Adam Baldwin to Reunite with Nathan Fillion on Castle

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ABC is about to host a Firefly reunion.

Network sources confirm to TV Guide Magazine that Adam Baldwin - most recently known for Chuck, but Jayne Cobb to Nathan Fillion's Mal Reynolds on the aforementioned cult favorite - will guest star this spring on Castle as a detective named Ethan Slaughter.

Firefly Scene

Viewers can expect these two to team up, as Slaughter shows Castle a dirty side of the law and, through their alliance, places the show's title character in danger.

Baldwin is only booked for one episode at the moment.

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This is a very exciting announcement! Right now, during this TV re-run interlude, I am watching the DVD set of Fire Fly and am very psyched about Adam Baldwin appearing on Castle! Thanks for the heads up.


Great news. I love Adam Baldwin :-)


This is going to be SO AWESOME! Now if we could just get Morena Baccarin (Inara) on the show. :)


I Literally cannot WAIT for any firefly reference. Remember when Nathan walked on set for the Halloween episode in his Captain Reynolds Costume? Classic. My heart definitely skipped a beat, as it's about to!


Awesome. I can't wait to see him! I love Baldwin; he also did a fantastic job as Kal'Reegar in Mass Effect 2.


I can see Nathan calling him Jayne. Great news for sure.


Great news!


what a great news!! I just love Adam Baldwin!
@joyeful: fangirl at heart!


WHAT?!?! I was REALLY hoping this would happen when Chuck ended! My fangirl heart...palpitating...too much...awesome... (faints)

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