30 Rock Review: Off The Charts, Kimosabe

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30 Rock treated us to a double feature of laughs with The Office taking the night off this week, and while both episodes had success in the joke department, one excelled because of its inherently funny stories.

"Kidnapped by Danger," the second half-hour of the night, gave us the making of Avery Jessup's TV movie, Liz as The Blocker, and Jenna and Tracy attempting to maneuver around Weird Al's evil brilliance... all of which allowed the laughs to flow freely.

The table read for the movie itself was worth the entire storyline. The introduction of William Baldwin - playing an actor that was playing Jack Donaghy, who is played by his brother Alec Baldwin - was brilliant. Said actor doing an exaggerated version of Jack made it even better.

William Baldwon on 30 Rock

Liz's script was hilarious, Cynthia Nixon's portrayal of Nancy Donovan was just as overacted as Julianne Moore's, and when Liz admitted that she thought all people from Boston sounded like that, I almost lost it.

The movie, and the appearance of Jack's double, was a great way to handle the situation between Jack and Avery's mom. It was nice to see her get over Jack through fake Jack, but Liz's turn as The Blocker was a much funnier way to keep them apart.

Then there was Tracy, Jenna, and their feud with Weird Al. I really enjoyed the idea, and I loved watching them attempt to write a song the man couldn't make fun of. As Tracy so ridiculously proved, though, Al can take any words you write and make them sound stupid. That is, except for the ridiculous song they put together for Jimmy Fallon.

"Kidnapped by Danger" also gave us the verb: to normal Al, the choice between Mitt Rom-mummy and Mitt Zombie for Halloween next year, Jack's catch phrase; "off the charts, Kimosabe," Jack staring through the fake window pane and a nice jab at Lorne Michaels just before the credits.

"Grandmentor," on the other hand, gave us Jack whining about Avery not being the focus of America anymore, Jenna attempting to get the role of Avery and Liz being a mentor to the insufferable Hazel.

The half-hour still had its moments, though: The people from standards cursing up a storm, Liz fist pumping when she won't be able to go to the gym, the reveal that Matt Lauer's band's name is Rhythm and News and the fact that an erectile dysfunction commercial is the funniest part of TGS.

It just didn't match the quality of this week's second installment. But what did you all think? Which 30 Rock episode made you laugh more? Would you want to see more of William Baldwin doing Jack Donaghy? And will they ever get Avery back?

Scroll through some of our favorite lines of the night below, and then hit up our 30 Rock quotes section for all the best jokes of the series. Be sure to sound off in the comments to let us know what you liked most about tonight's episodes of 30 Rock

Liz: I thought you said a man should never wear pastel unless he's a black guy on Easter? | permalink
Hazel: What's your problem?
Kenneth: Oh my well, my parents were technically brothers... | permalink
Liz: Do not write another sketch with Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No one knows who Krang is. It would be a waste of time to talk about Krang on television. | permalink
Diana: It's crass Jack, like personalized wedding vows or standing up in a pool. | permalink
Liz: Your insistence that the Jack character have an awesome catch phrase...
Jack: An idea that's off the charts, Kimosabe. | permalink


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Gasteroplix I think most couples feel the need to safisty others when planning their wedding but would rather do something else! Its a tricky one. At the end of the day its your own wedding and you should be able to do what you want. A bit controversial! And lets not get into the amount of money you need to spend on doing what you didn't want anyway!! Your crochet at the engagement party sounds brilliant! A lovely thing for people to remember you by!


The second funniest program on tv is still the second viewing of "30 Rock" the next day* There are always half a dozen laugh out loud jokes I only hear the second time around, more than any other sitcom the first time. * the funniest is "30 Rock" the first time - in case you didn't get that.


I loved "Kidnapped," and especially the references to the movie's sponsor, Pride Adult Diapers. The Spanish language plug was inspired!


Oh, and I forgot Lemonem at the Apollo Theater!


I really liked the first episode. I guess I don't Hazel as much as everyone else. I thought the sexy tie bit at the beginning was inspired, one of the funniest moments of both shows. I also loved Tracy's psychic meltdown when he doesn't get 14 hours of sleep, "I'm in a show within a show and my name is really Tracy Morgan." That's brilliant. The grandmentor concept was cute and the group hug with Jack, Liz and and Hazel was weirdly heartwarming. One of the funniest ongoing gags is the swearing guy from Standards and Practices who we got to see more of, and I love the ongoing parade of Kenneth's suits. Oh, and I almost forgot the funniest part: the baby miners being rescued by puppies. I thought it was a power house double episode, with both parts being equally great.


I really enjoyed them both, but I don't like that NBC has constantly aired double episodes so frequently, as now we have to wait till April for it to air new episodes again.


I thought they were both funny. I'm not comfortable with Kenneth changing either, but maybe that's the point. This is the first time we've seen him changing in all these years. The second episode was awesome. Loved Billy Baldwin as the actor playing Jack Donaghy. And Cynthia Nixon nailed Julianne Moore's Nancy's terrible Boston accent (I'm from Boston, I should know). Plus Weird Al, and Mary Steenburgen. Who could ask for more?


Both were very funny. Two of the best this season.

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Hazel: Kenneth, can I speak with you?
Kenneth: Can you? You just did.

I thought you said a man should never wear pastel unless he's a black guy on Easter?