The Vampire Diaries to Delve Into Alaric's Past

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He's spent most of the past few weeks moping, drinking or flirting with a shady doctor (stay away, man), but Alaric will soon take center stage a bit on The Vampire Diaries, according to Matt Davis.

"A lot more of his past will be revealed," the actor behind our favorite history teacher tells TV Guide. "Things that he's been struggling with will be purged and come into clarity for him."

The show is also planning a special Damon-based flashback for the March 15 return episode, which will be the first new installment after tomorrow night's "All My Children."

In Alaric's Room

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Leon alexis

Hello! I thing that all characters are perfect and Alaric also! What is wrong with you people,you write empty words?!? It is not cool,you should be careful, cause they trying for all of you!!!


If you are sooo bored of the charachters don't watch! They have to show us where they came from and what made them the way that they are. These characters make the choices that they make because of their path in life the experiences that have made them who they are. These charachters are not one dimensional you idiots, they are multi-dimensional and complex. The more they show us about someone the more we become attached to that person. Revealing secrets is part of the shows allure!


i don't think it will be interest.


are they running out of story lines !!!,,i mean right now i honestly don't care about alaric's past ! .
a damon flashback ,alaric's past ,dr fell and the wierd CSI killing thing they are trying to do !!!,,,why do i feel that they are out of stories and they are trying desperately to fill the remaining episodes with anything just to finish the season !!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I don't really care about Alaric's storyline. It feels too little too late and too much like a detour also for a Damon-centric flashback right now.
THIS. This is exactly how I feel about a lot of things they try to do, like Elena's supposed training(which was ridiculous already), which should have happened in season one after the first time she got her useless ass kidnapped. Elena has become downright unlikeable as a 'heroine'.
This. She is just empty, personality-less, character-less bland cardboard lamp post that gets absolutely no character development, nor character. Does not react to anything and her only plot revolves around tedious and boring DES romance.


Ok, but seriously another flashback, I understand Damon, but Alaric? No, pas interessant!


C'mon this show has to have at least a few HUMANS, it cannot just be all vampires. Matt, Elena, Alaric and Sheriff Forbes are the only main ones. 4 people!!!!??? that is not enough.


I don't really care about ric's flashblack although i like him but he's not a vampire that you'll be intrigue to learn about his past.Its good that we're going to see damon's flashback as a vampire for the first time,we've seen enough of stefan's and katherine's but i need the originals flashblack especially Klaus coz he's amazing.I'm more interested about the originals right now,i think there is alot more to there story.Can't wait.


Yes the ORIGINALS are AMAZING!!! every day when i see the word original from somewhere i immediately link it to the Original family LOL. i wouldnt mind an Alaric flashback becasue I like his character but i definitely want more ORIGINAL flashbacks!!! From way back in time to when they are daggered!!! Such epic, exciting, and interesting characters they are!!!


im happy to know more about alaric because in reality we dont and he kind of also is being stuck into plots as needed so to know more about him would probably justify and give reason as to why he is part of the storyline

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