Two and a Half Men Review: The Working Class and Aristocrat

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This week's Two and a Half Men episode was a pretty good one. I mean, who doesn't love a little bit of cat fighting, especially when two of our beloved female characters are at each other's throats?!?

We were treated to a tad bit of class warfare on "Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy," with Zoey in the right corner representing the 1%, and Lyndsey in the left corner sporting the colors of the working class. What really worked for me was seeing Zoey getting her hands dirty and being a little bitchy, a far cry from her normal prim and proper character.

Trapped on Valentine's Day

In life, everything is a competition, and “Sips, Sonnets & Sodomy” proved that no one is above rivalry. The most hysterical part of the episode was the moaning match between both parties; they both tried to outdo each other, and it was pretty funny to watch.

I called it last week, and Zoey totally backed me up here, referring to Nigel, her ex-husband, as “a total douche bag." At the end of the half hour, both Zoey and Lyndsey bonded over wine, their kids and the men on their lives. Zoey even asked her ex-enemy for advice on how to lock Walden down.

Another piece of comedic gem? Watching Alan and Walden trying to come up with mail-related sexual innuendos.

Side notes:

  • Alan has some serious mommy issues.
  • I would have loved to see this throw down between Chelsea and Lyndsey.
  • Does anyone read Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards? Those things are pretty hilarious.

Please head over to our Two and a Half Men quotes page for some of the best insults traded between Zoey and Lyndsey - and sound off in the comments what you thought of the episode.


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I thought just about everything in this episode was predictable, and barely moderately funny. I'm still rooting for Lorre and company to make this a success, but this episode does not make for success. Did anyone else notice that despite Alan's name having been put on the deed to the house, Walden's threat to Alan that he would have to move out if the girlfriend's didn't get along better, while said and taken in jest, was not disputed by Alan?


Only 6 comments for a show that used to be number 1- Most people aren`t even watching anymore! It should have been a different sitcom with a different name introducing Ashton as the story lines are no where near as funny as the original episodes!
I hope the show is cancelled at the end of the season already- None of your original audiences have even stuck around anymore- Bring Charlie Sheen back or end our misery now!!! Cancel this show!!!


Great to FINALLY see some overwhelmingly positive feedback for the new Men.
A very funny episode with a very different feel to it.
The show seems to be working really well without the old regulars, which is sad because I loved all of the older characters. This is a good thing though, because the show could carry on for a few more seasons with the revamped cast.


I totally Love it I like what their doing and hope we get a other season


Still miss Charlie Walden will never come close

Sue ann

Oh, bad laughs are real .... I laughed all the way through this show -- of everything I watched tonight, I thought this was the best. Very very funny. I liked Charlie Sheen in Major League, but by the time this show started, he was disgusting. So was his character on this show. I find Walden to be refreshingly sweet, with a soupcon of real in the mix. Now I actually watch it when it is on, rather than catch the occasional syndicated episode with Sheen because I am too tired to even hit the "off" button on the remote. Chuck Lorre has a web site with all of his vanity cards on it, going back to the very beginning of them. You can browse by number, subject, show ...


This was one of the best episodes this season. It was hilarious when the moaning match between Zoey and Lyndsey ended with the former sounding like an opera singer. I also liked the jokes about the bad laughs.


This one was a really hilarious episode! Cat fight between Zoey and Lyndsey was awesome. Alan and Walden seem to gel really well. Missed Jake a little..hope we get to see more of him too. I am loving this season very much. Ashton's addition has been great!

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