Two and a Half Men Review: Mary Poppins and Sir Schmidt

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Oh, my, this week’s episode of Two and a Half Men was full of carnal interludes, drugs and loyal subjects.

Walden and Zoey seemed to hit that dreaded spot in any relationship where everything suddenly becomes boring, but that all became water under the bridge after awhile... provided they visit many more zoos in the future.

The Two Men

I can understand Zoey’s reluctance in saying certain words. After all, she's British. Those Brits are so formal, looking for better words all the time, trying to replace vulgar ones with others such as frisky and randy. Seriously, Berta hit the proverbial  nail on the head by calling her "Mary Poppins."

She had a little bit of trust issues, but seeing as Walden and her child hit off, it's safe to say, those worries are long gone now. I do hope their relationship continues to grow stronger.

Indeed, we were treated to a little bit of character development from Zoey in "Duchess of Dull- In-Sack," as viewers were introduced to her ex- husband, who happens to be 177th in line for the throne and her daughter, Ava. The latter is really sweet, and she gave Walden his new name, “Sir Schmidt," Her ex, though? A complete douche bag.

This week was a little low on jokes, but Berta, Jake and Eldridge had the best lines of the night. From Jake suggesting that he and Eldridge could be ringers for each other... to finding Berta’s brownies... and Berta’s borderline racist jokes about Poland and shoes... I could not stop laughing. I'm happy to see other characters are getting more screen time, with Alan relegated a bit here, though still produce some chuckles.

All in all, a good episode. I look forward to the return of Judy Greer, while Aston Kutcher looks kind of young with that haircut. I also hope Jake and Eldridge find the real Zoey. Finally: best of luck to Zoey’s ex-husband - that succession line is really long.


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Does anyone else get totally confused each week? They jump around with topics worse than someone on crack! I thought Alan was out of the looney bin months ago?!?! WHAT has happened to this show?? Or am I on my own planet drinking tiger blood???


There isn't much good to say about this show with Charlie gone. It is in a great time slot & it's the only reason I have been watching it at all. I hope this is the last season for it. PLEASE


2.5 Men 2.0 still has not developed a consistent comic rhythm. At best, this episode deserves 3 stars.


Still one of the best shows on Monday night. Heap better than that 2 Broke Girls loser of a show.


This show sucks without Charlie. They either need to cancel it or bring back Charlie. I refuse to watch it now, which is disappointing coz this was one of my favorite shows.


This is really no longer the sitcom Two and a Half Men-I agree they are using the previous reputation of what once was the best show on TV and riding its audience. The best character, Charlie, left the show and now they aren`t even using what is left of a great cast- Judith , Evelyn, even Allen`s role is down to 2 lines.
Why didn`t they just create a new show for Ashton and take Two and a Half Men off the air to die a humble death.
Instead they are introducing these ridiculous story lines- The show is finished-- there is no more Two and a Half Men- Without Charlie there is no show!!!!!!!! Bring him back or take it off the air!!!!!- Thank goodness for reruns!!!


@ tommy - I agree with you 100%.


I can't believe the Editor's rating of 4 stars for this pathetic show! What were you thinking? It shouldn't even be on the air, especially with so many GOOD shows being cancelled. I'm even wondering if the Editor is connected to the show in any way.


Like Zoey, just can't get enough of the accent ! I hope she stay around.


Well I guess the old regulars are gone....Rose, Alans exwife and husband and good ole Mom. They were very critical in offering different story lines and diversion in the show. Now its just Berta, Zoey, Jake and "Walden". It's a whole new show with the writing being much inferior to the old show. The show is somewhat worth watching for Alan alone but even he fails with the new format of the show. I can see they are introducing a new cast member in the little girl who may probably be a regular. She's cute. The writer's should have buried Two and a Half Men with "Charlie", given the show a new name and then people may have warmed up to it but as it is, it's a bordering a dud.

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