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White Collar Season 4 Scoop: A Family Pursuit

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Talk about a game changer. The White Collar season three finale left fans pondering where this USA Network hit could possibly go next, with Peter seemingly helping Neal take off on the run once again.

Look for some "serious ramifications" to befall Peter as a result, creator Jeff Eastin tells TV Line in a new interview, while also teasing that the season four premiere won't take place on U.S. soil.

Neal and Sara

Aside from a stronger relationship between Neal and Peter, what can fans look forward to exactly when the show returns this winter? Simply put, based on the former's trip to Roosevelt Island:

"Season 4 will rely heavily on Neal’s pursuit of his family," Eastin says.

What did you think of how White Collar left us hanging last night? What grade would you give the finale?


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why does the season have to be SO-O-O-O short?!


I think it would be wonderful if he also had an older sister who ran away as a teen...and is now Abby Shuto on NCIS! Both brilliant but not mainstream.


I think it would be cool if kate happened to get out the plane before it exploded and he found his true love again, cause the whole neal/alex, neal/sara thing is just sad, and he went through so much also I'd like to see more of kates side be sooo cool!


I love white collar watch it constinatly I try comparing to certain situations in life but honestly I would love to meet the whole crew I'm in jersy but always in nyc I always want to be in the right lace at the right time tryna think hmm maybe luck is on my side and I will meet the cast or just watch them produce it a lot of people say I'm actor and model material take it easy and if the cast see's this honestly I love it and ill see that iv actually touched fam


Sue - I like your idea also. Someone high up in the FBI transferred Fowler to OPR and also helped Fowler disappear after he was arrested by Peter. That could be Kramer. Neal has only been convicted of bond forgery and has never been violent or killed anyone, so the fact that an FBI Agent, known to bring back prisoners dead or alive, is being sent to catch Neal could well be the act of a desperate Kramer who will not let another CI get away from him.


Krammer is the higher up FBI agent that was after the music box. He was Adler partner. He had peter's phone bugged and used code word mentor because he was peter's mentor.


Only thing i want is Neal and Peter with the team to kick Kramer as hard as can . I would like Neal takes him the hardest way he can for everything he is done to him. And pls don't make Kramer his father .


I just wish Neal would get a break.NO MORE chasing him. He could still be sneaky with Mozzie. And i love Neal and Sarah- hope that continues to get juicier. Great show.


You know, sometimes it isn't all about the men. Kramer's bitterness could be about a woman - Neal's mom. We haven't heard much about her.


Loveeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddd it!!!! waiting for more....