Who Will Die Next on The Vampire Diaries?

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Let's start by saying this: we have it on no authority whatsoever that any resident of Mystic Falls will be killed off any time soon.

But this is The Vampire Diaries. Death is never too far away for practically any character and with far too long to go until the next new episode ("1912," airing on March 15), this seems like a prime time to speculate on just who might join Vicki, Anna, Aunt Jenna and company on The Other Side.

Let's play a little Vampire Diaries death pool, shall we?

Fancy Matt Donovan
An Original

Meredith Fell
Why She Might Die
: Isn't actually a series regular; Is merely a human being; Is involved in some capacity with the Mystic Falls Murderer.

Matt Donovan
Why He Might Die: Not involved too intricately in any storyline; is merely a human being; abundance of fried food at The Grill could cause a heart attack at any moment.
Odds: 10-1.

Alaric Saltzman
Why He Might Die: The guy was just shot at from point blank range.
Odds: 15-1.

Bonnie Bennett
Why She Might Die: Is always casting some dangerous spell in some dangerous situation; Death runs in the family.
Odds: 25-1.

Mayor Lockwood
Why She Might Die: No one would really notice if she did; A political scandal is just about the only thing NOT to have yet gone down in town.
Odds: 30-1.

Sheriff Forbes
Why She Might Die: Makes a living in a dangerous line of work; Would give Caroline more of a reason to be featured.
Odds: 35-1.

Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson
Why They Might Die: They are still villains, right? Can they really stick around forever?
Odds: 50-1.

Your turn, TVDers. Who do you think will be the next character killed off The Vampire Diaries?

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I'm mostly voting for klaus because while it is highly unlikely that the show would kill him off it would be a major shocker and a surprising way to end the season like season ones finale with katherine returning


As much as I think matty will bite the dust I refuse to vote for him (superstitious) and that would break my heart... So I'm going to be bold and predict klaus death in the summer finale


Finn is not on the list but I would vote for him. What a wuss.


I think could be interesting if the kill Matt , but its not happening I think could be nice see how the group would react and finally see some development . I hope is not Meredith because another guest star diying , no ones cares .


Elena should die and not come back as a vampire or ghost.


I forgot about Bonnie she is one of my favorite actors also she is a great witch.


Ian somerholder is the best looking guy on the program I do not want him to die on the picture he is a sexy guy also elana, and Candice, are my favorite actors. ,

David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure who will be the next one dead but I mostly want Klaus and his family dead because they've already gone too far and they keep messing the show up. I'm not sure if Meredith will die but there might be something mysterious going on with her. If Matt dies,it will be a bummer,if Bonnie dies,that would suck,if Tyler dies,that would suck for Caroline,and I don't really care about Mayor Lockwood or Sheriff Forbes dying out. I mostly want to see what'll happen for the remaining 7 episodes. ;/

Uncle jackass

This list is lol!! But in all seriousness the voting system won't tell you who will die next on the vampire diaries. It will just tell you who you WANT to die next on the vampire diaries. @Amie, you're the only want making sense. ... And technically Vampires are already dead... but Damon would disagree.

Sarah silva

I do not think Alaric, Tyler, Bonnie or Matt will die at least not for a long time
I think Meredith, Mayor Lockwood or Rebekah will die before the season is over

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