Two and a Half Men Review: "Not In My Mouth"

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As an avid fan of Two and a Half Men, I can confidently state:

This episode does not rank among my top 50 favorites. Maybe not even my top 75.

Drink Much?

The episode was pretty decent by all comedic standards, but it lacked the punch Two and a Half Men is known for. I mean, we know Walden is rich, we don’t need to be reminded every single week. As a viewer, I yearn for the days of truly epic installment, by which I mean, a half hour filled with laughter and not just mere chuckles or smiles. I do hope Chuck Lorre and company can rectify this.

On to the episode at hand: “Not in My Mouth” showed us how tricky and disgusting love can be. Lyndsey vomited in Alan’s mouth while Zoey and Walden almost broke up because the former did not utter those three important words to the latter. Then, Walden almost buried his sorrows in Jennifer’s bosom, but Jake took his place and enjoyed the best half hour of his life.

Alan, Berta and Jake still delivered the best lines of the night. Head over to our Two and a Half Men quotes page for more and I'll assume everyone agreed: we need to see more of Evelyn and Bridget.

In all, this was a poor outing for the show. I hope the upcoming episodes do much better.


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This show was horrible. I would have given a "0" if i could. I checked back to watch an episode after hearing it had improved, but in fact, it had not. Worse, I have stopped watching the old episodes because I just watch the old alan and old jake anymore, knowing that alan turns into a total smuck and jake is nothing but a pothead. So, the new Two and a Half Men has lost me as a viewer, both for the old and new shows. Sorry Charlie (Lorre), i have a hunch your syndication profits are going to tank too.


First off ....Zoey is proving to be a bore. I'm getting really tired of the accent and the haughty personality. Walden is completely out of step with this Zoey character. Secondly, Alan's girlfriend is a pig. However, the girl who plays the part is an excellent actress in her disgusting role. Yup, it looks like the other characters are gone for good. It's a whole new show and my guess is that people still look at it for the train wreck it has become. Much like going to a car race because you want to see a spectacular accident. Well they get their wish and I'm to blame myself for continuing to watch this show even though it's a far cry from the old days with Charlie.


@kris - As long as ASShton is on the show, there is absolutely no "potential" for this piece-of-crap show to get any better. It is so very obvious that the really talented actors are not comfortable with either ASShton or their lines.


Just awful..This whole show doesn't work since Charlie. I TRIED to like it and watched about 4 episodes, but it just keeps getting worse. Gone from our TV lineup to watch. Loser of a show!


@gleapman - I absolutely loved your comment. Couldn't have said it better.


I have been watching this show since it began. But Monday night was the worst one of this season. I can tolerate some sick humor but over and over it is truly disgusting. Glad I DVR it and did not watch in real time, as I would have tuned out with the first vomit.


The "Vomit Show" hit a new low for television sitcoms. What in the hell were the writers thinking? This show is now off my viewing list. I was completely disgusted with the storyline this past episode. Terrible, terrible, terrible! Oh yes, and very poor taste for all ages!!


Honestly. Does anyone really watch this pathetic show? I look in on the forums to see if the show's dead yet. On my cable service provider, channels that played Two and a Half Men have removed/replaced the show by superior programming {and that's not necessarily raising the bar alot...}


There was nothing funny about this episode! My reaction during the first puking scene when Alan and Walden where sitting on the bed, why don't they just leave the room?!?! Stupid! Does Chuck Lorre have a hidden agenda? Is Lindsey now an alcoholic? Will she attending AA Classes in the next episode? I betcha.


Horrible! Who thinks a theme of vomiting/drinking is funny --? especially for a show "supposed" to be comedic and family viewing.... its just not there-- hasn't been since Charlie left ---- so many have just "had it" with this show ---

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

Walden: I will buy you whatever you need in London.
Alan: If Zoey won't say it, I will. I love you Walden Schmidt.

Jake: I need 75 bucks for the new Call of Duty.
Alan: 75 bucks for a video game?
Jake: Yes, see it as investment.
Alan: An investment?
Jake: Yes, see it this way, if I enter the army after school, I will already know how to kill terrorists.