena, Like Katherine and Tatyna is in love with two brothers, seems to be something passed down through the ages. If Damon and Stefan were to eliminate themselves then Elena could live a life where she doesn't have to be a vampire. But this is TVD and eventually in the series finale (whenever that is) she will hopefully choose Damon.


1. Original reunion.
3. I'm sorry you were badly plotted. RIP.
4. Mer or Klaus is the Stabber
5. Stefan and Damon should let Elena go.

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