Who Will Die on Community?

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There's one mystery surrounding Community right now: When the heck will it return?!?

But star Joel McHale has gone ahead and given fans of the NBC sitcom something else to ponder during its painful, indefinite hiatus.

Making His Case

"A character from the show will die," the actor tells TV Guide Magazine, adding that it's NOT a main cast member, but is "someone you've seen a lot. And he dies in the mid-afternoon."

We're going with Leonard, but we also fear for Star Burns. Go ahead and take your best guess, Community fans!


Funny. It was Starburns.


it's gonna be the Greendale Human-being mascot


oh gosh what if it's fat neil?!


Dino Stamatopoulos, who plays Star-Burns, hasn't been in front of the Community cameras much this 3rd season. I assume that he's continued to be part of the show's writing staff and that he's still a consultant to the series, though. I wouldn't really miss the Star-Burns character too much if it were him who got knocked off. I know that Leonard might be the first one to come to people's minds because of his age, but I think he's funnier and I enjoy how rude everyone is to him with their 'Shut up, Leonard!' lines. Long live Leonard!!


I saw a site listing the possible options but everybody forgets about the Vice Dean! That would be a victory. Kinda.




Leonard. If it's Garrett, I'm finding a tower. (No, I'm just kidding....not)


It better not be Leonard


Yes! So community's not dead. The NBC jerks who nearly cancelled the show should die. 'Nough said.


Leonard, or maybe pop pop.

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I need Purell for my brain.